I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Shooting Practice

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Deputy company commander Liu Ye led a few soldiers and distributed the bullets to each soldier.

The soldiers were also eager to start shooting.

“Wait!” Qin Yuan walked up and shouted, “Now, listen to my command!”

“We’ll start shooting in platoons. Today, we’ll be shooting at 100-meter fixed targets and 200-meter fixed targets!”

“Do you all understand?”


“Oh right! There’s one more thing I forgot to tell you!”

“From now on, during the process of hitting the target with live ammunition, the entire company will be divided into platoons.”

“During shooting, anyone who misses the target or scores less than 8 points on the 100-meter fixed or moving targets, and less than 6 points on the 200-meter fixed targets, will have to do 200 push-ups per missed shot.”

“Take note, if one person doesn’t meet the requirements, the entire platoon will be punished together.” Qin Yuan continued.


“You have to hit the eighth ring and above on a 100-meter fixed target?”

“No way! I’ve never hit a target from 200 meters.”

“One bullet costs 200 push-ups, and he’s punishing everyone in the platoon?”

“The company commander is trying to kill us!”

“Yup! We usually don’t even get such results.”

In the face of the frightened soldiers below, Qin Yuan immediately shouted,

“Do you have any other questions?”

“If you want to practice shooting every day, then treasure every bullet you have.”

“Bullets are used to destroy the enemy, not for you to waste.”

“If you want to have enough resources, you need to fight for them yourself, not be given alms by others.”

“If you guys keep talking nonsense, then it’ll be 300 push-ups for each bullet wasted.”


“Don’t! Company commander, we understand!”

In the face of Qin Yuan, they didn’t dare to question him.


Qin Yuan turned around after hearing the report.

He saw Geng Hu, who had just woken up, standing behind him.

At this moment, Geng Hu’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, and the shoe print on his face was particularly eye-catching under the sun.

“Sir! Geng Hu requests to return to the team!”

Geng Hu looked at Qin Yuan. This time, he was deeply shocked by Qin Yuan, and his eyes were filled with respect.

He had deeply experienced the shock that Qin Yuan’s kick had brought.

His intuition told him that even ten of him might not be Qin Yuan’s match!

“Return to the team!”


Geng Hu didn’t say anything and queued up at the back.

“Do you all understand what I just said?” Qin Yuan said again.


“Alright, let’s start the training now!”

“2nd platoon leader, you’ll lead the team!”

“Record everyone’s practice for me.”

“If you waste a bullet, you’ll be punished before you continue.”

“Yes! Company commander!”

After Zheng Xiaohu finished speaking, he began to lead the team to practice.

“Old Zhou, I heard that you used to be the number one sniper in the 4th company!”

“Don’t even mention it! That’s all in the past.” Zhou Qing replied helplessly.

As soon as Zhou Qing finished speaking, his expression darkened and he began to reminisce.

The glory of the past kept appearing in his mind.

He thought back to the hot-blooded passion he once had.

For a sniper, it was a huge blow when he could no longer take on the task of a sniper.

Zhou Qing also knew that after he was injured, his body would no longer be able to handle the role of the number one sniper.

Qin Yuan had also heard the conversation between the two of them. He was also thinking about how to restore Zhou Qing’s bodily functions.

Wailings could be heard from the group.

For the logistics company, which had not had shooting practice for a long time.

Qin Yuan’s standards were unusually high for them.

Even a proper infantry company might not be able to achieve such results all the time.

In a short while, the entire company was doing push-ups on the ground.

It kept repeating.

One time, two times.

A day had passed, and the 40 bullets were still not finished.

However, after every physical punishment, the accuracy of the entire company of soldiers’ shooting continued to improve.

The system notifications kept ringing in Qin Yuan’s mind.

Night began to fall.

The shooting training had also ended. The entire company of soldiers dragged their exhausted bodies and slowly ran back to camp.

“I didn’t shoot many bullets. I did push-ups until I vomited.”

“Jiang Jun, you’re finished if you can’t hit the target tomorrow!”

“No! I’ll do my best.”

“Try your best my ass, you can’t even hit the target!”

“Yeah! Didn’t you see the target just standing there not moving at all? And you still can’t hit it every time.”

“Even if it’s just a feather, I’d be happy!”

“Oh my God, I only shot six rounds today. Every shot costs me 200 push-ups.”

“Yup! The company commander’s idea of joint responsibility has crippled me.”

“My old ancestor, please show your spirit and save us.”

Soldier Jiang Jun felt helpless when he heard his teammates’ complaints.

He clearly aimed at the target every time, but he just couldn’t hit it.

At this moment, Qin Yuan had already returned to his dormitory.

“The system is organizing the data.”

Qin Yuan said to the system.

[ Host: Qin Yuan ]

[ Position: Commander of Iron Fist logistics company ]

[ Rank: Captain ]

[ Physique: 33 (10 for normal people) ]

[ Skills: Elementary Eagle Eye (1000 meters), elementary radar warning system (200 meters), elementary special fighting technique (Physical ability equivalent to 4 times that of an ordinary person.) ]

Skill points: 45630 points.

“He has so many skill points?”

Qin Yuan was slightly surprised.

During this period of time, all kinds of hidden rewards have been triggered. All the soldiers of the logistics company have received a significant improvement in both their physical fitness and their sense of collective honor.

“The system will give rewards based on the soldiers’ trust in the host.”

“However, the further you progress, the harder it is to improve. The rewards are also relatively higher.” The system continued to explain.

Qin Yuan opened the system store.

He finally saw light in the gray area.

“Old Zhou, this is all for you.”

Qin Yuan looked at the body-strengthening liquid in the system store and felt a little pained.

He clicked on the exchange button for the body-strengthening liquid.

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