I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Special Training Begins

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Early morning!

Today’s sun was still as hot as ever.

Even though it was only eight o’clock in the morning, the sun was already scorching.

The soldiers of the logistics company, who had just returned from their cross-country training, were famished as they ate their breakfast.

They only had five minutes.

After five minutes, they would be greeted with even more brutal training.

“I heard that the company commander is going to give us a new training today.”

“I don’t know how the company commander plans to torture us!”

“Yup! Look at how dark I’ve become recently.”

“Even if my parents were to stand in front of me now, they might not recognize me.”

The soldiers were whispering about the cruelty of the training.

“Don’t dawdle when you’re eating,”

“What are you guys talking about? You don’t want to eat anymore?”

The sudden roar scared the few of them and they immediately stopped talking.

At this moment, Liu Ye was walking in from outside the cafeteria. He heard a few soldiers muttering and shouted.

“There’s only one minute left! Finish eating and gather at the training ground!”


Liu Ye walked out after he finished speaking.

At this moment, Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing were standing on the training ground.

“Company commander Qin, the soldiers’ physical fitness has improved a lot.”

“It’s still not enough. they’re still far from being able to enter the Special Forces!”

“What do you plan on training next?” Zhou Qing asked.

Qin Yuan looked at Zhou Qing and continued, “Next, they’ll undergo special training. Only more brutal training will allow them to unleash their potential.”

“Special training?” Zhou Qing asked.


“There’s not much time left. If we want to bring them to the Special Forces, we have to speed up the training.”

“By the way, you and Liu Ye’s level are still lacking.”

“During this time, I’ll be sharing some military skills and theories with you guys.”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he blew the assembly whistle in his hand.

A minute later.

All the soldiers of the logistics company quickly stood on the training ground.

They quietly waited for Qin Yuan’s instructions.

Qin Yuan looked at the crowd and said, “After two months, your physiques have indeed improved a lot.”

“However, this is still far from the requirements I have for you.”

“From today onwards, I will train you on a deeper level.”

“Do you guys have the confidence?” Qin Yuan said.



Qin Yuan was very pleased to hear the soldiers’ confident answers.

After this period of training, these kids were now extremely convinced of Qin Yuan.

As long as Qin Yuan said something, they would follow it without hesitation.

They knew that their military quality was already comparable to the soldiers of other companies.

In fact, they would only be stronger.

However, no matter how Qin Yuan planned to train them, they followed his instructions. After two months of Qin Yuan’s brutal training,

They had changed a lot.

However, they still enjoyed the process of becoming stronger.

Who didn’t want to become a powerful warrior?

“Good! Very good!”

“The following training will be even more brutal than before.”

“It’s also possible that you’ll die during the training.”

“I’m not trying to scare you.”

“If you want to come back alive from the enemy’s hands, you can only be crueler than the enemy.”

“If anyone is afraid, they can leave the logistics company.” Qin Yuan said seriously.

“We’re not afraid!”

“We’re not afraid!”

The soldiers replied loudly.

At this time, they were still not clear about what kind of brutal training was waiting for them.

“Good! Now, listen to my orders.”

“We’ll be going through a month-long brutal training.”

“The first stage is 20 kilometers, 80 kilograms of armed extreme training. Time limit is two hours.”

“After two hours, if anyone can’t complete the goal, they will be eliminated.”

“Don’t worry. Those who are eliminated will become the soldiers that even the logistics company doesn’t want.”

“All of you can only get lost and go home. You don’t have to undergo such cruel training anymore.” Qin Yuan continued to roar.

“Company commander, we will definitely complete the mission.”

“Yes! We won’t be deserters.” The soldiers roared in response.

“Very good, you’re all very courageous.”

“Right now. Everyone, listen to my command.”

“Assemble by platoon and equip with weights. We’ll set off in 10 minutes.”


The soldiers quickly picked up their backpacks and busily loaded them. Not a single soldier was trying to be sneaky.

Because they knew that if they couldn’t do it, it would only affect the entire company.

The dignity that Qin Yuan had awakened would not allow them to do so.

Ten minutes later, the soldiers were all in formation.

Each of their backpacks was filled to the brim, and the heavy weight made them feel uncomfortable.

80kg was a weight that they had never challenged before. Moreover, they had to finish the 20km run in two hours.

No one was confident, but they would not give up.

On the path to becoming stronger, they could only choose to break through their own limits.

“Let’s go!”

With Qin Yuan’s order, the soldiers swarmed out quickly.

“I’ll challenge 100kg!” Liu Ye said after seeing the soldiers run out.

“Sure, I’ll go with you.”

Zhou Qing had the same thoughts as Liu Ye.

Knowing Qin Yuan’s plan, he was also trying to break through his limits.

Qin Yuan looked at the two of them and couldn’t help but smile.

“You guys do as you see fit.”

Actually, Qin Yuan didn’t tell them that even in the special forces, the weight for cross-country marches is only around 40 to 60 kilograms.

Qin Yuan had given them an overload of training in advance.

Of course, their ability to persist is due to the combination of their long-term mental training and the body-strengthening liquid that Qin Yuan secretly gives them. The liquid is constantly modifying their bodies, which also helps them endure the grueling training.

The three of them walked towards the bricks and started to load them.

“Eh? Company commander. Just how much did you store!”

“Your backpack is already extra large.”

Liu Ye asked in surprise when he saw Qin Yuan’s tactical backpack, which was much bigger than theirs.


“It’s not much, just 140 kg.” Qin Yuan said as he spread his hands.

“F*ck, 140 kg.”

“You even said that it’s not much. Company commander, you’re really perverted.” Liu Ye was also surprised after hearing Qin Yuan’s words.

Qin Yuan’s backpack was so tight that it was almost deformed.

It looked like it could break at any moment.

Zhou Qing also laughed, “Old Ye, you should have some self-awareness! Comparing yourself to commander Qin?”

“You’re thinking too much. The last time when he carried 100kg, I was still trying to catch up with him.”

“You’ll leave us in the dust again this time.”

“Alright, you two, keep breaking your limits.”

“Let’s go. They’re quite a distance away from us.”

“Follow them to prevent any accidents.”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, the three of them put on their backpacks and ran quickly in the direction of the soldiers.

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