I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The logistics company’s predicament

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“F*ck! What’s going on!”

“How did Geng Hu end up on the ground?”

“The company commander’s foot kicked up a cloud of dust. I didn’t see it clearly.”

“Did you see the company commander’s actions? Isn’t that a little too fast?”

“The whole process will only take about 10 seconds.”

“This… KO’d just like that?”

“Didn’t you see where Geng Hu was lying? The shoe print on his face is in there.”

“How much strength is needed! Just looking at those shoe prints makes me feel pain.”

“Don’t mess with him in the future. Even Geng Hu was killed in seconds. He’s so awesome.”

“He’s the most abnormal one.”


The soldiers on the training ground who saw this scene could not help but feel terrified.

Although Qin Yuan’s kick didn’t land on their bodies, it had already been deeply imprinted in their hearts.

Looking at the shoe print on Geng Hu’s face, which was covered in blood, it would probably take at least ten days to half a month for it to fade.

“Company commander Qin is too abnormal! I think only those guys from the Special Forces have this level of skill.”

Liu Ye was also surprised.

“Yup! His movements were too fast. I saw it clearly.”

Zhou Qing’s heart couldn’t help but tremble as his blood began to boil.

Qin Yuan’s movements were as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. The coordination of his body was amazing.

From Zhou Qing’s angle, he could see everything clearly. He began to look forward to the upcoming training.

He believed that Qin Yuan would definitely be able to lead the logistics company differently!

“Old Liu, it seems that we have to increase the intensity of our training.”

“Otherwise, I won’t be able to keep up with commander Qin’s pace.” Zhou Qing said excitedly.

“That’s for sure. As long as commander Qin doesn’t leave, I, Liu Ye, will definitely follow him.”


The two of them looked at Qin Yuan. In their hearts, they had already begun to be convinced by Qin Yuan bit by bit. This was the respect they had for the strong.

“Don’t tell me that Geng Hu has fainted!”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

A few soldiers in the team quickly ran over to check on Geng Hu’s injuries.

“There’s no need to check. He’s fine. He just fainted. Just let him lie there for a while.” Qin Yuan said as he waved his hand.

Everyone was speechless.

The soldiers of the logistics company could not help but look at Qin Yuan with admiration.

“Everyone, listen up. I hope you all remember this.”

“There are no eternal powerhouses. If you don’t work hard, you will be surpassed.”

“Geng Hu is not scary, and neither am I! The enemy is the most terrifying!”

“Because they will take your lives.”

“Do you all understand?”

Qin Yuan’s voice reverberated in the hearts of all the soldiers.


The deafening reply also expressed the thoughts of the soldiers.

“Good! From today on, apart from the daily tasks, all of you have to train in various military skills.”

“Now! Target shooting range!”

“Everyone, run forward.” Qin Yuan quickly gave the order.

“What? A shooting range?”

“Old Zhou! You know that our logistics company doesn’t have to worry about food and water, but we’re short of weapons and equipment!” Liu Ye said helplessly.

“Yup! We’re only issued with 2000 live ammunition every month. It’ll be a little difficult for the company commander to train like this every day.”

At this moment, Qin Yuan also saw the two people who were frowning.

“What’s wrong, you two! What’s the matter?”

“Company commander, to be honest, our logistics company is only issued with 2000 live ammunition every month.”

“We don’t have to worry about food and drink, but the ammunition…” Zhou Qing said helplessly.

“2000 bullets? It’s indeed too little.”

“How about this! Deputy company commander Liu, please take out these 2000 bullets and distribute them to them!”

“At night, Old Zhou and I will go to the headquarters and get special approval from the headquarters.”

“Go to the headquarters? Would this work? We’re just a logistics company.” Liu Ye said worriedly.

“I’m fine! Listen to me,”


After saying that, Liu Ye turned around and led a few soldiers to the arsenal.

“It seems that I still have to fight for more military supplies for the logistics company! Good marksmanship needs to be fed with bullets.” Qin Yuan sighed in his heart.

After saying that, Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing headed to the shooting range of the logistics company.

At that moment, the soldiers of the logistics company who had arrived were also unusually excited.

To them, most of their time was spent raising pigs and growing vegetables.

There were very few people who practiced shooting.

Whenever there was a drill, they merely fired a few live ammunition for the fun of it.

“Company commander, how many shots should we shoot today?”

“Yea! How many!”

“The weather’s so good today, we should at least fire 10 rounds.”

“10 rounds? Are you an idiot?”

“When have you ever seen our logistics company fire 10 rounds? Do you think we’re an infantry company?”

“That’s true. I only shot five rounds last month, and that was when Deputy company commander Liu was happy.”

Someone in the team asked happily but was doused with cold water by reality.

Seeing this, Qin Yuan also said slowly, “Today, everyone will shoot 40 rounds.”

“There will be more live ammunition for you to train in the future.”

“But don’t waste every bullet you have!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, the soldiers on the field were all dumbfounded.

“What? 40 rounds? I didn’t hear wrong, did I?”

“40 rounds? Isn’t that more than a month’s worth of bullets? When did our logistics company become so rich?”

“Yup! Is the company commander not clear about what company we are?”

In the face of everyone’s doubts, Qin Yuan continued loudly, “Don’t doubt my words! But don’t you dare to waste a single bullet?”

“One bullet wasted means 200 push-ups.”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes! Company commander…”

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