I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 148 - I’ll Pay the Bill  

Chapter 148: I’ll Pay the Bill

The Purple Cloud Holy Land was 2000 miles away from Lin City. It was not far away, but it was separated by the Qinghuai Holy Land.

Not only did the Qinghuai Holy Land have a bad relationship with the Purple Cloud Holy Land, but they also had an old grudge with Lin Mo.

The way to enter the Purple Cloud Holy Land was also very mysterious. One needed to be led by the Purple Cloud Elder of the holy land to enter.

The array to enter the holy land was a tier 6 mid-grade array.

The Qinghuai Holy Land, on the other hand, could be entered once they found its location.

It could be seen that the array that Bai Wuheng had sent over with all his wealth was not completely useless. At the very least, it was at the level of a holy land.

It was just that he could not understand the eighth prince’s intentions, which was why he was punished by the eighth prince.

“Eighth prince, this new manager of the Lin auction house is someone you can befriend. He only recognizes money, not people.”

“In addition, the two great holy lands have thoughts of befriending you. Do you think we should choose the Purple Cloud Holy Land or the Qinghuai Holy Land?”

The holy land was like a secret realm.

If an ordinary person could get into the holy land, even if he was just a handyman, he would be able to live comfortably and have a bright future.

As a prince, the eighth prince was naturally the target of the two great holy lands.

However, if it was not for the fact that he did not have a choice, he really didn’t want to form an alliance with these unpresentable holy lands.

Small circles were always more chaotic. Along the way, the eighth prince had already seen the methods of those clans that relied on him as a backer, acting according to the situation, and plotting against loyal and virtuous families.

“Hmm… Qinghuai Holy Land, right? I heard that the disciples of the Purple Cloud Holy Land are all women. It’s somewhat inconvenient for me to interact with them.”


The sisters nodded their heads in remembrance.

The eighth prince sighed. He did not expect that the lair he was prepared to hide in at any time would actually be messed up by this trash, Bai Wuheng.

Fortunately, he had come to take a look. Otherwise, it would have been unimaginable.

Inside Drunken Immortal Restaurant…

Bai Wuheng clutched his Qiankun bag gloomily and returned to his seat amid the cheers of the crowd.

Qi Yueheng and the others on the main seat were dumbfounded.

“Master Bai, your face is…”

“I fell.” The corners of Bai Wuheng’s mouth twitched, and he said dejectedly, “Everyone, eat well and drink well. I won’t accompany you.”

The distinguished guests thought about how Bai Wuheng had followed a pair of sisters into the room earlier. When he came out, his face was like this.

It was obvious that the pair of sisters were not to be trifled with. They were probably not from the imperial city.

Bai Wuheng must have suffered a setback this time, right?

Zhao Gongming was instantly amused. He held back his laughter and looked at Bai Wuheng’s expression mockingly with the other clan leaders.

Qi Yueheng pretended to be surprised and spoke out to persuade him to stay.

“Master Bai, how dare you leave first? You are the biggest winner of the auction today! If you give the array to the eighth prince, who knows how much reward you will get!”

Zhao Gongming was also surprised, “Yes! I heard that the eighth prince was magnanimous and has no brave generals under him! Everyone is working for the imperial city, but among us, one is close to the fourth prince and the other is close to the second prince… These nobles don’t lack people.”

“Clan Leader Bai, you’ve definitely won yourself a core position!”

“Tell us the story of how you met the eighth prince so that everyone can feel happy!”

Bai Wuheng could naturally hear that Qi Yueheng and Zhao Gongming were deliberately mocking him, but he did not flare-up.

He was really depressed at the moment. It was one thing to make things worse, but he had lost all his wealth. Although he had become less rich than he previously was, he was still richer than the poor as the eighth prince had given him a million low-grade spirit stones to save his life.

However, if the other three great clans find out that the eighth prince had given up on the Bai clan, it was likely that the Bai clan would be expelled from the four great families!

He had to do something.

‘F*ck, why did I follow such a sissy and stingy person?!’ Bai Wuheng thought to himself.

At this moment, Lin Mo also entered Drunken Immortal Restaurant.

Compared to the bitter-looking Bai Wuheng, Lin Mo was in high spirits. Behind him were Wu Jin and Miao Qing, which made the entire Drunken Immortal Restaurant lively.

“Hry, isn’t this Owner Lin? Come and sit down.” Qi Yueheng stood up and said.

The juniors of the various large families in Drunken Immortal Restaurant also hurriedly stood up to welcome him, but behind the pretense, they were quite dissatisfied.

They were clearly of the same age as Lin Mo, but Lin Mo was able to ascend to a high position and chat cheerfully with the various large family heads!

Were they just going to act like little brothers and shout here and there?

In Drunken Immortal Restaurant, a slim and graceful beauty under the guidance of the sisters gave Lin Mo a meaningful glance.

“He’s still a good-looking talent and is not as stinky as you say. It’s just that… This Lin Mo looks too young, isn’t he a puppet that someone brought out?”

“Prince…” the white-robed Qing Wen said nervously, “This Lin Mo is only good at pretending, but he’s actually very greedy!”

The black-robed Qing Wu’s face was even paler as she said, “Seeing such an unruly person, why is there a need for the prince to reveal his true identity? Qing Wu, Qing Wen, just go and capture him.”

“Moreover… what should we do if Bai Wuheng finds out? Such a vile person will definitely repay kindness with hatred! Please think twice, prince!”

Who would have thought that this beautiful and beautiful woman was actually the eighth prince, who the citizens of the imperial city called weak?

He did not put on any makeup and said with his brows slightly lowered, “Do you really think that I will let the Bai clan off? The Bai clan has been relying on our power for so many years. How can they be willing to be defeated in one night?”

“This Bai Wuheng definitely has to do something… For a dead person, it’s fine even if we let him know part of the truth.”

Qing Wen and Qing Wu were shocked. They did not think that this eighth prince would be so ruthless. The eighth prince did not even frown before he sentenced Bai Wuheng to death!

As expected, accompanying a prince was like accompanying a tiger!

Looking at Lin Mo, Bai Wuheng did not feel good either. He had nowhere to vent the frustration in his heart, so he said a few sour words to Lin Mo, “What? Even Manager Lin likes to come to such a romantic place?”

“I thought Manager Lin was a good-looking person and didn’t like to hang out with us elders who drink.”

However, Lin Mo completely ignored him!

He came here this time because he wanted to take advantage of the fact that there were many people in Drunken Immortal Restaurant to organize a small-scale auction!

If there was money to be made, who would care about a person like Bai Wuheng?

Lin Mo directly looked at Qi Yueheng and said with a fake smile, “Didn’t you say that you all like to gather at Hundred Flowers Restaurant? Why did you come to Drunken Immortal Restaurant tonight?”

Everyone was also dumbfounded, Qi Yueheng said in surprise, “Isn’t Drunken Immortal Restaurant the property of the Lin family? It was also newly opened. Originally, the Bai clan mainly held a banquet at Hundred Flowers Restaurant. However, when we heard that Drunken Immortal Restaurant had a new opening event, we changed to this place.”


Lin Mo’s face was full of question marks.

The Lin family’s business was an auction house. Why would they hold a night session and play with flower wine? Bai Wuheng must have been tricked by someone, right?

Just as everyone realized that something was wrong, suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Accompanied by two ladies, a peerless beauty swayed her body as she slowly walked down the stairs.

“I opened it.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they looked over.

“Everyone’s expenses today will be on my account. If you have any needs in the future, you can just spend some time in this Drunken Immortal Restaurant.”

“But let’s make it clear first, our Drunken Immortal Restaurant only drinks wine and doesn’t do anything else.”

“If anyone has dirty hands, Don’t blame me for being impolite.”

This woman spoke in a bewitching manner. Her appearance was somewhat exotic, noble, and charming.

The men present were all stunned. Lin Mo looked at the family heads in astonishment.

“Whose relative is this?”

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