I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Intensive Training

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Qin Yuan smiled and walked out of the office.

He had just entered to see the regiment commander’s sour face.

He was already very satisfied with the ammunition he had obtained.

This ammunition was enough to raise the shooting standard of the entire logistics company to a rather high level.

He could also reach the shooting standard required to enter the Special Forces.

At this moment, Qin Yuan drove back to the logistics company.

The soldiers of the logistics company were standing on the training ground.

Everyone was talking and laughing.

“You guys don’t know, but I punched the corner of that company commander’s eye.”

“His bruised panda eyes will take at least ten days to half a month to heal.”

The soldiers were listening to Geng Hu’s story with great interest.

He was particularly eye-catching with his fat head and pig’s ears.

Although the swelling had not completely subsided, at least he could be recognized.

“F*ck, you guys are too awesome. A dozen of you defeated so many of them?”

“Hmph, I don’t know the exact number.”

“But I went left and right, and beat them up until they peed their pants.”

“Who asked them to have such cheap mouths?” Geng Hu said angrily.

“Hahaha, that’s how it should be. Who asked them to look down on our logistics company?”

“Yes! If we were there, we’d definitely defeat them all.”

Qin Yuan heard the soldiers’ discussion and walked behind Geng Hu.

“Company… Company commander!” A soldier called out.

“What company commander? I heard from the instructor that the company commander went to the regiment commander’s office.”

Geng Hu did not realize that Qin Yuan was already standing behind him.

“Geng Hu! What are you talking about?”

The sudden voice startled Geng Hu.

He turned around and saw Qin Yuan standing there.

“Company… Company commander… When did you come back?”

“Didn’t you go to the regiment commander’s office?” Geng Hu said hesitantly.

“I went to clean up your mess.”

“Do you think you’re very capable?”

“More than a dozen people were knocked out there. If we were on the battlefield, we would have carried back a dozen corpses!”

“You guys are still feeling proud of yourselves here?”

“You guys still have the nerve to brag here?”

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look into Qin Yuan’s eyes.

“Everyone, gather!”

Qin Yuan roared in anger.

The soldiers stood in rows, not daring to say a word.

“Now, everyone, listen up.”

“As long as you are defeated, it means that you are not strong enough.”

“The enemy won’t give you a chance to live on the battlefield.”

“If we want to come back alive, we have to defeat them.”

“I don’t wish for our logistics company to be short of that person one day.”

“Everyone, carry 50 kilograms of weight and train for 10 kilometers of armed cross-country.”

“Second platoon, as long as you can still move, follow me.”

“Geng Hu, 70kg for you!” Qin Yuan continued.

“Don’t! Company commander…”

Geng Hu was helpless. His face was even more swollen than before.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have bragged.” Geng Hu spread his hands and could only accept it silently.

“Everyone, I’ll give you one minute. Start!”


He saw the soldiers increasing the load in their backpacks in a hurry.

Zhou Qing and Liu Ye also walked over.

“Commander Qin, what did the regiment commander say?” Zhou Qing quickly asked.

“The company commander asked me and the 9th company commander to go over.”

“He just wants both parties to apologize. Both parties are at fault, so they won’t pursue the matter.” Qin Yuan said.

“That’s good!”

“Right, company commander.”

“Old Zhou and I came over just now and saw that bulging thing in the back of your car. What’s that?” Liu Ye asked curiously.

“You’ll know when you see for yourself.”

Qin Yuan looked at the two’s puzzled eyes and replied mysteriously.

“Let’s go, old Zhou,”

After saying that, Liu Ye strode towards the car.

Liu Ye opened the tarpaulin that covered the back of the car.

“F*ck! Company commander, you went to the regiment commander’s office to rob again!”

Liu Ye exclaimed as he looked at the weapons and ammunition in the car.

“How can you call it a robbery?”

“This is a gift from the regiment commander to our logistics company.”

“The commander wanted to give me another 200000 bullets, but I was too embarrassed to ask for it.” Qin Yuan spread his hands and laughed.

“That can’t be right! Since when did the regiment commander become so generous?”

“Besides, with someone like you, would you be embarrassed to accept 200000 bullets?” Liu Ye laughed.

He was also overjoyed when he saw the weapons and ammunition in the car.

“Do you guys want it? If not, I’ll send it back to the commander.” Qin Yuan said.

“How can we do that? Hehe, once the meat is in my mouth, how could I let it run away!”

Liu Ye grinned and didn’t say anything. He carried the weapons and ammunition to the Arsenal.

The soldiers were not around, so he could only do it himself.

Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing also quickly helped to send the weapons and ammunition to the weapons room.

It took the three of them 20 minutes to put all the ammunition in place.

“Let’s go! Train with the soldiers.” Qin Yuan continued.



The three of them quickly carried their weights and ran in the direction of the soldiers’ training.

Currently, Qin Yuan’s load has reached 100 kilograms, while Zhou Qing and Liu Ye have chosen a load of 60 kilograms.

They were not as perverted as Qin Yuan.

It was just that he was increasing the weight every time and breaking through his limits.

The next time, it would increase again.

Time and time again, he broke through the limits of his tolerance.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to catch up to the soldiers who were running in front of them.

“Run faster!”

“Don’t dilly-dally.”

“Finish it in 40 minutes, or you will continue running.”

Qin Yuan continued to roar.

The soldiers did not dare to say anything. They could only run forward with heavy steps.

The days passed by.

The soldiers were all breaking through their limits.

And the strength of the soldiers was also constantly increasing.

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