I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 48 - Raising the Villain

Chapter 48: Raising the Villain

She knows another little boy now. She’s probably very nice to him!

When Su Jiu saw the little villain picking trash again, an inexplicable, complex emotion surfaced within her. After thinking about it, she could not help but say to Sheng Tianci, “Uncle, this big brother is very pitiful. His mother is sick, so he needs a lot of money. However, he doesn’t have any. Can you help him out and lend him some money? He’ll return it to you after he grows up. He even wrote an IOU for me and my father.”

Sheng Tianci was at a loss for words.

Is that so?

A sense of pity rose in his heart as he turned to look at Rong Si.

This child is around the same age as my nephew, probably just five or six years old. At this age, he should be living a carefree life, yet he has been forced to pick up trash for a living.

Sheng Tianci carried Su Jiu and walked over. Rong Si cautiously eyed him and immediately retreated a few steps.

Sheng Tianci asked, “Hey, kid! Why are you picking trash here? Where’s your father?”

Doesn’t his father care that his mother is sick? Or does he not have a father?

It’s probably the latter.

Rong Si pursed his lips and remained silent. When Sheng Tianci had mentioned his father, his expression had turned colder, and a fierce look had appeared in his eyes.

Sheng Zhiyan scrutinized Rong Si. As he saw the old and tattered clothes on his body, he snorted and scoffed, “This little beggar definitely doesn’t have parents. Otherwise, he won’t be picking trash here. It’s so dirty!”

These words infuriated Rong Si. He suddenly reached his hands out and harshly pushed Sheng Zhiyan. “You’re the one who doesn’t have a mother!”

Caught off guard, Sheng Zhiyan collapsed onto the ground. He scraped his palm against the floor, and his palm instantly bled. This shocked him at first, but he returned to his senses and furiously charged forward. “How dare you hit me? I’ll beat you to death!”

Rong Si did not want to back down either. Just like that, a fight broke out.

Sheng Tianci did not expect the two children to suddenly fight. He quickly dragged Sheng Zhiyan away and yelled, “Hey! What are you doing? Don’t fight!”

Sheng Zhiyan did not stop. He forcefully broke free from Sheng Tianci’s grip, pounced toward Rong Si again, and pushed him to the ground. Then, he aimed a punch at his face.

Although the two kids were of the same age, Sheng Zhiyan led a pampered lifestyle with a nutritious diet. Despite his tiny body, he was quite strong. In comparison, Rong Si was much thinner and weaker. He could not even get up when Sheng Zhiyan pinned him down. In just a few seconds, he took a couple of punches to his face.

Sheng Tianci hurriedly dragged Sheng Zhiyan away and angrily scolded, “You brat! I told you to stop hitting him. Didn’t you hear me?”

“He hit me first! I want to fight with him and beat him to death!” Young Master Sheng Zhiyan had lost his temper. He was like an uncontrollable lion at this moment; no one could stop him.

Sheng Tianci placed Su Jiu down. He lifted Sheng Zhiyan and smacked his butt. “It’s your fault for insulting him first! Didn’t your teacher at kindergarten tell you what manners are?”

“So what if I insulted him? He’s just a little beggar! Let me down! Let me down right now!” Sheng Zhiyan furiously struggled.

Rong Si raised his hand and wiped away the blood away from the corner of his lips. He silently sat up, exuding a sinister aura.

Su Jiu was shocked. Such a ruthless and sinister aura should not appear on a child. So, is this how villains are raised?

She quickly walked to his side and helped him up. “Are you okay? You’re injured again!”

Rong Si stood up and pulled his arm away from her grasp as if he did not want her to touch him.

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