I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Bounded Across the River

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“All three platoons are here. Who were the soldiers who were sacrificed last night?”

Zheng Xiaohu asked in confusion.

“But the bullets were real.”

“Yes, the grenades and the bullets can’t be fake.”

The two of them said with certainty.

As veterans, they could still tell the difference between real bullets and fake bullets.

“Those bullets were real and not real.”

“I thought the company commander had lost his mind! Hahaha!” Zheng Xiaohu seemed to have understood something and started laughing.

The two of them looked at Zheng Xiaohu, who was laughing loudly and were also confused.

“What do you mean they were real and not real?”

“Exactly! Xiaohu, why are you still trying to play riddles?”

The two of them asked in confusion.

“Alright, I can’t explain it to you two uncouth fellows.”

“Anyway just know that the company commander won’t harm us.” Zheng Xiaohu was too lazy to explain to them.

“F*ck! 2nd platoon leader, who are you calling uncouth?”

“Come, come, come, let’s go out and fight!” Lu Zhengtao rolled up his sleeves.

“Yes! Let’s go!”

Zhao Xiaowu chimed in.

Beep, beep, beep…

Beep, beep, beep…

“Hurry up. Emergency assembly!”

“Everyone, gather at the training ground!”

Zheng Xiaohu and the other two were still fooling around when the emergency assembly whistle was heard.

At this moment, Qin Yuan was standing on the training ground, waiting for the soldiers of the logistics company.

The soldiers quickly got into formation and stood majestically on the training ground.

“Not bad, 2 minutes and 38 seconds! But I hope you can be faster next time!” Qin Yuan said as he looked at his watch.



Zheng Xiaohu reported loudly.


“Commander! We were wrong about you last night!”

It was only then that the soldiers realized that none of their logistics company’s soldiers were missing on the training ground.

The familiar figures were still standing in their original positions.

There were still 48 people.

“What? Then who were the soldiers who died last night?”

“Yup! My face was covered in that blood!”

“Yeah! The power of the grenade’s explosion was real.”

“I saw a comrade get shot in the head with my own eyes last night!”

The soldiers of the logistics company were puzzled.

No one understood what had happened. Someone had clearly died last night, but now, no one was missing.

That was definitely real.

Just as everyone was confused, Qin Yuan said loudly, “Last night’s situation will only happen once.”

“If this were a battlefield, the enemy would not give you another chance.”

“A dead person is dead!”

“Don’t fantasize about peace all day! Because you’re soldiers, you must be ready at all times!”

“The war will only be crueler than the training now.”



The soldiers responded loudly.

Only then did they realize Qin Yuan’s intentions. They could not help but feel the cruelty of it.

“Next, everyone gather at the banks of the Youjiang River two kilometers away from the camp,” commanded Qin Yuan.

“Let’s go!”

After that, everyone lined up and quickly ran to their destination.

15 minutes later, all the soldiers of the logistics company arrived at their destination.

One by one, they stood in line and waited for Qin Yuan’s instructions.

“All of you, cross the Yoriver with your hands and feet bound!”

“Do you guys see that dead tree over there? Swim over and swim back!”

“If you succeed, you’ll stay in the logistics company. If you don’t succeed, you’ll die!”

“I’m not joking with you! No one will save you this time!” Qin Yuan said expressionlessly.

“Everyone, do you understand?” Qin Yuan roared again.


“Good! Start! Those in the 1st platoon, come first!” Qin Yuan immediately ordered.


The soldiers of the 2nd and 3rd platoons tied up the hands and feet of the soldiers of the 1st platoon.

“All of you, tie them up properly. If any of the ropes come loose, you’ll be punished together.” Qin Yuan said again.


The soldiers quickly tied the ropes for the 1st platoon, and the 1st platoon immediately jumped into the water and wriggled to the other side.

Time went by.

After 20 minutes, the soldiers of the 1st platoon managed to swim to the other side of the river with great difficulty. They had already swum a long distance back.

The river was relatively wide, and the straight line distance was about 100 meters.

The round trip was only about 200 meters.

However, their hands and feet were tied up by ropes, so they could only wriggle and swim with difficulty.

This would consume a lot of the soldiers’ energy.

If they hadn’t gone through Qin Yuan’s brutal training during this period of time, they would have simply been courting death if they were to enter the river in such a way.

“Good luck! 1st platoon!”

“Hurry up! Only a few meters left! Hang in there. ”

‘Squirming… Wriggle…”

The soldiers of the 2nd and 3rd platoons were standing on the shore, constantly cheering for the soldiers of the 1st platoons.

The soldiers of the 1st platoon had already started to swim slower and slower and were beginning to sink into the water.

“Hurry up! Do you all want to die here?” Qin Yuan shouted through the megaphone.

“Hang in there! 20 meters left!”

“Hold on, hold on!”

“1st platoon, come on!”

“1st platoon! Good luck…”

“1st platoon, you can do it…”

The soldiers on the shore kept shouting, hoping that the soldiers who were about to sink could hear them.

This kind of training was a test of the soldiers’ endurance and mental strength.

On the battlefield, various terrains and landscapes are extremely brutal.

Therefore, this is also to enhance the ability of soldiers to survive when encountering different terrains.

About 10 minutes later, the soldiers from the 1st platoon swam to the shore.

The soldiers on the shore quickly lifted them up from the water.

All the soldiers in the 1st platoon had passed the test, but the price they had to pay was huge.

They had already exhausted all their strength, and some of them were spitting out large mouthfuls of water.

They were able to swim back because they had determination and a strong belief.

After all the soldiers in the 1st platoon were carried onto the shore, Qin Yuan got the soldiers in the 2nd platoon to go into the water.

Just like that, three hours later.

All the soldiers, including Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, were safely on the shore.

They had passed the test mission that Qin Yuan had requested.

The last soldiers from the 3rd platoon were successfully carried ashore by Zhou Qing, Liu Ye, and Zheng Xiaohu.

Other than Zhou Qing, Liu Ye, Zheng Xiaohu, Zhao Xiaowu, and a few others, the rest were all lying on the ground, spitting out water.

Geng Hu was the most miserable. He fainted immediately, but the water was still flowing out of the corner of his mouth.

There was shrimp! Seaweed! Things kept gurgling out.

He had no other choice. He was probably the only one in the entire company who had just learned to swim when he joined the Army.

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