I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Sending Warmth To The Little Villain 2

After she was done treating Rong Si’s wounds, Su Jiu had to follow Sheng Tianci to his house.

Rong Si did not immediately go home. He followed Su Jiu and Sheng Tianci to the ground floor and watched them disappear in the alley before turning to go home.

Sheng Tianci hugged Su Jiu and walked out. His car was parked at the roadside. He opened the doors to put her in the backseat of the car, but he suddenly realized that his car had no child seat. Thus, he had no choice but to help her buckle the seatbelt. He then told her, “Little girl, be good and sit here. Don’t unnecessarily move, okay?”

Su Jiu nodded and replied, “Yes, I’ll be good.”

Sheng Tianci found everything she did so cute that he wanted to bring her back home forever instead of returning her to Su Shengjing.


Rong Si reached his home that had a strong stench of rotten furniture, which smelled bad.

He lived on the third floor of the building and his house faced the south. The sunlight could not directly reach his house. Moreover, the houses were too close to each other, so most of the light was blocked. Thus, his house was dimly-lit, just like the evening after sunset.

Rong Si quietly turned on the lights, and placed the stuff Su Jiu had given him on his table.

His actions were light and soundless. He then turned to look at the young woman asleep on the bed.

The woman was beautiful, but her face was pale, sickly, and malnourished. She was so skinny that her bones were almost visible.

She had tightly closed her eyes as she motionlessly lay there on the bed. As Rong Si watched her for a while, a fear suddenly crept inside his heart. He quickly reached out his hand to feel her breath.

When he realized that she was indeed breathing, he relaxed.

Even after he waited for a while, the woman did not wake up. Rong Si hesitated for a moment, then took out a piece of chocolate from the bag and opened its packaging.

Looking at the attractive chocolate, he swallowed his saliva and suppressed his desire. He then rocked the woman and said, “Mom, wake up and eat something.”

The woman moved her eyelashes and opened her eyes using all her strength. When she saw the chocolate in her son’s hands and his face filled with wounds, she quickly asked, “Where did you get this chocolate from? You didn’t do anything bad, right?”

Rong Si shook his head and replied, “No, a little sister upstairs gave it to me.”

Thinking of Su Jiu’s cute face, he then looked down and continued, “She is very nice.”

When she heard that another child gave the chocolate to him, the woman heaved a sigh of relief. She reached out for his face with a heartbroken expression and said, “So how did you get these wounds on your face? Did those bad children beat you up?”

Rong Si did not say anything. He just agreed in silence.

The woman felt even more heartbroken. She touched his hair and said, “Stay away from them when you see them the next time. Ah Si, I’m sorry that mom is so useless. I can’t protect you, and even need you to take care of me. You should be going to school, but I’m holding you back.”

Rong Si seriously replied, “Mom, don’t feel guilty about this. You are not to blame for this.”

This could only be blamed on the man who had abandoned his mom and him. Rong Si would never forget the rainy night when his mom and he were thrown out of the house. That man had not cared about them ever since. When his mom needed a lot of money for her medical treatment, Rong Si had gone to find the man, but the man had pushed him away.

Rong Si could never forget the cruel and heartless look of the man at that time.

The woman did not want to continue the topic anymore. She wiped her blurry eyes and said, “Oh yes, which level does the little girl live on? Did you properly thank her?”

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