Chapter 2168: The Prodigy Battlefield Turns Upside Down

Chapter 2168: The Prodigy Battlefield Turns Upside Down

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Seeing Chu Yunfan and the others leave on a ray of light, Zhang Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Chu Yunfan and the others had not gone back on their words.

It was too terrifying. He couldn’t understand how a junior like Chu Yunfan could be so powerful. He was completely suppressed by Chu Yunfan’s aura and couldn’t fight back at all.

“Damn it, damn it, this is really an unlucky year!’

Zhang Yu was extremely depressed. That spatial bag contained all his wealth. All the wealth he had accumulated over the years had been plundered by Chu


But soon, he received other news. What Chu Yunfan said was true.

In a short time, a wave of evil wind blew in the battlefield. After Chu Yunfan and the others returned, they began to search everywhere.

Many of them had been targeted by Chu Yunfan and suffered heavy losses. They had worked hard for hundreds of years and returned to their original state overnight.

Before this, everyone had joined forces to hunt down Chu Yunfan. Chu Yunfan had been constantly dodging. When many people were already used to this pattern, Chu Yunfan suddenly turned around and attacked.

Those who were chasing after him had all become his targets. Chu Yunfan’s goal was very simple, which was to rob them of their resources and wealth, leaving nothing behind.

Many people who were robbed by Chu Yunfan wanted to cry but had no tears. They never expected Chu Yunfan to be so shameless.

He had actually turned around and didn’t bother Jun Tianci and the other top-notch experts. Instead, he went straight for them.

Their strength could not be compared to Jun Tianci and the others. There was a huge gap, but they were greedy for the bounty on Chu Yunfan and the legendary emperor inheritance.

It could be said that the entire core region of the battlefield was in an uproar because of Chu Yunfan’s inheritance. Countless Major Arcanes had begun searching for Chu Yunfan.

When ordinary people encountered such a situation, they would naturally walk as far as they could. They did not dare to approach at all.

But Chu Yunfan was different. He actually dared to turn around and attack.

In the short span of three days, more than ten Major Arcanes had already fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands. All of their wealth had been plundered, leaving nothing behind.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan kept his promise and did not kill them. This made many people heave a sigh of relief. After all, no matter how important those resources and wealth were, they were not as important as their lives.

There were also some smart people who knew Chu Yunfan’s purpose. It was obvious that he wanted them to hand over their wealth voluntarily and not resist.

After all, if they knew that they would definitely die, most people would not lack the courage to fight to the death. At the very least, they would not let Chu Yunfan get what he wanted.

However, if they knew that they could survive, no one would be willing to die for wealth.

After all, wealth could be accumulated again, but when a person died, they would really die.

Some people even speculated that Chu Yunfan didn’t know how to kill people, but soon, their speculations were slapped in the face.

Some people seemed to think that Chu Yunfan wouldn’t really kill people, so they stubbornly resisted and refused to hand over their wealth. The result was that they were beaten up by Chu Yunfan in front of everyone.

Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength was undoubtedly displayed.

This made many people give up on the idea of getting lucky. Chu Yunfan did want to obtain more resources and wealth, but it did not mean that he did not have the courage to kill people and the city.

Chu Yunfan’s actions naturally attracted the anger of the core region experts. After all, many of the prodigies who were robbed by Chu Yunfan were the backbone of the various alliances. Now that they were robbed by Chu Yunfan, they suffered heavy losses.

These experts immediately put down their work and participated in the pursuit of Chu Yunfan. However, Chu Yunfan was as cunning as a loach. He did not give them a chance at all. As long as they appeared, they would not encounter Chu Yunfan at all.

Even these top experts had tried to use others as bait to lure Chu Yunfan into taking the bait. However, Chu Yunfan seemed to be able to see through it early on and did not fall for it. He did not give them any chance at all.

These top-notch experts were so angry that they gritted their teeth, but there was nothing they could do.

This was the first time that Chu Yunfan had fooled these top experts, even on the Prodigy Battlefield.

Among the many experts in the world, Chu Yunfan was definitely not the strongest. On the Prodigy Battlefield, there were many people who were stronger than Chu Yunfan.

However, these people often joined an alliance. After joining an alliance, they would have the help of the alliance and would not be alone.

But at the same time, they would also be restricted by the alliance. They wouldn’t dare to use their full strength.

Just like Huangfu Longhao, no matter how furious he was, it was impossible for him to massacre the entire Destiny Sect.

Chu Yunfan, who had no fixed residence and didn’t join any alliance, didn’t even have a reliable ally when he was surrounded. However, at the same time, he could avoid being dragged down by an alliance.

There was simply no way to grasp his roots, and it was impossible to deduce his whereabouts.

That was why he was so unscrupulous. Almost nothing could deal with him.

Under such circumstances, in just a short month, the entire core region of the battlefield had been turned upside down by Chu Yunfan. In this month, hundreds of fledgling Major Arcanes had been robbed clean. They wanted to cry but had no tears. They had suffered heavy losses.

It even caused these Major Arcanes to be paranoid every day, afraid that they would hear a robbery coming from the sky.

Even if they were to travel, they often needed several people to travel together.

Many people had no choice but to temporarily leave the core region of the Prodigy Battlefield and come to the central and outer regions of the Prodigy Battlefield.

However, they still couldn’t avoid Chu Yunfan’s pursuit. It was as if he had eyes. No matter where they appeared, Chu Yunfan would be watching them.

For a moment, everyone on the battlefield was in a state of panic. Fortunately, many people were surprised to find that although Chu Yunfan was ruthless, he was also shameless.

However, he seemed to only target those who had tried to kill him. He did not care about ordinary people who had nothing to do with him.

There was once a Major Arcane who had clashed head-on with Chu Yunfan, yet he had come out unscathed in the end. This had caused many to click their tongues in wonder.

However, knowing the pattern of Chu Yunfan’s attacks also made those experts who had not targeted Chu Yunfan breathe a sigh of relief. The experts who had targeted Chu Yunfan were shocked and afraid..

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