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Chapter 1636 "Infecting Gabriel With Love Virus"

Chapter 1636 "Infecting Gabriel With Love Virus"

Ainsley informed the group of demons and evil spirits who had finished infecting almost all battle Angels and heavenly creatures around the gate with Love Virus.

To be honest, even the elite battle angel team and the high-level holy Spirits were all marked with pink on the 3D map because the virus had already infected them!

Ainsley opened the telepathy group chat and sent an urgent voice announcement that would definitely sound inside everyone's heads, with no exception.

[Attention! Gabriel is on the way and he will arrive near our place within seconds! Be careful not to be discovered by Gabriel, and prepare to hide!]

Ainsley didn't need the demons and the evil spirits to do more things and she actually felt that they better hide or go to Satan's side to help Satan.

But there was still the unknown miracle X factor and Ainsley didn't know when the miracle would be triggered and what would happen when the miracle appeared.

In this case, the demons and the evil spirits still needed to stay around the gate just for safety.

Gabriel flew fast, and when Ainsley had just found the gate's huge handle and was about to look for the palm-sized stone among so many other decorated stones on the handle...

Gabriel arrived at the camps around the gate of heaven.

With Gabriel's speed of flying, he didn't need to fly for a long time, even after crossing a whole Armageddon Domain that was larger than a city.

At this time, the gate of heaven had been closed even further, and there was only a 'small' gap opened to the outside.

Of course, judging from the size of the gate itself, this small gap could still fit a hundred Gabriel, and Ainsley felt the need to wait for a little more while she searched for the domain core's exact location.

A pity. Gabriel had arrived, and Ainsley immediately focused on monitoring Gabriel's movement on the map.

The 3D map showed Gabriel's movement, and the archangel brought a lot of elite battle angels plus high-level holy spirits with him.

Seeing this, Ainsley warned her team members, but obviously, her team members also knew how to hide.

[Don't worry, little boss. We will hide well and not be discovered!]

Anyway, except for Gabriel himself, the others were already infected by Ainsley's love virus and they were all actually already under Ainsley's control.

It was easy for Ainsley to make these elite battle angels and holy spirits turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their surroundings with the excuse of focusing on finding the head of the enemy team--

Ainsley Sloan.

This way, as more and more angels who remained near the gate got infected by the virus, not many angels could sense the presence of the enemies, and when Gabriel arrived...

Gabriel also furrowed his eyebrows.

"How is it? Do you guys feel any fluctuation of evil aura?"<.com>

Now that the gate was closed even tighter than before, about to be closed completely, the remaining demons in both domains should have some reactions.

This was an inevitable reaction when the demons were forcefully summoned back.

There must be fluctuations of evil aura everywhere, even when those demons could still remain outside of the gate with the help of the evil spirits.

Unfortunately, the battle angels and the holy spirits around the young archangel had been infected by Ainsley's virus and now, they really didn't sense any fluctuation of evil aura.

"This...we don't sense anything, your excellency. Maybe someone among the demon team or the evil spirit group can hide and disguise the evil aura tightly..."

Gabriel didn't really want to use his sensitivity to find the enemies one by one, but what he was most concerned about would be Ainsley and Asmodeus.

Thus, Gabriel didn't bother with the small fries who couldn't even approach the gate of heaven and concentrated on sensing the evil aura of a demon Lord.

It was at this time that Ainsley quietly moved the various love viruses in the bodies of those elite battle angels and holy spirits around Gabriel.

She still wanted to see whether she could influence and infect Gabriel, even if only for a bit!

To avoid suspicion, Ainsley didn't use Asmodeus' help at all and transformed a huge amount of affection and other positive feelings from the audiences who watched the live broadcast into her own energy.

The passive skill Love Battery was indeed good, especially when Asmodeus had awakened the 1% of his bloodline in Ainsley's vein yet also created a kind of disguise to hide the awakened bloodline from the outside world.

This way, others wouldn't be able to sense Asmodeus's aura in Ainsley's bloodline until Asmodeus's consciousness returned to the main body.

Ainsley was racing against time, and she immediately mobilized all the virus toward Gabriel.

The baby felt that to infect an archangel, a huge amount of virus was needed.

But this virus didn't have a trace of an evil aura, so to be able to sense the virus, it would be super difficult even for an archangel's consciousness which was used to detect only the evil aura from those dark camp's creatures.

For a while, Ainsley's ability in the form of the love virus rushed to invade Gabriel from the moment he breathed the air around him, doing various other infection methods.

Because Ainsley manually controlled the love virus and even focused them all infecting Gabriel, in just a short time, the virus invaded Gabriel's medium and even slightly affected Gabriel himself.

In the case of when there were two consciousnesses in one body, Ainsley still didn't know whether the one she could infect was the consciousness of the main body or the 'parasite' consciousness.

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