I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Send Him Back

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At this moment, the soldiers of the logistics company who had followed them saw the scene in front of them.

Each and every one of them was furious. They rolled up their sleeves and were ready to go out and fight with the people from the 9th company.

Their eyes were filled with anger, and all they wanted to do was to go out and avenge their comrades.

“You guys, stop right there!” Qin Yuan roared.

At this moment, the soldiers who heard Qin Yuan’s order shouted.

“Commander! Look at how badly they’ve been beaten up.”

“Yup! Company commander, those are our brothers!”

“F*cking bastards from the 9th company, how could they be so ruthless?”

Qin Yuan looked at the furious crowd and said, “I’m telling you! I feel worse than you when I see my brothers getting beaten up.”

“But so what? If you rush up now, you’ll just be cowards.”

“If you want to take revenge, then train well.”

“I don’t want you to be the ones to die next time. I don’t want it to be any of the soldiers in our logistics company.”

“As long as you’re strong enough, you won’t be defeated!”

“Do you guys understand?”



The soldiers replied.

“Now, listen to my orders. Everyone, carry our comrades and go back!” Qin Yuan ordered.


After saying that, the soldiers of the logistics company put away the anger in their hearts.

They carried their injured brothers out of the 9th company.

At this moment, they were on their way back to the logistics company.

Liu Ye was driving the car while Qin Yuan sat in the back row with his eyes closed and leaned on the seat.

Zhou Qing replied, “Commander Qin, when I was on my way out to call the soldiers, I heard the soldiers of the 9th company discussing today’s incident!”

“I heard that Zheng Xiaohu’s group injured more than 80 people from the 9th company today.”

“The two platoon leaders and the Deputy platoon leader of the 9th company have been knocked out by them.”


Hearing Zhou Qing’s words, Liu Ye jolted and immediately stepped on the brakes.

The three of them suddenly jerked forward.

“Old Liu, can you drive more carefully?” Zhou Qing said hurriedly.

“Hahaha! Good job, 13 took down over 80 of them with just three people.”

“Not bad, that’s really good. You didn’t lose out.” Liu Ye laughed.

As if he had hit the jackpot, he let go of his depressed mood and instantly laughed out loud.

“What’s the big deal? They were knocked out too.”

“If there’s a war, I’m not willing to exchange over ten of my brothers for those 80 people.” Qin Yuan said.

“Commander! I didn’t mean it that way.”

“I know,”

Qin Yuan said in a deep voice, “Although they took down 80 people, I hope they can come back to me in one piece.”

“Yes! Commander Qin is right.” Zhou Qing said.

“We still have to strengthen our training. Only when we’re strong enough will we not be defeated.”

“I want everyone in the logistics company to become stronger.”

“What I want is for each of them to be as strong as a company.” Qin Yuan looked at the two of them with bright eyes.

“Yes! Company commander, we will listen to you from now on. ”

“Yes, we will cooperate with your commander Qin.”

After the three of them finished speaking, Liu Ye started the car and continued to drive back to the logistics company.

The next day!

In the regimental commander’s office, Kang Lei was listening to the guard, Xiaowu’s report.


“You’re saying that a dozen people from the logistics company wiped out two platoons of 9th company’s soldiers?”

“Yes, Regiment commander. I just received a report from my subordinates.”

Kang Lei suddenly stood up from his seat, his expression one of shock.

“What exactly happened?”

The security guard, Xiaowu, quickly explained.

“Damn… How did Qin Yuan manage to bring out such a company!”

“In just a short month , he’s trained the logistics company so fiercely.”

“Unbelievable… It’s unbelievable!” Kang Lei sighed.

He didn’t expect that in such a short period…

Qin Yuan had actually trained the weak soldiers of the logistics company to become so strong.

“Regiment commander, the 9th company’s commander is outside the door right now.”

“He said he’s here to ask you to punish the soldiers who caused trouble.” The guard, Xiaowu, continued.


“He still has the cheek to come and give punishment to others?”

“A company was almost destroyed by a platoon, and it wasn’t even a full platoon.”

“You still have the cheek to ask me for a punishment.”

“Tell him to get the hell back.”

“He has embarrased himself and now he wants to embarass the headquarters?”


After that, the security guard, Xiaowu, walked out of the door.

He looked at the 9th company’s commander outside the door and said, “Commander of the 9th company, you’d better go back!”

“The regiment leader is currently in a fit of anger.”

“This… But… Those few soldiers are unorganized and undisciplined.”

“Let me in, I’ll talk to the leader.” The commander of 9th company said helplessly.

“You should go back! The regiment leader will make his own arrangements.”

With that, Xiaowu stopped the commander of 9th company.

The commander of the 9th company had no choice but to drive back.

At this moment, the other companies had also heard some news.

“Did you guys hear? 9th company was beaten by the logistics company.”

“I heard that they almost wiped out the entire 9th company.” A soldier was telling everyone the news he had heard.

“What? Then where did you hear such unrealistic news?”

“The logistics company beat up 9th company and almost got wiped out?”

“Do you believe it?” Some of the soldiers did not believe the news at all.

“Yup! Did your head get caught between the door! You believe this kind of news?”

“That’s right. It’s not like you guys don’t know about the logistics company. They’re a joke every year! ”

“No! Listen to me, it’s true. An old friend from the 9th company told me last night.”

“I’ve been brothers with him since we were young. He wouldn’t lie to me over such a thing.”

The soldier explained when he saw that no one believed him.

“Come on! We’d rather believe that a sow can climb a tree than believe that the logistics company can beat up 9th company.”

“Why don’t you guys believe me? I’m telling the truth.” The soldier said helplessly.

“Alright… Training, training.”

After saying that, the crowd dispersed, leaving the soldier standing there helplessly.

However, the other companies were also doing the same thing.

Because no one would believe this unrealistic news.

The image of the soldiers of the logistics company had long been deeply rooted in them.

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