I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Sniping Showdown

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“Not bad! Old Zhou.”

“I didn’t expect your sniping skills to still be the same as before!” Liu Ye also said excitedly.

“It’s all thanks to commander Qin.” Zhou Qing chuckled confidently.

“Company commander? What does this have to do with the company commander!” Liu Ye was also looking at Qin Yuan.

“Wow! Old Zhou, your sniping skills are pretty good.”

Seeing Qin Yuan walking over, Zhou Qing quickly changed the topic.

“Commander Qin, how about a competition?”

“Compete with me?”

“Yup! Company commander, why don’t you compete with Old Zhou? I haven’t seen your marksmanship since you came to our company.”

“Enlighten us.” Liu Ye also hurriedly echoed.

“How do we compete?” Qin Yuan didn’t refuse. As the company’s commander, he should show off his strength in some training subjects. Otherwise, why would the soldiers listen to him willingly?

“Commander Qin, why don’t we compete with a 1000-meter moving target first, and then with an 800-meter wine bottle in the air?”

“Alright, sure!”

Zheng Xiaohu quickly handed a sniper rifle to Qin Yuan.

“Old Zhou, you go first.”

“Good! Then I won’t be polite, commander Qin!”

“I’m fine! Come on!”

Zhou Qing walked to the sniper’s position and raised his sniper rifle.

target position, target position, 1000-meter moving target, move the target. Zheng Xiaohu quickly said to the soldier at the target.


At this moment, the target 1000 meters away began to move irregularly.

Zhou Qing raised his sniper rifle and had a green foxtail in his mouth.

For a sniper, the green foxtail at the corner of Zhou Qing’s mouth was used to measure wind speed.

As a sniper, he had to know that when a bullet was fired, the trajectory would be affected by wind speed, air humidity, and other environmental factors.

“Who do you think will win! The instructor or the company commander!”

“That goes without saying! The instructor used to be the best sniper in 4th company.”

“Yup! The company commander just joined the company not long ago, so his marksmanship shouldn’t be that good. The instructor will definitely win.”

“That’s not for sure. It’s not like you don’t know how abnormal the company commander is.”

“Yup! Although I’ve never seen our company commander hit a target, I think he will win.”

In the group, the soldiers were having a heated debate. Everyone had their own opinions.


Following the sound of a gunshot, the 1000-meter moving humanoid target was accurately hit in between the eyebrows.

“Report, hit on the humanoid target’s forehead.” The intercom relayed the target status.


The team continued to cheer.

Zheng Xiaohu said into the intercom,

“Target! Throw a bottle at an altitude of 800 meters. Throw one every two seconds, three will do.”


A wine bottle that was 800 meters away was thrown out. Zhou Qing locked onto the target through the sniper scope and quickly fired. After three consecutive shots, the wine bottles were all shattered.

“Report, all the bottles have been shattered.” The intercom reported again.


“Instructor, you’re amazing!”

“Yup! This shooting technique is too awesome.”

“Pa, pa. pa…”

At this moment, the team was constantly cheering.

Zhou Qing’s marksmanship was also an eye-opener for the soldiers of the logistics company.

“Old Zhou, you’re awesome!” Liu Ye also quickly cheered.

“Old Zhou, your technique is not bad.”

“Commander Qin, sorry to embarrass you.”

After speaking, Zhou Qing also walked down the stairs.

Qin Yuan walked toward the sniping position with his sniper rifle.

Qin Yuan raised his sniper rifle. At this time, he quickly analyzed the situation with his Eagle Eye skill.

Right now, the effective range of Qin Yuan’s Eagle Eye skill was exactly within 1000 meters.

In front of Qin Yuan, his Eagle Eye skill was quickly analyzing the surrounding environment.

He quickly locked onto his target.


A gunshot was heard, and the 1000-meter humanoid moving target was hit in between its eyebrows.

Then, the target threw out a bottle.

Three seconds had passed, but Qin Yuan still hadn’t fired.



A gunshot was heard, and a bullet was shot out rapidly.

Then, Qin Yuan put down his sniper rifle and walked down.

“What’s the situation? Why did the company commander come down?”

“Yup! Weren’t there only three bottles? Why did the company commander come down after only one shot?”

At this moment, the soldiers in the team did not understand why Qin Yuan had walked down after firing a shot.

“Report! All three bottles were shattered.”

At that moment, the voice from the intercom shocked everyone.

“No way? The company commander pierced through all of them with one shot?”

“This is unbelievable.”

“One shot through three bottles. What kind of marksmanship is this!”

“The company commander’s gun technique is too powerful.”

The team was in an uproar.

At this moment, Zhou Qing, who heard the target announcement, was also shocked.

“One shot through three bottles 800 meters away?”

Commander Qin’s gun technique is truly terrifying!

As an experienced sniper, Zhou Qing knew how difficult it was to shatter three bottles with one shot.

Moreover, it was 800 meters away, so it was difficult to see the target with the naked eye.

He could only lock onto the target through the sniper scope.

Furthermore, they had to shoot when the three bottles reached a horizontal line.

He had to be precise about the speed of the bullet’s flight and the influence of the environment. When the bottle is horizontal, the bullet must reach it exactly.

“Company commander Qin has already reached the realm of man and gun as one,” Zhou Qing sighed again.

“Commander Qin, I’ve lost,”

“It’s fine. Practice for a while more. You’ll reach this level soon.” Qin Yuan continued.

Qin Yuan could also tell that Zhou Qing’s marksmanship would reach this level in two to three months’ time.

At this moment, the soldiers in the team were so shocked that they were dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect Qin Yuan’s marksmanship to be so impressive.

Qin Yuan wasn’t much older than them, and some of the soldiers were even older than him.

“How did the company commander train like this! He’s not that old, is he?”

“Yup! It’s too abnormal, he’s almost omnipotent!”

“That’s right. We have to hurry up and improve. We can’t embarrass the company commander.”

The soldiers in the team were once again deeply shocked by Qin Yuan. The hot blood in their hearts was surging.

“Old Zhou, Deputy company commander Liu, I’ll leave this place to you guys. I’ll go back to the camp first.” Qin Yuan continued.


“Yes, commander Qin.”

After saying that, Qin Yuan walked towards the camp.

After Qin Yuan left, Liu Ye said softly, “Old Zhou, the company commander is too abnormal! I feel like a company commander can enter the Special Forces!”

“Yes, to be honest, commander Qin has already reached the level of our Special Forces, or even higher.”


“By the way, company commander Qin’s idea is to make everyone in our logistics company into a Special Forces soldier.”

“What? Special Forces?” Liu Ye said in surprise.

“Yes, otherwise why would commander Qin spend so much effort training us?”

“He even took the risk to get so many weapons for us.”

“That’s what you say, but can our logistics company do it?”

“What’s wrong with that? Special Forces soldiers are also human.”

“If they can do it, why can’t we? We’ll have to step up our training during this time.” Zhou Qing said.

“Good! I’m going all out.”

After that, the two of them picked up their guns and began training with the soldiers.

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