Chapter 2170: The Great Explosion of Prodigies

Chapter 2170 - 2170: The Great Explosion of Prodigies

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If it wasn’t for the sake of survival, those top prodigies wouldn’t have handed over all their wealth so easily.

He had chosen to let them go back then precisely for this moment.

As the saying went, a man would not be rich without a windfall, and a horse would not be fat without grass at night. How could one accumulate wealth through hard work be faster than directly robbing?

Although those top prodigies would be penniless because of this, and it could be said that it would greatly affect their cultivation, Chu Yunfan did not have the slightest sympathy.

These people were specially selected by him and had ill intentions toward him. If he fell into the hands of these people, he was afraid that extracting his soul and interrogating him day and night would be a light punishment. He might even be tortured day and night to force him to hand over all his secrets.

This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Everything was bloody!

Chu Yunfan was naturally very clear about this. Of course, he wouldn’t show mercy to them. The fact that they were able to live was already a mercy from

Chu Yunfan.

And this was merely the wealth of a hundred top-notch prodigies and Supreme Youths. If he robbed more, the benefits he would obtain would probably be immeasurable.

Of course, Chu Yunfan also understood the repercussions of doing so. Which of these top prodigies didn’t have a huge force behind them? Even if it was a sect that had already been extinct, who knew if there were a few old antiques who sealed themselves to this era? None of them were to be provoked.

Otherwise, how would those top figures on the battlefield possess such good methods?

They were not some kind men or women. The only thing that stopped them was their fear of the people behind these prodigies.

Only Chu Yunfan didn’t care. Anyway, he was using an alias. If this alias was thrown away, who would know who he was? Even if someone found out in the future, it should be a long time later. By then, he would probably have grown into an existence that could compete with those old antiques.

After breaking through to the Middle Arcana Stage, Chu Yunfan was only slightly happy for a moment before he returned to his calm state. He knew that although he could establish himself in the Prodigy Battlefield with his strength, it was far from enough. He wanted to dominate the Prodigy Battlefield.

To become the strongest prodigy, regardless of whether it was the prodigy of the ancient times or the prodigy of the present, one had to defeat all of them. Only by becoming the strongest could one have a chance of reaching the final divine throne.

This was the thought of every prodigy who entered the Prodigy Battlefield!

The only difference was whether they had the ability to achieve it.

After breaking through to the Middle Arcana Stage, Chu Yunfan stopped cultivating and turned to making pills. He had robbed too many great medicines this time, and there were also various supplementary medicines and various resources. It was too wasteful to just eat them as snacks. Many of them could be refined into top-notch pills. He had so many pills that he could eat them like candy. He didn’t even care about Jun Tianci.

He was just a skeleton in a coffin. Let him live for a few more days!

Time passed quickly. It had been half a year since Chu Yunfan broke through to the Middle Arcana Stage. During this half a year, huge changes had taken place in the battlefield, especially in the core region.

Many of the Major Arcanes who had been in secluded cultivation had started to move out. After digesting their gains from the previous wave, their powers had improved significantly, and they were all looking for the next wave of fortuitous encounters.

The entire core region of the Prodigy Battlefield was no longer as calm as before. The collisions between the various prodigies began to become frequent.

As a result, the collisions between the alliances behind these prodigies began to become more and more intense. In order to compete for the top-notch resources in the core region of the Prodigy Battlefield, these top-notch figures kept clashing.

All kinds of news spread on the Prodigy Battlefield.

“Do you know? Another shocking collision occurred between the Flying

Celestial Alliance and the Destiny Sect. Huangfu Longhao personally fought the vice alliance chief of the Destiny Alliance and seized a piece of aged metal essence! ‘t

“That’s nothing. Do you guys know about the Middle Era Twin Dragons? They’ve been reborn and their cultivation bases are even more terrifying. I heard that they’re infinitely close to breaking through to the Major Arcana Stage. However, they’ve been suppressing themselves!”

“There were too many monsters in the Middle Era, so many that it was hard to imagine. However, the Middle Era Twin Dragons were still the best among them. Although they didn’t join the Middle Era Alliance, their combined strength and their followers were enough to form a powerful alliance!”

“The countdown to the opening of the Prodigy Battlefield has already begun. Many people have begun to show no mercy. After all, it is rumored that a godhead will be born in this life. If they can’t make themselves strong enough before that, they won’t be able to compete with the heroes of the world!”

For a time, all kinds of rumors spread on the Prodigy Battlefield. However, many people realized that the opening of the Prodigy Battlefield this time was different from the past. In the past, when the Prodigy Battlefield opened, many prodigies would control their attacks and would not increase their

cultivation without limit.

This was because there was a restriction in the Prodigy Battlefield. They did not know what kind of existence had set such a restriction. Other than the age requirement, one’s cultivation base could not exceed the Major Arcana Stage. Once one exceeded the Major Arcana Stage, they would be automatically teleported out. They would not be able to enter the Prodigy Battlefield again.

That was why these prodigies had always been suppressing their cultivation state. Unless they could no longer suppress it, they would do their best to do so. Just like the famous Twin Dragons of the Middle Era, they were clearly peak Major Arcanes, yet they were still forcefully suppressing their cultivation state.

Without exception, they all wanted to enter the Prodigy Battlefield as much as possible to obtain more benefits.

However, this time was different. Many people speculated that this life would be the birth of a godhead. It would be a world of great competition, or even an unprecedented golden age.

If they continued to suppress their cultivation, they might not be able to keep up with those top-notch big shots and would be eliminated from the battle for the godhead.

When the time came for the godhead to appear, those who were not strong enough would not even have the qualifications to participate and would be eliminated.

It was precisely because of this consideration that news of a large number of prodigies breaking through could be heard almost every day. Among these 100,000 prodigies, the weakest one could rank in the top 30 of the Prodigy List of an era. Every one of them had a secret technique to increase their cultivation.

In just a short period, the strength of these prodigies had undergone earth-shattering changes compared to the beginning of the Prodigy Battlefield.

In fact, there were many Supreme Youths who had suppressed their cultivation bases, breaking through to Major Arcana Stage in the shortest amount of time possible.

For a time, the entire Prodigy Battlefield was filled with all kinds of news about these prodigies. Among them, a piece of news suddenly appeared and attracted everyone’s attention.

The final battle between the two generations of Princess Gushe was about to go down..

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