I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Become a Beggar In the Future

Su Shengjing woke up early the next morning and quickly made breakfast. As Sheng Tianci would pick Su Jiu up later, Su Shengjing wanted to make sure that she had filled her stomach first.

Sheng Tianci arrived soon afterward. He looked eager, and he had brought a bunch of sweets and toys for Su Jiu. These items were amazing at coaxing children, especially so since he wanted to convince Su Jiu to go home with him. How could he manage that without some trump cards?

When Su Jiu saw the imported chocolates, sweets, and barbie dolls, the corners of her lips uncontrollably twitched.

Sheng Tianci took out a humongous Barbie doll and shook it in front of Su Jiu. “Little girl, I’ll bring you to my home to play, okay? My house is really fun! It’s your loss if you don’t go!”

As she had already agreed the previous day, Su Jiu did not refuse him. She nodded and said, “I want to play at your house.”

“I’ll be troubling you for these few days.” Su Shengjing patted Sheng Tianci’s shoulder. After reminding him a couple of times to closely watch over Su Jiu and not let her randomly run around, he reluctantly left the house.

Before leaving, he even turned back a few times to look at Su Jiu longingly.

After he left, Sheng Tianci could not wait to bring Su Jiu home. Carrying her up, he walked out.

Sheng Tianci could already imagine how shocked his family would be when he would bring her home. They would definitely like her.

Sheng Tianci’s car was parked outside as it could not fit into the alleys between the flats. When he carried Su Jiu out, he saw four children surrounding a boy. The tallest and the strongest child amongst them forcefully pushed this boy. “Look at this illegitimate bastard. He’s picking trash every day. He’ll definitely become a beggar in the future!”

Another child said, “My mom said that his mom slept with some random man and gave birth to him. She even said that his mom is not a good woman and that I shouldn’t play with an illegitimate bastard like him.”

“Of course we won’t play with him!”

Rong Si silently stood up, wanting to pick up the plastic bottles and aluminum cans scattered across the ground. However, when he stretched his arm out, the huge child stepped on his hand. Feeling a sharp pang of pain, he wanted to pull his hand back, but the other child kept stepping on it, even twisting his foot side to side.

Rong Si’s hand was terribly hurt, and he forcefully bit the child’s leg. As he raised his head and looked at the child, his eyes became filled with anger and an unwillingness to admit defeat.

The child howled in pain and furiously said, “You dare bite me? Everyone, beat him up for me!”

The other three children immediately charged toward Rong Si and punched and kicked him.

When Su Jiu saw this, she became furious. These kids are so mean! Are they not afraid that they would get into trouble for ganging up against him?

Rong Si had nowhere to hide, and he was so skinny that he could not fight the older children. He had no choice but to shield his head with his arms, grit his teeth, and endure their beating. Even though his body hurt a lot, he did not shed a single tear.

As he had encountered things like this since a young age, he had already gotten used to it.

The leader of the children kept yelling, “Beat him up! Continue punching him! How dare he bite me? Give him a good beating!”


A cute voice rang out. All the children stopped what they were doing and glanced over with a frown.

They saw a three-year-old girl appear in front of them. Her pretty eyebrows were knitted into a frown as she glared at them. There was even an adult following her. However, these mischievous children were not afraid even if the parents came.

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