Chapter 2169: Breakthrough, Intermediate Middle Arcana Stage

Chapter 2169 - 2169: Breakthrough, Intermediate Middle Arcana Stage

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In just a month, the battlefield was in chaos, especially since many people had targeted Chu Yunfan in the past. Among them, many had been dealt with by Chu Yunfan, and many had not been dealt with in time.

After all, because Chu Yunfan had an emperor level inheritance, many people wanted to kill him.

Now, without a doubt, they had all become Chu Yunfan’s targets.

“Damn it, I’ve never seen such a shameless person. Does this Jian Wuchen not dare to fight us head-on?” a late Major Arcane roared out in rage.

However, his roar was useless, because everyone knew that as long as Chu Yunfan was not stupid, he would not rashly attack them.

Because he needed time to develop!

Although he said so, in fact, no one really thought that Chu Yunfan was a coward. If he was a coward, he wouldn’t dare to declare war on so many forces at the same time.

In fact, everyone knew that he was just trying to provoke Chu Yunfan to come out, but it was useless.

Chu Yunfan disappeared from everyone’s sight again. However, after that, Chu Yunfan’s followers began to appear in the core area of the Prodigy Battlefield and were active in various places.

Although they were Chu Yunfan’s followers, Chu Yunfan did not ask them to stay by his side all the time.

Previously, Chu Yunfan’s brilliance was too strong, almost completely overshadowing their brilliance. However, as they continued to be active on the battlefield, everyone finally realized that these followers of Chu Yunfan were not ordinary people.

Now that they had stepped into the Major Arcana Stage, they could be considered the cream of the crop on this battlefield.

Especially the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow, who was originally a Supreme Youth. After he joined Chu Yunfan, he continued to break through his bloodline with Chu Yunfan’s help. Not long after he left Chu Yunfan, he encountered a big battle—a challenge from another Supreme Youth.

The last thing that made everyone’s jaws drop was that the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow had defeated this Supreme Youth with an overwhelming advantage, and his reputation soared.

Chu Yunfan’s other followers also displayed astonishing strength. They could exchange blows with Supreme Youths of the same stage. Although they were still not evenly matched, they still fought back and forth. They were not like ordinary top-notch prodigies who met the Supreme Youths.

There were even people who said that when they saw the golden light emitting from their bodies, they were further excavating the potential of their bloodlines. These people could only be considered as pseudo-Supreme Youths now. However, as time passed, they might even become true Supreme Youths.

If that was the case, then the lineup of Chu Yunfan’s followers in the future would be quite terrifying.

Therefore, although Chu Yunfan was not active, his popularity on the Prodigy Battlefield did not decrease because of his followers.

At this moment, in a valley in the core area of the battlefield, Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged in the valley. He held a great medicine in his hand and swallowed it.

Immediately, he felt the divine power in his body boil even more and soar into the clouds. At the same time, the cultivation that had originally stagnated in his body broke through the barrier and reached a new stage under the support of this medicinal power.

“The intermediate Middle Arcana Stage!” Chu Yunfan slowly spat out these words.

A month ago, Chu Yunfan was already on the verge of breaking through, but it was only now that he had finally broken through to the intermediate Middle Arcana Stage.

However, the energy waves emanating from his body were unimaginably thick. It was as if he was not an existence of the same cultivation state as him. In terms of combat prowess, he had even reached the astonishing level of intermediate Major Arcane. Even ordinary intermediate Major Arcanes were no match for him.

He could easily beat him up!

In just one month, Chu Yunfan had eaten countless medicines. He treated the medicines that could increase his strength like snacks and ate as much as he wanted.

These were hundreds of top prodigies, and even young supreme experts had been robbed clean by him.

In order to survive, these people naturally obediently handed over their spatial bags, and all the wealth in them naturally fell into Chu Yunfan’s hands.

Each of these top prodigies was once the hope of a large sect of an era. The wealth and resources they had were dozens of times that of experts of the same level.

If an expert of the same level encountered them, they would simply be courting death. They were not their match and would be easily beaten up. It was a pity that they had encountered Chu Yunfan, who was even more terrifying and monstrous than them.

Of course, their wealth had fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands. Among them, there were countless great medicines that could increase one’s cultivation. Many of them made Chu Yunfan’s eyes turn red with envy. Many of them had even disappeared from the world and only appeared in a certain era.

If not for the fact that there were too many ancient prodigies gathered on the

battlefield, it was probably impossible for these great medicines to reappear.

Of course, Chu Yunfan wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. He picked out new seeds from these great medicines and planted them in the herb mountain to ensure that these great medicines wouldn’t be lost.

With the herb mountain and the large number of spirit stones seized, these great herbs grew very quickly. Every few days, a wave of great herbs would mature. Any one of these great herbs could increase the cultivation of a top prodigy for a few years. Some of them could even be called sacred herbs. If they were refined into suitable pills, they could increase the cultivation of a top prodigy for decades in one breath.

It could be said that one would save decades of bitter cultivation!

These were the accumulation of countless eras, years, and people. Now, all of them had fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands, completing his path of cultivation. A portion of it was given to his followers, and the rest was in Chu Yunfan’s hands.

With this, Chu Yunfan wouldn’t be lacking in resources even if he cultivated all the way to Major Arcana Stage. Furthermore, he had obtained hundreds of millions of high-grade spirit stones. It could be said that Chu Yunfan had become rich overnight.

Otherwise, Chu Yunfan wouldn’t have had so much spirit energy to supply to the herb mountain, allowing those great herbs to mature in a few days. The spirit energy consumed was very shocking.

It was basically a consumption that only a large sect-level force could afford.

And these large sect-level forces had countless people sharing these benefits. Of course, they could not be compared to Chu Yunfan who monopolized these things.

“I’ve gained so much this time. It just so happens that I can refine them into medicinal pills. At that time, I’ll take medicine like I’m eating candy. Who can compare to me?” Chu Yunfan grinned.

It was the right choice for him not to kill those top prodigies..

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