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Chapter 1637 "Successfully Infecting Gabriel’s Medium"

Chapter 1637 "Successfully Infecting Gabriel’s Medium"

Back then, Ainsley could infect the evil spirits and even holy spirits because no matter what, they only had one consciousness in one body.

But in cases of shamans who were possessed by their spirits, or the mediums who accepted the fragmented consciousness of the archangels or the demon lords...

Ainsley was still not so sure, which was why she tripled the amount of love virus that poured into Gabriel's body.

After a few seconds, the first one to be infected was obviously the medium because Ainsley's love virus was aimed at the body first before the extra consciousness.

Gabriel's medium was the third king of the celestial race, someone who was cheerful and a bit more like an easy-going prince than a king.

This type of guy was often more bizarre and crazy deep in their hearts, but even so, this didn't stop them from having some sort of affections towards cute and unique things...

Such as Ainsley.

The third king didn't really take Ainsley as his enemy, even after Archangel Raphael's death. After all, Ainsley's appearance was indeed too deceiving.

Back then, the second king of the celestial race didn't have time to warn the other two kings because after Archangel Raphael left his body, the king also returned to his time and space.

After all, his existence was only to become the medium of Archangel Raphael, and once the king who was summoned to this domain lost his advantage, he was naturally repelled by the domain itself.

Queen Rachel, the one who sacrificed her bloodline to summon the Archangels only summoned the three kings for the purpose of preparing mediums for the archangels.

If not for this, how could she pay another price to summon such a high-quality medium?

It was more like a buy one get one free situation.

Now that Archangel Raphael had left the domain due to leaving a medium and not being able to find another medium or returning to his previous medium...

The second king was also gone before he could heal others and such.

It was really such a pity,, and it was one of the most useless deaths in this war.

Of course, there was still the time bomb 'miracle' left by Archangel Raphael, but the other two kings didn't get the second king's warning and didn't know about Ainsley's scheme.

Up to now, aside from treating Ainsley as a normal enemy and being slightly wary towards her, the two kings still felt that it was too much to hate on a child.

The three archangels were indeed guarded against Ainsley, but deep in their hearts, they also couldn't hate Ainsley even as an enemy.

Because that's just a kid.

There were often kids who were used by the adults in war to gain the enemy's sympathy and then secretly kill the enemies.

But even so, for the archangels and the two kings with absolute power, they didn't need to care about such tricks, and they were confident.

Thus, unlike demons who wouldn't care whether the enemies were women or children, the light camp's side still cared about this.<.com>

If the women and the children were indeed malicious and they felt their evil aura, the light camp creatures wouldn't hesitate to kill, but...

Even up to now, even after Ainsley killed Archangel Raphael and planned to kill Gabriel, Ainsley didn't have such a deep hatred towards the archangel.

It wasn't that she didn't side with the blood clan, but she hated the current celestials more than the archangels or the three kings from the celestial race.

Ainsley wasn't someone who would hate others just because they were from the same race.

For her, the one who provoked the blood clan first was the current generation of the blood clan, and she should only dislike these people.

This kind of thinking was precisely the reason why the other two kings didn't feel that Ainsley threatened their lives.

And just like that, the third king unknowingly got the love virus, and his body, projected by the 3D map, also slowly turned pink.

There was also the image of chibi Gabriel overlapping inside the third king's body image on the 3D map, and if someone could see Ainsley's 3D map...

They would see that the pink dots inside the third king's body had slowly spread to the chibi Gabriel as well.

Gabriel obviously didn't notice this and had just sensed Asmodeus' evil aura near the heavenly gate and he panicked for a moment.

Could it be that the demon had already found the location of the domain core and stole it?

Gabriel's face darkened and the archangel immediately rushed to the gate itself, wanting to fight with Asmodeus.

However, at the same time, the love virus slowly infected Gabriel, and under Gabriel's mood swings, the love virus successfully infected Gabriel, even if only for a bit.

This little bit of influence had already satisfied Ainsley. When seeing Gabriel flying towards her place accurately from the 3D map, the baby immediately prepared the plan to push Gabriel to the gate.

It seemed time was running out for Asmodeus, and Ainsley, who knew this, was reluctant to say goodbye to this cute chibi.

[My lord, is it possible to use the love virus to make Gabriel enter the gate instead of using the realism art to trick him?]

Ainsley's plan was to create a fake domain core and pretend that she had successfully stolen it.

Then, she would throw the stone into the gate right before the gate was closed.

Since the stone belonged to the Armageddon domain but the place beyond the gate didn't belong to this domain, once the domain core entered the place beyond the gate...

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