I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The Dark Cuisine of the Company Commander!

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Just as everyone had successfully reached the shore, “Only then did Qin Yuan continue to roar, “Everyone, rest for half an hour!”

“Gather at the camp training ground in half an hour!”


At this moment, only a few soldiers’ replies could be heard from the shore.

Many people were exhausted. The crossing of the river had really exhausted all their physical strength.

It was extremely difficult to swim back and forth across the river while their hands and feet were bound.

The danger level had increased greatly, and they would sink to the bottom of the river if they were not careful.

However, Qin Yuan had to do this. This was the only way in case of an unexpected situation in the future.

Only then would the soldiers be able to keep their lives. What Qin Yuan had to do was train them hard before the war arrived.

Only then would they have more life-saving skills.

Two hours later.

The sun was as scorching as ever, and the entire camp was still as hot as a steamer.

The air was so hot that it was hard to breathe.

At this moment! The soldiers had already returned from the river.

The soldiers stood in formation under the scorching sun.

After the soldiers returned, they were punished by Qin Yuan by standing at attention for two hours without even a moment of rest.

It was already lunchtime.

“You guys drank too much water just now. Now, I’ll evaporate the water for you!”

“Continue to stand at attention for another half an hour!” Qin Yuan continued.


After saying that, Qin Yuan, Zhou Qing, and Liu Ye walked towards the canteen.

“We’re finished! The company commander is cooking again!”

“Yup! I haven’t had enough to eat for days!”

“The company commander’s cooking skills are really beyond words!”

“He can even fry vegetables into dried black vegetables!”

“And those potatoes, they’ve been cooked into porridge!”

“At least the meat is better. The basic nutrients won’t be lost! Otherwise, we’ll be as thin as monkeys.”

“Don’t even talk about it! The company commander’s family probably runs a salt farm, and he never knew salt costs money since he was a child!”


“Don’t say anymore, I can’t take it anymore”

The soldiers in the team started to complain!

However, they could only watch helplessly as Qin Yuan walked toward the canteen.

“This bunch of kids, being picky even when there’s food to eat!”

“The water and salt are being lost so severely under the scorching sun! We need to add more to maintain and replenish,”

“Besides, how much body-strengthening liquid did I give them?”

“I worked so hard to save up that money for them.”

“I can’t even bear to use it! They’re really a bunch of ingrates who don’t know how blessed they are.”

“Don’t you think so, system?” Qin Yuan complained to the system.

The system, “um…”

“System, didn’t you say that you were invincible?”

“Why don’t I have any cooking skills?” Qin Yuan asked again.

“…..” The system was helpless.

“Host, the system is a special instructor system, not a master chef system.”

“The system only exists to create the strongest Special Forces for the host.” The system explained.

“Fine, in order to earn more skill points, No… For the sake of the soldiers’ health, I can only do it myself!” Qin Yuan said.

He had no choice! The soldiers were all training, so only the three of them could cook. Sometimes, they even had to feed the pigs themselves.

Is this the job of a company commander?

But he had no choice. If Qin Yuan didn’t cook, who would?

In order to earn more skill points, he could only train them hard.

Half an hour later.

The soldiers dragged their exhausted bodies to sit in the cafeteria.

Looking at the pitch-black food in front of them, none of them were willing to touch their chopsticks.

The dish also emitted a pungent smell.

“Company commander, what kind of special dish is this? This color is real…”

“That’s right! Company commander, how much water did you put in to cook this rice! It’s all burnt.”

“Commander, why don’t you just give us half an hour every day to cook?”

“You’re a company commander, how can we let you cook for us! Isn’t that right, everyone?”

“Yeah! Company commander, let us do it!”

“That’s right, we should be the ones cooking!”

The soldiers said one after another. From everyone’s words, one could tell that they had been tortured by Qin Yuan’s dark cuisine during this period of time.

Poor children…

“What are you guys talking about? Eat it!”

“If you don’t want to eat, then go out and train now.”

“Everyone, I’ll only give you five minutes. After five minutes, gather at the training ground!”

Qin Yuan looked at the people who were talking one after another and refused to touch the chopsticks in their hands. He growled on the spot.

“I’m f*cking cooking for you guys, and you’re still grumbling? Go and ask around in the other companies, which company commander is as kind as me?”



The soldiers didn’t dare to say anything. They could only move the chopsticks in their hands with great difficulty and put food into their bowls.

All of them could only look at the indescribable expressions on everyone’s faces as they swallowed their food.

After finishing their meal with much difficulty, the soldiers quickly cleaned up.

As the assembly whistle sounded, everyone immediately ran to the training ground without stopping.

At that moment, Qin Yuan was waiting for them on the training ground.

After everyone had gathered, Qin Yuan immediately said, “I won’t be giving you any physical training this afternoon!”

“Really? Company commander!”

“Can we rest this afternoon?”

“We haven’t rested in a long time!”

“Yup! I need to have a good sleep in the afternoon. I’ve been on the verge of a mental breakdown!”

“That’s right! I often get woken up by the company commander after just a few naps.”

The soldiers of the logistics company heard Qin Yuan say that there would be no physical training in the afternoon.

Their faces were filled with joy.

Not long after, Qin Yuan continued, “Today, the entire company is going to do a big cleaning.”

“1st platoon, the 500 pigs you are responsible for can be smelled throughout the camp!”

“Also, the 2nd platoon’s vegetable fields – go and see if there are any more vegetables.”

“The weeds are almost three meters tall!”

“And you guys from the 3rd platoon! You’re in charge of the company’s hygiene, go and take a look for yourself!”

“I want all of you to figure out all these issues by this afternoon!”

“I don’t want to see such a situation happen again.”

With Qin Yuan’s words, the happy expressions of the entire logistics company instantly fell.



The soldiers could only answer helplessly.

“Everyone, listen up. After each day’s training, you have to deal with these issues.”

“We’re a logistics company. We can’t fall behind in our logistics support work!”

“I don’t want to say it a second time!”

“Do you all understand?” Qin Yuan roared.


“Okay, 1st platoon, go and wash all the 500 pigs for me.”

“Clean up the entire pigsty, inside and out,”

“I want the entire campsite to be filled with the smell of osmanthus, not pig shit!”


“2nd platoon, pull out all the weeds in the vegetable field, then go to the pigsty to pick up manure and fertilize the vegetable field!”

“Yes Sir!”

“3rd platoon, clean the camp well. Clean the big bathhouse and the bathroom!”


At this time, the soldiers of the logistics company were all standing straight and listening to Qin Yuan’s orders seriously.

“Good! Everyone, go and perform your assigned tasks!” Qin Yuan waved his hand.


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