I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 729: Who?

Chapter 729: Who?

Fujisawa Kazuki.

Many would be unfamiliar with this name.

If Chihiro didn't mention this to him, he wouldn't remember or cared about this person since, while this guy was a famous game designer, it was hard to say that he was really that famous.

For those who wanted to work in the game industry, maybe this person was fairly famous, but he wasn't that famous either.

It was okay.

However, that didn't mean he was bad since this person could reach this position in his 30, which was amazing, considering how strict the domestic company's attitude toward a promotion was. It wouldn't be weird if, in the future, he might decide to move to California or something since, in different countries, everything was based on ability, but in this country, everything was based on seniority, which was something that couldn't be changed by a majority of people in this country.

That was the only thing he could say about this person.

However, he still came to the talk of this person since this guy was Chihiro's ex-boyfriend.

This guy was the person she had used to see how Shishio felt toward her. Unfortunately, her plan was foiled, and she was eaten by Shihio.

Chihiro was happy, and Shishio was happy.

Everything was good.

As for this person, whether Chihiro or him, no one cared much, yet he was quite curious about what kind of man she had dated since, if he wasn't wrong, this person should be someone who made her become an art teacher.

From the memory of the previous Shishio Oga, he knew that Chihiro was in a dilemma to choose whether she should become an artist or an art teacher, but in the end, she decided to become an art teacher.

If he wasn't wrong, her ex-boyfriend was also related to her decision back then.

She wanted to become an artist, but in the end, she chose to become an art teacher.

As for why, she might forget about it, and she might not tell him, but one thing was for sure, she had some expectations of him becoming an artist before. It was also how she asked him to participate in the painting contest in the beginning.

Unfortunately, he didn't have time, and to be honest, he didn't really have much interest in becoming an artist either.

Being an artist was hard, especially in this country where the young were oppressed by the elder.

As long as one was old and had a connection, they could gain success in this country.

As for the young, even if they were talented, they would receive zero acknowledgment.

As for those contests, competitions, and many others in this country, they were all being monopolized by the old, and each year, the winners would be rotated to the people of their clique.

This was also why many artists in this country decided to move to Europe.

With how barren the soil in this country was, it was impossible for any sapling to grow into a big tree.

If they wanted to grow, they could only move their roots to better soil.

If he gave an example, it would be like Shiina's grandpa since he was from this country, but in the end, he moved to England.

Still, while this problem wasn't a problem for him, since with his connection and money, who could stop him?

Also, while being an artist was definitely hard work in this country, there were also other professions that could generate a lot of money as long as one could draw, such as mangaka, illustrator, and many others.

In other words, everything was fair.

When one door was closed, the other door was opened.

However, this was also why Chihiro might decide to become a teacher since, with how the economic condition of this country, being an artist definitely had hardly given someone money to buy food.

As for whether Chihiro regretted this decision or not, he could see that she didn't seem to care much since right now, instead of that dream, she was more concerned about him.

"Do you want to work in the game industry in the future?" Hana asked curiously.

The two entered the talk show and sat on the side where it was hard for people to see them.

"Games make a lot of money, so why not?"

"Huh? Really?"

"Many kids and even some adults buy a game, so you can imagine how big this market is, right?"

"Well, that's true."

Hana might not be that smart, but she wasn't an idiot. Under his explanation, she also started to understand the game industry, which made her realize that she might take this industry lightly. However, could she be blamed?

After all, she didn't know much about this industry.

However, it didn't mean that she didn't want to learn and listened to him with a smile as they secretly held each other's hands.

She had to say he was amazing.

Whether it was his grade, body, or creativity, they all had been acknowledged by the public, and he also received a lot of money from it.

As for how she knew all of this, it was because Yui had always talked about him, which made her know about many things which he had accomplished.

While they talked, he suddenly noticed Sorata.

'Sorata, huh?'

However, Sorata didn't notice him and walked to the front seat area before sitting down and waiting for the talk show to start.

They waited for a while before Fujisawa Kazuki appeared on the podium, ready to give a speech, but Shishio stood up when the talk show was about to start. "Let's go."

"Huh? Are we going out now?" Hana was dumbfounded since she thought that they were going to listen to the talk show.

"I just want to see the people."

He didn't care much about Fujisawa's speech since he only wanted to see the people. Moreover, his time was limited, and he didn't want to waste it on a random person's speech.

For those students, or other people, this speech might be useful, but for him, it was useless.

He was also sure that this guy would only say flowery words, which made people think that he was right.

If he gave an example, "To create something that appeals to the emotions of the user, you need to make something that sways your heart."

Those words were good, but he also felt that it wasn't complete since even if one created something that swayed their own heart, it didn't mean success since one's heart always had a bias toward our own works.

The world of creativity was a cruel place.

Your hard work was denied, and you would hardly have anything to eat.

However, if you didn't give up, sometimes, you would be able to accidentally make a big hit.

Still, if one wanted to go, even knowing all of those consequences, then it was okay.

However, one had to make sure that one could eat without burdening the people around them since being able to make a hit in the world of creativity wasn't easy.

Even the veteran also couldn't confidently say that every work that they made would make a hit.

It was also why many artists loved to focus on their works, which succeeded since it was easy to develop and it gave them money, reputation, and popularity.

"Let's go to the hotel."

Hana blushed, but she followed him obediently.

When they walked out, they were noticed by Fujisawa.

Fujisawa looked at Shishio for a moment before he shook his head and started his speech.

As for Sorata, it seemed that he had realized what he wanted to do, but he wasn't sure whether he could do it or not. He was also afraid of failure, so while he listened to Fujisawa's speech, he took another brochure and read it in a complicated mood.

'Exhibition game of the Sakurasou dorm...'

He realized what everyone on the Sakurasou was doing. While it was his decision to move out, he had to say; it made him uncomfortable when he knew they planned to make a game.

'They're cruel...'

Shouldn't they talk to him?

After all, wasn't it cold of them to say nothing when they planned to make a game?

Especially Nanami and Ryuunosuke, whose relationship was quite good with him before.

As for Shishio, Sorata wasn't sure what to think and just silently clenched the brochure of the game exhibition until it crumpled into a ball.


When Shishio returned, he sniffed his palm and sighed. He had to say that being a housewife was amazing. It was the same as Hana's body. Her body was soft, warm, and gently wrapped around him, yet her lewd moans made it hard to imagine how such an obedient housewife had fallen.

Still, next time, he hoped that she could wear a costume or something.

'Wearing Yui's uniform might be good.'

The thought of having sex with Hana while she wore Yui's uniform and also did it in Yui's room gave him a shiver.

However, he also realized how deep he had fallen.

If it was before, he couldn't imagine how a pure and gentle young man like him would have such a thought and do such a dirty act with the mother of his upperclassman.

Still, he hoped that Hana could divorce her husband; that way, he could own her fully.

While the taste of doing it with the wife of another was good, he didn't want to get addicted to this feeling since he was afraid that he might harm many families in this country.

Suddenly, he realized how hypocritical he was, but it was okay.

Hopefully, he didn't receive karma for doing this kind of thing.

As he walked, he thought about many things, such as Mitaka and Sorata, but in the end, he gave up since it was simply useless to worry about them.

Whether Mitaka or Sorata, they were the same, and they were all cowards. Even if they knew what he did with the girls that they loved, they would say nothing and just bury their feelings in their hearts. Instead, he thought that they might develop a strange fetish in the future, probably.

When he entered the school, he suddenly saw Misaki's back.


However, he stopped.

'She isn't Misaki?'

He realized this young woman wasn't Misaki, even though she was quite similar.


<Target has been found!>

<Congratulations, you have received land in Osaka!>

A system was one of the reasons, but another thing was that he knew that their bodies were a bit different.

Still, he thought for a moment and smiled. He approached the young woman and hugged her while calling her intimately. "Misaki-senpai!"

The young woman was stunned when she was hugged so suddenly, but when she heard this person called her "Misaki," she was even more stunned since she knew that Misaki was in love with Mitaka, so how could Misaki fall for others?

Yet, she was curious and didn't stop him from hugging her since it felt nice, and strangely enough, she didn't feel disgusted.

When her head turned and they looked at each other, they stared at each other for a second in a daze before they woke up.

"Who?" 2x

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