I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Daddy Doesn’t Want Me Anymore

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“Daddy doesn’t want me anymore… Boo hoo…” Su Jiu sobbed. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

When Su Jiu told him the name of her orphanage, Su Shengjing forced himself to look away from her crying face. After searching up the orphanage’s address, he carried her and strode toward the train station. As it was five in the morning, they managed to catch the first train.

On the way, Su Jiu did not throw a tantrum or cry. She only hugged Su Shengjing’s neck and buried her tiny face into it. She remained quiet and only sniffed him once in a while.

When she scrunched her nose like a puppy, Su Shengjing was a bit confused. “What are you doing?”

Su Jiu blinked her reddened eyes and looked at him. She then said with a sad expression, “I want to remember your smell, Daddy.”

Her reply left Su Shengjing speechless.

His heart skipped a beat.

The little girl buried her face into his neck and sobbed. “After sending me back, you won’t visit me anymore, right? But I don’t want to forget you. I want to remember how you look and smell.”

Su Shengjing was stunned. A bitter feeling suddenly surfaced in a corner of his heart.

No, I must not relent. Raising a child is not a joke, and I’ll have to support her for many years to come. I can’t shoulder such a burden. 

Su Shengjing stayed silent. He turned his head away and stared into the distance.

His actions left Su Jiu at a loss for words.

Looks like it was not effective enough! 

After reaching the train station, Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu off the train and walked toward the orphanage. He only placed her down when they reached the entrance. “Go in.”

Su Jiu did not move. Instead, she said with a despondent expression, “Daddy, can I wait a while before going in?”


“Daddy, can you hug me again?” Su Jiu raised another request.

“Okay.” Since this was not an excessive request, Su Shengjing bent down and hugged her.

When he saw how she looked at him with watery eyes, extreme guilt surged in Su Shengjing’s heart. He felt like he had done something very wrong to her.

He pursed his lips and stiffly consoled her. “Actually, I sent you back here for your own good. I really can’t support you, and you won’t have a good life with me. Well, I’ll visit you when I have the time. If I get money, I’ll send some to you too. I believe that the orphanage director and the rest will take good care of you.”

Su Jiu lowered her head, pouted, and said, “No matter how good they are, they can’t compare to you, Daddy.”

She pulled his hand and pleaded, “Daddy, I will be obedient in the orphanage. Visit me more frequently, okay?”

“Okay, I promise you.”

Although Su Shengjing promised, Su Jiu still clung to his hand, unwilling to let go. Then, she burst into tears.

Even though she was merely sobbing, and not crying loudly, she looked as pitiful as an abandoned tiny animal.

The bitter feeling in Su Shengjing’s heart became stronger, and he did not know what to say.

From the corners of her eyes, Su Jiu sneaked a peek at Su Shengjing. He stiffly stood there at the entrance instead of leaving. His resolve must be shaking. 

Looks like this is effective! 

Su Jiu kept up the act. Wiping her tears away and releasing her hand, she obediently said, “Daddy, you can go. I’ll miss you.”

Su Shengjing regained his senses and warned himself that he must not be affected anymore. He asked her to go in, “I’m leaving. You should quickly go in.”

“No.” Su Jiu shook her head, and her eyes reddened again. “I want to watch you leave. I’ll go in after you leave.”

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