I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 730: My Man

Chapter 730: My Man

The two looked at each other while asking such a question at the same time.

"I am sorry."

However, he quickly let her go and apologized politely.

"No-No, it's okay. It's not your fault to mistake me for Misaki." The young woman blushed and quickly forgave him.

Now, the question was, why did Misaki and her sister fall for Mitaka even though they knew that this guy was a scumbag?


Yes, Mitaka is handsome.

It is as simple as that.

However, Shishio was hundreds of times more handsome than Mitaka.

Shishio knew that it was quite unfair, but when one was born handsome or beautiful, they were given a lot of advantages in their lives. Even if they weren't that smart or had money, they could live with their appearance alone since having an attractive appearance could make someone throw their money without thinking.

Many rich people or those who had high positions in various companies might have a good brain, but when an emotion entered the equation, they couldn't use the brain that they were proud of since the matter of emotion had always been in the other realm.

It was unpredictable, and it was just hard to control.

The only thing that one could handle this problem was just to have a lot of experience with it since it was similar to driving; the more one drove, the better they were at driving.

It was similar to the matter of emotion.

The more you experience it, the better you are at it.

Naturally, there were some who didn't learn from a failure, so they always made a similar mistake, which wasn't a good thing.

Yet, such a beginner mistake wouldn't appear to him.

"But... you call me Misaki, right?"

The young woman stared at Shishio's face for a while before she asked.

How did Misaki know this young man?

She had to say she was a bit jealous of Misaki, yet it also made her curious since why he called Misaki so intimately. Lastly, she also didn't expect Misaki would take down her junior, which made her realize that it seemed Misaki had grown up, especially after she lived in Tokyo.

"Er..." He looked at the young woman for a while as if stunned and confused, then asked, "Are you Misaki-senpai's sister?"

"I am her older sister."

"Wow! Really?" He was genuinely surprised. "Then, let me introduce myself. My name is Shishio Oga. Nice to meet you, Onee-san."


The way he called her "Onee-san" wasn't bad at all, she thought.

"Well, my name is Kamiigusa Fuuka. You can just call me..." Fuuka thought for a moment and said, "Fuuka-nee. Yes, you should call me that since it is terrible if you mistake me for Misaki."

Somehow, he could tell that Fuuka didn't seem to like Misaki that much. However, he probably understood the reason since even between siblings, there were many types of relationships, and there were many that didn't like each other.

He could imagine that Misaki's parents would focus more on Misaki instead of Fuuka.

However, it was a normal thing since even if he knew it was rude, Misaki wasn't normal. She was a genius, and she hardly acted like a girl her age. She was different, so her parents were worried about her more, which caused all attention of her parents to be focused on her instead of Fuuka.

Fuuka was a normal girl like any other, and it was also why her parents felt reassured to leave her alone. However, she hated Misaki for stealing all the attention of the people around her. Many might hate her for this, but it was a normal reaction for a teenager.

After all, wasn't it unfair for Misaki to get all the attention?

Yet, Fuuka was being ignored.

Even worse, the person that they loved, Mitaka Ren, chose Misaki over her even though they had dated each other in the beginning.

In other words, everything was Mitaka's fault.

If Mitaka had been braver and dared to confess to Misaki without causing trouble to Fuuka, then everything would have been easier.

Still, Fuuka was good since she didn't show all of her dissatisfaction in her heart and just buried it in her heart.

On the other hand, while Misaki was a genius, her EQ was hardly there. As a result, she didn't realize the dissatisfaction her sister felt toward her.

Suddenly, he realized that it was his duty to make his sister-in-law happy.

If Misaki couldn't do anything about Fuuka, then he was the one who should give her a good welcome since she had come far away from Tokyo.

"If that's the case, you should call me, Shishio, Fuuka-nee."


Fuuka had to say; it felt great being called "-Nee" by Shishio. Still hearing his words, she was a bit embarrassed, but she nodded. "Okay, Shishio-kun."

"Are you here for Misaki-senpai?"


Her expression was a bit difficult when he asked her this question, but she nodded awkwardly. "Um, yeah."

Did she want to meet Misaki?

Not really.

She thought of meeting Mitaka and talking about a certain thing or many others since she still had lingering feelings for Mitaka.

Was it a lingering feeling? Or was it just an obsession that she wanted to defeat Misaki?

She wasn't sure, but she was more interested in Shishio now than Mitaka.

He quickly noticed this, so he changed his question. "Still, the cultural festival of Suimei is a famous festival in this region. If you don't mind, how about I become your guide here?"

"Eh?" She was surprised and asked, "Is that okay?"

"Why not? Let me show you many great things here. Of course, if you're busy, I won't force you."

"No, no. Thank you very much." She didn't hesitate to accept his offer.

"Then, should we go now?"


She nodded and followed him obediently.


Making the girl happy, making her feel like a princess, making her realize how reliable he was, it was an easy thing for him.

It was only for a moment, but she quickly followed his flow, talking about many things freely with him.

When two people are attracted to each other, a chemical reaction happens.

Fuuka talked freely as she walked intimately by his side.

Still, when they talked, Shishio had to say that it was quite impossible to mistake Fuuka for Misaki.

While their appearance was quite similar, their personalities were so much different.

If Misaki was like a ball of excitement, or an excited puppy, which could hardly calm and had always been in an excited state, Fuuka was obedient, gentle, and quiet.

They were so different from each other.

Still, while they walked, he happened to see Mitaka, who was stunned when he saw them, especially when Mitaka saw how happy Fuuka was.

Shishio only glanced at Mitaka from the corner of his eyes before he ignored him.

However, Mitaka couldn't look away from them. The last time he saw Fuuka was when they broke up. Then, she didn't cry and only looked at him disappointedly, yet now, she was happy and smiled. Unfortunately, that smile was aimed at a different person instead of him.

'What am I thinking?'

Mitaka shook his head and felt that it would be good if Fuuka was interested in Shishio.

Shishio might be a scumbag, but all of his women were happy.

While Mitaka had to say that he was jealous, his heart had always been for Misaki, so he thought it was better to leave Fuuka to Shishio.

Still, if Fuuka, Misaki, and Shishio knew what this guy was thinking, they would roll their eyes, thinking that this guy was really good at dreaming.

Yet, Mitaka had to say, his stomach churned, and his heart was far from happy when he saw Fuuka hugging Shishio's arm intimately.

Fuuka glanced behind for a moment before she snorted.

"Um, Fuuka-san?"

"Ah, um, I am sorry!" She blushed and quickly apologized in panic.

"No, it's okay, but you surprised me by hugging my arm so suddenly."

"I am sorry, Shishio-kun, but I see someone familiar."

"Someone familiar?"

"My childhood friend."

"Childhood friend? You mean Mitaka-senpai?"

"Eh? Do you know him?" Fuuka was surprised.

"Of course, I know him." He nodded without hiding anything.

"Oh, right. You live in Sakurasou, right?"

"Yes, but Mitaka-senpai is no longer living there."

"Huh? Really?" Fuuka even became surprised, but when she thought about Mitaka's personality, she didn't feel surprised somehow. Mitaka's face might not be bad, but she knew how cowardly this guy was. She shook her head and sighed, wondering why she initially decided to date him.

Oh, right, she just wanted to defeat Misaki.

As for loving Mitaka or not, she didn't really know, or rather she might forget since it happened at the end of their middle school year.

Many years had passed, and she had forgotten about those things.

However, she had to say; she was pleased when she saw how horrible Mitaka's expression was when he saw her hugging Shishio's arm. She still felt pain from their previous break up, so when she saw Mitaka in pain, it pleased her.

Still, she didn't expect to meet someone like Shishio when she just wanted to go to Misaki's school for the cultural festival. Whenever they walked, she could tell that many were staring at him from time to time, showing how amazing his appearance was. It made her quite proud somehow, and she wanted to know him better.

Yet, she had to say she was a bit curious about his relationship with Misaki since he had never talked about it.

As for using him, she had to say she felt a bit sorry, but she just wanted to see the regretful expression on Mitaka's since he had lost her.

However, if Shishio knew what she was thinking, he would only smile since he didn't mind being used since he didn't really have an interest in Fuuka. Yet, he had to say, once again, he wanted to feel how it tasted to do it with a twin.

He had done it with a pair of sisters, but he had never done it with a twin sister.

Feeling aside, as long as the body of the woman was conquered, it was only time for his heart to be conquered too.

Still, he quickly shook his head since he was afraid to fall into a deeper abyss.


Suddenly, they heard a familiar shout and saw a familiar person leap, hugging him.


His solar plexus was hit by Misaki's head.


Fuuka looked at Misaki helplessly.

"Misaki-senpai..." He was also speechless.

"Hehe..." Misaki laughed and smiled at him before she smiled and greeted Fuuka. "Hello, Fuuka."

Fuuka looked at the two for a while before she showed a wry smile. "...you two are so close to each other."

"Of course." Misaki nodded as she hugged his waist intimately. "He is my man."

"......." Fuuka.

"......." Shishio.

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