I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Sending Warmth To The Little Villain 1

While he thought about it, Su Jiu and Sheng Tianci had already picked up the bottles and the cans. Su Jiu even pulled his hands and said, “Brother, let’s go to my house so that I can apply the medicine for you. There are a lot of good food items and fun games at my house!”

This little villain is such a poor fellow. There should be someone to send him some warmth.

If he gets exposed to all these dark and dirty things without experiencing something nice and warm, how can he not become a villain?

Moreover, the little villain will go on to like the female lead, and I am merely a supporting female actress. What if the little villain goes against me because of the female lead? I would die miserably!

Thus, building a good relationship with him now would be beneficial to me.

Seeing Su Jiu pull Rong Si as they walked away, Sheng Tianci could only follow them.

When they reached home, Su Jiu brought over the medicine box, opened it, and found the medicine and the cotton stick to apply it for Rong Si.

Rong Si was a head taller than her. Su Jiu had difficulty looking up to reach for his face, so she waved at him and said, “Brother, lower yourself.”

As her big dark eyes looked at him up close, Rong Si felt awkward. However, he still listened to her and bent down.

Su Jiu used the cotton stick to gently apply the medicine on him, afraid that she would make him feel even more pain.

It was the first time that Rong Si had experienced others caring for him. In the past, he always took care of his own wounds, so he could not get used to this initially. He felt awkward and turned away to look at somewhere else.

Sheng Tianci watched as Su Jiu helped Rong Si cautiously apply medicine. He wondered whether she would do the same if he was the one who had gotten injured.

As the thought came to his mind, he could not hold himself back. “Little girl, if Uncle gets injured like this, will you apply the medicine for me?”

His tone was filled with jealousy, and Su Jiu laughed in her mind. But she replied with a serious face, “Yes, Uncle. If you get injured, I will definitely help you apply the medicine.”

Sheng Tianci was satisfied with this answer and replied, “Good girl.”

After applying the medicine for the little villain, Su Jiu took out a few packets of tidbits. She wanted to give them to him, but she realized that Sheng Tianci had bought these tidbits and that she should ask for his permission. Thus, she looked up and asked, “Handsome uncle, can I give this to brother?”

Sheng Tianci was so touched when Su Jiu called him a handsome uncle, so how could he reject her? Thus he patted her head and said, “I gave it to you so it’s yours. You can decide who you want to give them to.”

“Thank you, Uncle!” Su Jiu happily gave the tidbits to Rong Si and said, “Take all of these. They are really delicious!”

Rong Si looked at the bag of tidbits and felt embarrassed. He shook his head and rejected the offer, “No.”

This little villain is really stubborn.

“Take them. If you don’t want them, it means that you are not respecting me. I won’t be happy and I won’t care about you anymore,” Su Jiu said with a childish tone.

Sheng Tianci chuckled as he felt that the threat the little girl posed had no use.

However, it was very effective on Rong Si. He immediately reached out and held the bag of tidbits.

She was the only person who did not despise him, and treated him well. He did not want to upset her or make her stop caring about himself.

“That’s good. This is also for you.” Su Jiu passed him another bag of toys. He probably won’t like barbie dolls, but he should like lego models.

Rong Si accepted and awkwardly replied, “Thank you.”

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