I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 149 - No Auction, But It's a Robbery Instead?  

Chapter 149: No Auction, But It’s a Robbery Instead?


Everyone present in Lin City was people with power.

Take Bai Wuheng for example, he could get five million low-grade spiritual stones with a single sentence. He was a powerful figure in any place!

However, this woman actually dared to call herself ‘this majesty’ in front of these powerful figures?

Qi Yuexeng was the first to speak. “I’ve never seen this lady before.”

Zhao Gongming also said suspiciously, “It’s more than that… If Lin City had such a beautiful lady, wouldn’t we know?”

“This shopkeeper looks to be in his early twenties, right? His temperament seems exceptionally mature.”

The people of the western regions developed earlier.

This woman did not look old, but she already exuded an alluring mature and charming temperament.

Her figure was even more devilish.

Not only that, there were two women who accompanied her, one in black and the other in white.

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The black-clothed woman was cold and beautiful, while the white-clothed woman was delicate and pitiful. They were also of the highest quality!

If these three beauties were placed in Lin City, others definitely could not compare to them.

Everyone dared to say that there was no woman in the entire Lin City who was more beautiful than these three, even if it was difficult to even get close to them!

However, there must be something wrong with the matter. Originally, these family heads were all rash fellows, but because of this woman’s aura, they could not say anything else.

The woman nodded slightly. “I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Zi Yue, this is Qing Wen, and this is Qing Wu.”

“Zi Yue came from the Purple Cloud Holy Land. The holy land has been spending a lot of money recently, so it was inevitable that she had to do some business. I did not inform you in advance, so I hope you will forgive me.”

So she was from the Purple Cloud Holy Land!

‘Zi Yue’explained her origin clearly.

However, Lin Mo clearly saw that Bai Wuheng’s face showed a terrified expression, and cold sweat kept falling from his forehead. He widened his eyes as if he had seen something unbelievable.

“Master,” Wu Jin frowned and said, “Something seems to be wrong. Why did a lady from the Purple Cloud Holy Land come to Lin City? I’m afraid she’s not here for the auction.”

“I guess so.” Lin Mo continued to observe.

He saw everyone looking at each other.

Qi Yueheng, who was more courageous, laughed straightforwardly. He toasted and said, “So she’s a lady from the Purple Cloud Holy Land! No wonder she’s so beautiful!”

“But this lady isn’t just here to open a restaurant, right?”

“The head of the Qi clan is very smart.” Zi Yue pursed her lips and nodded. Her words and actions were very polite.

Qi Yueheng was stunned. “You know me?”

“Of course I know you.” Zi Yue looked at the crowd and started to introduce them one by one. “This is Clan Leader Bai, this is Clan Leader Zhao, this is Lil’ Wu, and Lil’ Miao.”

“This is…”

When she looked at Lin Mo, Zi Yue’s charming gaze lingered for a moment.

“He must be the nouveau riche whose name shook the entire Lin City. Mr. Lin Mo, you are indeed incomparably heroic.”

Good heavens, so she was here for Lin Mo!

At this moment, everyone understood.

Since Zi Yue claimed to be of the Purple Clouds Holy Land, could it be that she heard that there was an auction in the Lin city that could sell high-level cultivation methods, arrays, and elixirs, so she could not sit still and came over to inquire about the situation?

Wu Jin did not expect Zi Yue to do her homework so well. He whispered into Lin Mo’s ear, “Master, that’s right. She should be here to buy something.”

“How do you know?” Lin Mo retorted. “You just believe what others say? You haven’t seen a single cent. Who knows if she’s from the Purple Cloud Holy Land?”

With the help of Qing Wen and Qing Wu, Zi Yue walked to an empty table and sat down gracefully.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment. No one had expected that the originally lively banquet would come to Lin City and Zi Yue one after another to steal the spotlight!

Bai Wuheng’s reputation had been swept clean.

However, Bai Wuheng, who had bid for the big-ticket item, had rarely kept a low profile tonight. This made the younger generation of the Bai clan confused.

“Miss Zi Yue,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“Young Master Lin, please speak.” Zi Yue narrowed her eyes and replied Lin Mo gently.


Lin Mo could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Master, this Zi Yue is so amazing! Does she know some charming technique or what? She smiled at me just now, and I almost fainted!” Wu Jin said with a pale face.

Miao Qing rolled her eyes at him. “Is she even looking at you? What narcissism…”

However, even Lin Mo felt that this Zi Yue was powerful. He thought of all the things he had done from Beginner’s Heart Village to Lin City.

Lin Mo was certain that this Zi Yue definitely did not come from the Purple Cloud Holy Land.

In reality, there were quite a number of people who knew the Qinghuai Holy Land. It was said that the Zhao clan had once allied with the Qinghuai Holy Land. However, they had never heard of how powerful were the people who came from the holy land. Were they not ordinary people?

Nonetheless, this Ziyue had an extraordinary bearing. In front of her, the family heads like Zhao Gongming and Qi Yueheng were like little rascals!

Only Lin Mo could barely deal with them!

Lin Mo instantly confirmed her identity.

‘She’s definitely from the Imperial City. If not, Hmm… I won’t talk about it anymore.’

After making a judgment in his heart, Lin Mo began to carefully deal with her. “Miss Zi Yue, since you’re here on behalf of the Purple Cloud Holy Land, let’s get straight to the point.”

“It just so happens that we still have some medicinal pills in our auction. The reason why I’m here tonight is to clear out our stock and hold a temporary auction.”

“If Miss Zi Yue is interested, why don’t you represent the Purple Cloud Holy Land and participate in the auction together?”

“That’s fine too,” Zi Yue said politely.

Qi Yueheng, Zhao Gongming, and the others immediately rolled their eyes at Lin Mo. .

“I knew this fellow was full of evil tricks. So he’s here to hold an auction…”

He had just auctioned off a five million low-grade spiritual stones array, and now he was here to hold an auction?

Did this Lin Mo really think that the three great clans operated a spiritual stone mine?

Everyone was looking forward to it. After waiting for Lin Mo to take out the auction items, Lin Mo did not hesitate and took out a jade bottle from his waist, he grinned and said, “What’s in this bottle is a low-grade tier 4 small recovery pill. The user can recover a certain amount of vitality and use it as an ordinary person. It has the effect of reviving from the dead.”

“As the first item to be auctioned tonight, I won’t raise the price. How about 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones?”

The surroundings were in an uproar!

Even Miao Qing could o’t hold it in any longer.

One had to know that the small recovery pill was a low-grade tier 4 pill!

Although it could still be considered rare in the outside world, it was really nothing in Lin Mo’s eyes! It could even be considered cheap!

Such a cheap pill was actually bid for 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones? Was this daylight robbery?

As expected, Qi Yueheng and the others, who had always been in an endless stream of auctions, almost spat out their wine when they heard the small recovery pill’s price. They waved their hands and said that they would not bid any more.

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