I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Consecutive Breakthroughs

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A month later.

The scorching sun was baking the earth.

The sun in August was especially hot.

At this moment, all the soldiers of the logistics company were practicing in pairs in the mud. They had been stepping up their training.

After a month, every soldier had been tortured to the point where they were no longer human.

Their dark skin and rippling muscles represented the results of their training.

At this moment! Qin Yuan was standing by the quagmire, watching the people in the quagmire fight intensely.

The fist-to-fist combat was particularly eye-catching.

The combat techniques that Qin Yuan taught them were also well practiced by the soldiers.

“Use more strength.”

“Don’t give me those fancy moves. Fighting techniques are used to kill enemies.”

“Now, treat the person opposite you as an enemy.” Qin Yuan shouted at the soldiers.


On the field, the soldiers’ answers were particularly loud. Deputy company commander Liu Ye also held a high-pressure water gun and kept sweeping it at them.

At this time, Zhou Qing had just finished his work in the office.

Looking at the soldiers of the logistics company training in the quagmire, he felt very gratified.

“Company commander Qin, these kids have changed a lot in this month.”

“That’s not enough. They’re only slightly stronger than the other companies in our Fierce Tiger Regiment.”

Under Qin Yuan’s high-intensity and high-load training, Qin Yuan said with confidence.

“This is already very good.”

“No, what I want is for each of them to be able to fight a platoon.”


“Company commander Qin, after this military exercise, the Special Forces will come down to the company to select people.”

“Actually, during this military exercise, the Special Forces will select the more outstanding soldiers from each company to participate in special training.”

“Only those who pass the test and stay can become a member of the Special Forces.”

“Company commander Qin, I think you will definitely be selected with your strength.”

“You’ll definitely have to leave the logistics company by then.”

“Special Forces?”

After hearing Zhou Qing’s words, a memory suddenly surged in Qin Yuan’s mind.

“The Special Forces you’re talking about, don’t tell me it’s the Wolf Fangs Special Forces from our Southeast Military Region!”

“Yes,” he said.

“Wolf Fangs Special Forces? Is that Xiao Zhuang and Old Gao or He Chenguang??”

In the past, as a soldier, he also liked to watch TV series about Special Forces.

One of the movies was his favorite. Qin Yuan especially liked people like them.

“I look forward to competing with them.”

Qin Yuan muttered in his heart. He then said to Zhou Qing in a deep voice, “Don’t worry! If I’m going, I’ll bring the entire company with me. ”

“The entire company?” Zhou Qing asked in surprise.

“What’s wrong? You’re not confident?”

“No, it’s mainly because even though our company doesn’t have many people, there’re still 50 people after all!”

“And the selection for the Special Forces is extremely cruel.”

“There are only four to five hundred people in the entire Military Region who can participate in the assessment every year.”

“Out of which, only twenty to thirty people passed the Special Forces assessment and stayed.”

“It’s been almost two years since there was a single spot from our Fierce Tiger Regiment.” Zhou Qing quickly replied.

After hearing Zhou Qing’s explanation, Qin Yuan said confidently, “Then this year, we’ll have 50 spots.”

Zhou Qing had a helpless expression on his face when he heard Qin Yuan’s words.

However, it was impossible for the entire logistics company to enter the Special Forces.

The selection process for the Special Forces was extremely cruel. Zhou Qing had also participated in the selection process a few times before.

However, he was always ruthlessly rejected.

“Commander Qin, this is really too difficult.”

“And it’s only two months away.” Zhou Qing continued.

Qin Yuan didn’t explain much.

He pointed at the soldiers who were struggling in the mud and said, “Do you believe that they would be like this a month ago?”

Zhou Qing was looking at the soldiers who were training hard.

At this moment, the soldiers of the entire logistics company were in a heated fight, and each and every one of their faces was covered in mud.

The blood at the corner of their mouths was continuously washed down along with the mud.

They fell down and got up again, over and over again, without the slightest hint of discouragement.

Right now, the entire logistics company was filled with a hot-blooded atmosphere.

“Yup! The changes in the soldiers of the logistics company in the past month are obvious to all.”

“Now, after this period of baptism, they are no longer inferior to any company in the regiment!” Zhou Qing chimed in.

“See! Nothing is impossible.”

Zhou Qing looked at the confident Qin Yuan in front of him.

He knew that Qin Yuan already had deep feelings for the logistics company.

“Company commander Qin, since you’re so confident, I’ll do my best to cooperate with you.”

“Mm! Our logistics company can also go and have some fun at the Wolf Fangs Special Forces.” Qin Yuan said.


After that, the two of them smiled at each other, then jumped into the quagmire and began to whip the soldiers of the logistics company.

“Geng Hu, again!”

“Pay attention to your breathing rhythm and hit me with all your might.” After Qin Yuan went down, he began to teach Geng Hu.

Now, Geng Hu could only choose Qin Yuan every day.

In the past month, no one in the logistics company dared to fight him.

When Qin Yuan was busy, Deputy company commander Liu Ye, Zheng Xiaohu, and about four or five other people could barely fight him.

Otherwise, he would have knocked them down in a few rounds.

Although he still couldn’t defeat Qin Yuan, he could at least exchange a few blows with Qin Yuan.


Geng Hu was seen flying backward and landing heavily in the quagmire a few meters away.

“Pay attention to your body’s coordination, and keep your eyes on the other person.”

“You have to learn how to predict your opponent’s moves.”

“Get up and come again.” Qin Yuan said expressionlessly.

Geng Hu crawled up with difficulty. He wiped the corner of his mouth, clenched his fists, and continued his ‘torture’.

He also enjoyed the training process with Qin Yuan.

Even though he had suffered the most brutal attacks, his current strength was becoming more and more refined.

Gradually, the night began to cover the earth.

At this time, the soldiers who had gone through a day of training had returned to the camp.

Qin Yuan had also returned to his dormitory.

“Ding! Soldier Jiang Jun’s vitality has broken through 20 points. Reward host 150 skill points.”

“Ding! Congratulations to all soldiers of the logistics company for breaking through to 20 in their physique (a normal person’s physique is twice as strong).”

“The host has received a hidden breakthrough reward of 5000 skill points.”

At this moment, a system reward notification rang in Qin Yuan’s mind.

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