I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 47 - The Angry Little Beast

Chapter 47: The Angry Little Beast

Sheng Tianci entered behind the kid. Giving a gentle slap to the back of Su Zhiyan’s head, he clicked his tongue and chided, “Little brat, why are you shouting so loudly? What if Su Jiu hasn’t woken up yet and you scared her?”

Sheng Zhiyan felt a bit perplexed. Oh, right! Why didn’t I think of this?

He quickly apologized to Su Jiu, “I’m sorry, Little Sister. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“It’s okay, Big Brother.”

Sheng Zhiyan heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he passed a lunch box to her. Inside the box were some pretty pastries, such as osmanthus cake and walnut cake. “Look, I brought some pastries for you. My family’s chef made them. The pastries he makes are super yummy.”

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Su Jiu smiled and narrowed her eyes into crescent-shaped moons.

Although Sheng Zhiyan was satisfied, Sheng Tianci did not forget to leave a good impression on Su Jiu. He ruffled his nephew’s hair and said, “Hah! Wasn’t it me who reminded you to do that?”

These words riled up Sheng Zhiyan. “No way! I was the one who thought of bringing some snacks for Little Sister!”

“…” Sheng Tianci’s lips twitched. He did not want to argue with a child, especially with such an unreasonable little demon. Thus, helplessly relenting was the only option for him. “Alright, alright! It was your idea, okay?”

“Big Brother, since you gave me pastries, I’ll also give you a present!”

Su Jiu could tell that Sheng Zhiyan desperately wanted to get into her good books. Hence, she jumped off the bed and took out a small teddy bear from the drawer. Passing it to him, she said in a serious tone, “Big Brother, this is a toy my Daddy bought for me. It’s my favorite toy. I’m giving it to you now.”

Sheng Zhiyan was stunned.

Ahh! Why is Little Sister so nice to me? I only brought her some pastries, yet she’s giving me her favorite toy!

As he thought about it, he became elated.

Now that Sheng Tianci and his nephew had come to pick Su Jiu up, Su Shengjing could head off to work feeling assured. Before leaving, however, he bent down and said to Sheng Zhiyan, “You’re her big brother. You’ll take care of your little sister, right?”

Sheng Zhiyan proudly nodded and replied, “Of course!”

“Alright, I’ll leave Little Jiu in your care.”

“No problem!”

After Su Shengjing left the house, Su Jiu tugged at Sheng Tianci’s sleeve, raised her head, and said, “Handsome Uncle, Daddy told me yesterday that he found a job as a construction worker. Can we secretly follow him?”

Sheng Tianci was stunned. “Huh? Construction worker? No way…”

“Uncle, let’s follow Daddy, okay?” Su Jiu pleaded.

Sheng Tianci immediately gave in to her and agreed. “Alright, I’ll bring you there!”

He carried Su Jiu down the stairs. When they reached the first floor, Sheng Zhiyan took the lead and ran out of the stairway. A few dirty trash cans were placed at the stairway’s sides. When Sheng Zhiyan saw a boy rummaging through the trash cans with a ragged bag, he frowned and scorned, “Where did this little beggar come from? How smelly!”

Little beggar?

Su Jiu was stunned. Is it the little villain?

When Sheng Tianci carried her to the place, she indeed saw Rong Si.

When this pitiful little villain heard Sheng Zhiyan call him a little beggar, a hostile look filled his dark eyes. He glared at Sheng Zhiyan like an angry little beast.

Ever since he was young, Sheng Zhiyan had been spoiled rotten. No one had ever glared at him like that. Hence, fury surged in his heart, and he yelled, “What are you looking at? I’ll beat you up!”

Sheng Tianci slapped his nephew on the back of his head and chided him, “Who are you going to beat up? I should beat you up instead!”

At this moment, Rong Si spotted Su Jiu in Sheng Tianci’s arms. He then glanced at Sheng Zhiyan, deducing that they probably knew each other. A hint of disappointment flashed across his eyes.

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