I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Intensive Training

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“Haha, old Kang, I didn’t expect a sly old fox like you to be blinded by a cat!”

At this moment, in the office of the regiment commander.

Political commissar Bi Guotao looked at commander Kang Lei, who had just hung up the phone, and laughed.

“Hmph! Don’t say anymore, these two kids are really too bold.”

“They even dared to trick me. I didn’t expect to be tricked by these two bastards.” Kang Lei said helplessly.

“Why did Qin Yuan get so much equipment for the logistics company?”

“The logistics company only has 50 people. The equipment he took is almost enough to equip a full team.”

Bi Guotao asked curiously.

“You don’t say. This kid’s training for the logistics company is almost on par with the other infantry companies.”

“It’s even better than the training of some companies.” Kang Lei said thoughtfully.

“Don’t tell me this kid is trying to build a Special Forces team!”

“Special Forces?”

“Has he gone senile!”

“Doesn’t he know how much the Special Forces demand from their soldiers?”

“Every year, the number of people who can enter is extremely small. Our Iron fist regiment has not had a single spot for the past two years.”

“I just hope that this kid will not let the logistics company make a fool of themselves in the military exercise again after taking all my weapons and equipment.”

“Special Forces? Don’t even think about it. You know the quality of the soldiers in the logistics company.” Kang Lei shook his head.

“That’s true! I hope that the logistics company will not make a fool of themselves in the military exercise this year.”

“Otherwise, we’ll both lose face.”

After that, the two of them sat down at the tea table and started chatting.

At this moment! The base of the logistics company!

Qin Yuan was standing on the training ground, watching the soldiers of the logistics platoon doing a plank exercise.

Each soldier has a 50-pound tire pressed against their back.

The soldiers of the logistics company had been doing this for two hours.

“Are you guys tired?”

“I’m not tired!”

“What are you people!”

“We’re rookies!”

“Is there anyone who can’t hold on!”

“If anyone can’t take it anymore, tell me. I can let him rest and go home ‘gloriously’.”



“We can still hold on!”

“Very good! Someone still has the strength to speak!”

“Then I’ll give you guys a cooling sensation.”

“Hold on for another hour!”

At this moment, the soldiers on the battlefield were sweating like rain, and their hands that were supporting themselves on the ground were trembling slightly.

At this moment, Qin Yuan was also holding a high-pressure water jet and continuously spraying the soldiers on the ground.

Fall down, then get up again!

Fall down, then get up again!

The soldiers continued to persevere.

Qin Yuan’s mind was constantly ringing with the system’s reward notifications.

The physical fitness of the soldiers of the logistics company was constantly breaking through their limits.

The faith in everyone’s heart was constantly growing stronger.

An hour later, Qin Yuan gave the order.

All the soldiers were sprawled on the ground, motionless. They could only feel their bodies go numb.

The fatigue of his entire body surged up all of a sudden, and he lay on the ground, panting.

“Everyone, take a 20-minute break.”

“Gather in 20 minutes! Target shooting range!” Qin Yuan continued.


After saying that, Qin Yuan also got a few soldiers to go to the weapons room to transport the guns and ammunition.

Twenty minutes later.

The soldiers of the logistics company were already standing in an orderly manner on the training ground, waiting for Qin Yuan’s instructions.

everyone, the target shooting range. Run forward!


After Qin Yuan finished speaking, the entire company of soldiers ran towards the shooting range in an orderly manner.

The soldiers of the logistics company arrived at the shooting range after 20 minutes.

At this time, a few soldiers also carried weapons and ammunition and placed them in front of everyone.

“F * ck! A type 88 sniper rifle!”

“Since when did our logistics company have such a weapon configuration?”

“Yup! Ever since the company commander arrived, has our logistics company exploded with power?”

“I have a type 88 sniper rifle.”

At this moment, some of the soldiers who did not know about the warehouse incident in the morning were shocked.

“This morning, when we were cleaning up the warehouse, we found a pile of weapons and equipment in the instructor’s car.”

“I only brought a little bit of it up here.”

“Yup! I heard that the company commander and the instructor spent a lot of effort to get special approval from the regiment commander.”

“The company commander is too awesome! You can even get this.”


Qin Yuan said, ”

today, we’re practicing the sniper rifle and the shooting event from the last practice.

“But don’t waste a single bullet.”

“Everyone, do you understand?”


The soldiers ‘voices echoed in the shooting range.

At this moment, they were extremely excited.

Sniper training was a subject that only sharpshooters in the 4th company would frequently train in!

They didn’t expect their company commander to let them start practicing sniping.

Everyone’s face was filled with anticipation.

“Second platoon leader, get two soldiers to set up the sniping targets.”

800-meter and 1000-meter targets. Qin Yuan immediately ordered.


After he finished speaking, Zheng Xiaohu ordered two soldiers to set up the targets.

“Instructor, why don’t you give us a demonstration?”

“Yup! I heard that you used to be the number one sniper in the 4th company!”

“Yup! That’s right! Instructor, why don’t you give us a demonstration?”

The soldiers in the group started to make a ruckus.

Qin Yuan also looked at Zhou Qing.

“Old Zhou, there’s no problem, right?”

“Don’t worry!”

At this moment, Zhou Qing, who had recovered, was full of confidence.

He might not be strong in other military skills, but he was very confident in his sniping skills.

Perhaps he didn’t have the ability to use a sniper rifle accurately before, but now that he had recovered, he didn’t feel any panic at all.

“Reporting! The target is in position!”

Zhou Qing walked to the sniper’s position and picked up his sniper rifle.

“Long time no see, old friend!”

Zhou Qing muttered to himself as he stroked his sniper rifle.


The sound of a sniper rifle was heard, and the bullet flew out and accurately hit the target 800 meters away.

Then, Zhou Qing fired another shot. The 1000-meter target was also accurately hit.

Zhou Qing gently lowered his sniper rifle.

“Target, target, report the target!” Zheng Xiaohu said into the walkie-talkie.

“Reporting! An 800-meter target, 10 points!”

“Reporting! A 1000-meter target, 10 points!”

He could only hear Zheng Xiaohu’s walkie-talkie continuously reporting the targets.


“Good job, instructor!”

“Pa, pa. pa…”

There was constant applause and cheers from the team.

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