I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: What’s Going On?

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The commander of the 9th company was shocked by Qin Yuan’s sudden outburst of aura.

He retreated and stared at Qin Yuan.

“This kid, why does he have the same aura as those old generals who have gone to the battlefield?”

“And what’s the situation with these soldiers?”

“Is there a change in the logistics company? These soldiers have such powerful auras.” The commander of 9th company was shocked.

He looked at the imposing manner that the entire logistics company was exuding.

They were not the sloppy logisticians that he had in mind.

The commander of the 9th company came back to his senses. He looked at Qin Yuan and thought to himself, this is merely the 9th company.

He then said to Qin Yuan, “Hmph, company commander Qin, this is our 9th company, not your logistics company.”

“Yet you’re thinking of bringing your men and barging into our company to snatch people?”

The commander of the 9th company didn’t believe that Qin Yuan would dare to do that because that would be a violation of military discipline and would be punished.

“So what?”

“Since you dare to attack my soldiers, so what if I, Qin Yuan, have broken the rules?”

“Commander of the 9th company, I’ll ask you again. Can I take them away…”

Qin Yuan’s determined eyes stared at the commander of the 9th company. The anger in his heart had long been difficult to suppress.

At this moment, Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, who were standing behind Qin Yuan, were also getting impatient.

They had long disliked this 9th company’s commander.

When the commander of the 9th company heard Qin Yuan’s attitude, he said angrily, “Qin Yuan, I’m telling you. Don’t speak arrogantly here.”

“Do you think that my 9th company is a place you can challenge as you please?”

Qin Yuan looked at the 9th company’s commander and didn’t say much. He turned around and shouted at the logistics company’s soldiers, ”

“Logistics company!”


The deafening voices of the soldiers covered the entire sky above the 9th company’s encampment.


“Our brothers are lying inside. I’m going in to bring them back.”

“Those who are not afraid of punishment, follow me.”

“Whoever dares to stop me, beat him to the ground.”

“If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility!” Qin Yuan roared.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

At this moment, the atmosphere was extremely serious. The soldiers of the logistics company had anger in their eyes.

As long as Qin Yuan gave the order, they would rush into the 9th company without hesitation.

At this moment, the 3rd platoon commander of 9th company, who was standing behind the commander of 9th company, saw the scene in front of him.

He quickly went forward and whispered into the commander’s ear, “Commander, don’t get into a conflict with them.”

“Now, two-thirds of the people in the 9th company are injured to varying degrees.”

“Besides, if something happens and the regiment commander blames us, we can’t say anything. After all, it was our company’s soldiers who provoked them 1st.”

“Hmph! Are we just going to let them take them away so easily?”

“If this gets out, how am I supposed to live in the future?” The commander of the 9th company retorted.

“Company commander, when the time comes, report those soldiers to the regiment commander and let the regiment commander punish them.”

“If we fight again, we might not be able to defeat them.” The 3rd platoon commander of the 9th company said again.

At this moment, the commander of the 9th company was shocked by the soldiers of the logistics company.

Including Qin Yuan, the logistics company only had about 30 people.

However, after experiencing the shock brought by the 13 soldiers of the 2nd platoon, the 3rd platoon commander of the 9th company did not dare to have any more conflicts with Qin Yuan and the others.

Although Qin Yuan and the rest only had about thirty people.

However, none of them looked any worse than the 13 people lying inside.

Qin Yuan’s current logistics company was not the logistics personnel he was familiar with.


The commander of the 9th company snorted coldly and then continued, “Qin Yuan, you can take them away. However, I will definitely ask the regiment commander to punish them for this matter.”

After he finished speaking, he walked back to the camp angrily.

At this time, the 3rd platoon leader of the 9th company brought Qin Yuan to the confinement room.

After a short while, Qin Yuan arrived at the confinement room where Zheng Xiaohu and the others were.

After opening the door, Qin Yuan walked in.

At this moment, Qin Yuan could only see the soldiers of the 2nd platoon lying on the cold ground.

More than a dozen people were lying on the ground, all injured to different degrees.

Some of them had broken bones in their hands, and their faces were swollen. The wounds wrapped in gauze were still bleeding.

Geng Hu’s face was so swollen that he almost couldn’t be recognized.

Because Geng Hu was the best at fighting, most of the people in 9th company were rushing towards him.

The moment he fell, countless footprints were left on his face.

Qin Yuan shouted coldly, “Is this how your 9th company treats your comrades? ”

“Although they are not your company’s comrades, they are still soldiers of our country, not your enemies.”

Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, who had followed Qin Yuan in, also had red eyes.

The sudden shout made the 3rd platoon commander of the 9th company shiver.

He quickly explained, “Qin… Commander Qin, I’m really sorry. This is our commander’s order. Besides, even though they’re injured, we’ve already bandaged their wounds. Our people from 9th company are also injured quite badly, and they’re all lying in the infirmary now. We’re just afraid that they’ll continue to cause trouble, so we locked them up here 1st. We have no choice.”


“Tell your company commander not to fall into my hands in the future.”

“Alright… Alright.”

After saying that, the 3rd platoon leader of the 9th company stood to the side, trembling and not daring to say anything.

Little did Qin Yuan and the others know that the medical office of the 9th company was already filled with soldiers of the 9th company.

Moreover, if you go to someone else’s base to fight and beat them up so badly, how can you expect them to treat you well?

It’s impossible.

Even the captain of the 9th company got punched.

At this moment, Zheng Xiaohu was awoken by the noise.

The 1st thing Zheng Xiaohu saw when he woke up was Qin Yuan.

“Company commander… Instructor, what are you doing here?” Zheng Xiaohu said and tried to get up.

“Don’t move, just lie down.”

Qin Yuan quickly stopped them. He used the system to scan every soldier. Fortunately, none of them suffered any major injuries.

However, they all suffered injuries of varying degrees, but they were all able to recover in a short period of time.

“Company commander… I’m sorry! I’ve embarrassed you.”

Zheng Xiaohu couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s fine! We’re here to take you back.”

“Brothers, we’re all outside.”

“Old Zhou, let the brothers in and bring them back.”

“Alright! I’ll go now.”

Liu Ye looked at the soldiers in front of him and was furious.

“Commander, we can’t let them off so easily.”

“Look, look at how our brothers have been beaten up.”

“Let’s go back 1st. Now is not the time to cause trouble.”

“We’ll deal with them openly during the military exercise.”

Qin Yuan said to Liu Ye calmly.

Qin Yuan knew that if they were to fight now, they would really be causing trouble.

As the commander of the logistics company, Qin Yuan knew that everyone was angry, but he had to control it.

“Company commander, Deputy company commander!”

“They were the ones who provoked us first. We couldn’t help but make a move.” Zheng Xiaohu explained.

“It’s fine! I don’t blame you guys. Go back and train more.”

“In the future, if you had to ask me to come and get you, you don’t have to go back.”


After speaking, Zhou Qing led the soldiers of the logistics company into the room.

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