I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Daddy’s Heart Softened For Her!

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This child! 

As the bitter feeling in Su Shengjing’s heart grew stronger, he felt like a rock was weighing on him. He could not carry on like this. If he did not leave, he would really have to raise this child and shoulder a burden.

He still wanted to find a wife, and with his current situation, it was already hard for him to find one. If he brought a child along with him, he would probably stay single for the rest of his life.

He tried to console himself like that, and the weight on his chest seemed to lift a little. Su Shengjing decisively spun around and briskly walked forward, leaving Su Jiu behind.

After walking for a distance, he could not help but turn back. The little girl was still standing there, sending him off with her watery eyes.

When Su Jiu saw him look back at her, she suddenly dashed over and hugged his leg. She said with a sob, “Daddy, I don’t want you to go! I’ll miss you! I’ll listen to you and obediently wait in the orphanage. You must visit me. Otherwise, I’ll be extremely sad.”

She then let go of him and forced out a bright smile. Waving her hand, she said, “Goodbye, Daddy!”

Making an expression as if her smile was going to fade soon, she spun around and walked back.

When Su Shengjing saw her turning around, tears tragically streamed down his cheeks.

Since Su Jiu did not hear the sounds of Su Shengjing leaving, she did not turn around either. She continued to walk while crying. However, when she reached the entrance of the orphanage and was about to enter, she heard footsteps rushing toward her.

Su Jiu smirked. Her father’s heart had softened!

When Su Shengjing saw Su Jiu silently walking back while crying, the bitter and sad feeling in his heart reached its peak. He felt terrible. Although he did not know how this girl came about, it was not her choice either. She was innocent.

No matter what, she was still his daughter. She had gone all the way to the pub to look for him. She trusted and depended on him so much. Yet, even though she hoped he could bring her home, he sent her back to the orphanage and cruelly abandoned her.

Su Shengjing suddenly felt like this was not something a man should do!

At that moment, his hand suddenly touched the DNA test report stuffed in his pocket, and the medical officer’s words rang in his ears, “The probability of this girl being your daughter is 99.9999%.” She is really my daughter.

As he again thought about the little girl’s watery eyes, Su Shengjing clenched his fists and pursed his lips. With great determination, he walked forward and carried Su Jiu.

Su Jiu looked at him with a surprised expression. “Daddy?”

Su Shengjing put on a straight face and awkwardly said, “You’re not going back to the orphanage. I’ll bring you home.”

Phew! Looks like this tragic act worked! 

Su Jiu wanted to celebrate, but she maintained her current pitiful expression. She then asked, “Really? Daddy, you can’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying. Let’s go home.”


Su Shengjing brought Su Jiu to his apartment, which was located in an old residential building in an isolated neighborhood. The building’s walls had yellowed due to the passage of time, and ivy and moss had covered them.

Wires strewn between buildings were entangled with each other. A lot of rubbish lay discarded in the alley, and it gave off a horrible stench. Even in broad daylight, light could not enter the area, and the stairway was pitch-dark. They had to turn on the lights, but the lightbulb was filthy and covered with dust and insect corpses.

Su Jiu could not help but exclaim in her heart, Is my father living in such a place? 

It was so sad that such a popular celebrity, who once had a bright future ahead of him, had fallen to such a state.

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