I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Start of the Night Training

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Qin Yuan read through the files of all the logistics company soldiers one by one.

At this moment, the sky outside the window had already darkened. Qin Yuan looked at his pocket watch and saw that it was already eight o’clock.

The sky outside the window was getting darker and darker. At this time, it was already drizzling.

Qin Yuan looked at his pocket watch after he woke up.

“It’s four-thirty in the morning, time to work.”

After saying that, he walked to the rest area.

“Dong Dong Dong…”

“Old Zhou, it’s time to wake up and get to work!” Qin Yuan called out as he walked into Zhou Qing’s dormitory.

“Company commander Qin…” Zhou Qing was awoken by Qin Yuan’s knocking, “”No, commander Qin, it’s already midnight. What are you doing?”

Qin Yuan smiled. “Like you said – it’s already midnight. Naturally, they have to wake up for supper.”

Zhou Qing was speechless.

At that moment, all the soldiers of the logistics company were sleeping soundly. A series of snores echoed in the corridor.

All of a sudden, a drawn-out alarm sounded, instantly waking everyone up.


“Emergency assembly…”

Lu Zhengtao, who had just woken up, shouted.

The rest of the soldiers were in a mess.

They were flustered by the sudden alarm. In the logistics company, this was not a common sound, let alone in the middle of the night.

Time went by.

Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing were standing on the training ground.

He watched as the scattered soldiers jogged to the field one by one, some of them not even wearing their pants properly.

The buttons on their clothes were all messed up, and they weren’t even wearing their hats.

It was only when the last soldier entered the group that Qin Yuan roared, “5 minutes and 38 seconds. It took a total of 50 people 5 minutes and 38 seconds to gather. If there was a war now, you would have been dead long ago!”

“Take a look for yourself. Do you still look like soldiers?”

At this moment, Lu Zhengtao, who was standing in the front row, looked at Qin Yuan, who was roaring angrily, and he was a little scared.

“Sir! No, we don’t!” Lu Zhengtao shouted.

“There are some things that I hope you will remember. From the moment you put on this military uniform, you have a mission, which is to protect your home and defend your country. Because you are soldiers, do you understand? ”

let me tell you, no matter where you came from, which unit, or why you came to the logistics company, don’t forget that you’re still soldiers now, not some Rascal on the street. You have to be worthy of the military uniform you’re wearing.

from today onwards, I will be the commander of your logistics company. My name is Qin Yuan!

“Among you, some may doubt my age, and some may doubt my strength!”

“However, from today onwards, my words are orders. Those who don’t agree with me can get out of the logistics company!”

At this moment, there was total silence across the entire company. Only Qin Yuan’s angry roar could be heard.

from today on, I will train with you. If any of you still think that you are a coward and can’t stay in the logistics company, just tell me. I will help you apply for deserter treatment and get the hell out of here. Because such a person is not worthy of being a soldier.

“Now! Let me tell you something, we will be participating in a military exercise in three months.”

“Every year, our logistics company is the laughing stock of the other Army Corps!”

“Everyone’s laughing at you for being cowards, laughing at you for being weaklings! Are you guys going to be this way again this year?” Qin Yuan suddenly shouted!

“Sir! We’re not cowards.”

Although the logistics company was made up of soldiers with poor physical fitness, they still had a hot-blooded heart.

However, most of them were still soldiers who were trying to sneak around.

“Good! Then show me your determination and courage! Train hard.”

“Everyone, carry 20 kg of weight and cross the 5km road! Put 10 kg of bricks into my backpack!” Qin Yuan said.

“You’re training us like Special Forces? He woke us up at five to train! This is killing me!”

“Is this new student officer messing around? We’re just logistics soldiers, and you’re making us look like Special Forces. Is there a need for this?”

“We’ve already been laughed at by the other teams for so long! Who cares?” Someone in the team said in a low voice.

At this moment! Qin Yuan was using the radar warning skill to hear their conversation.

“Ding! You have triggered the system’s side mission to train the disobedient soldiers into submission. You are rewarded with 5000 skill points.” The system’s voice sounded in Qin Yuan’s mind.

“There’s a reward for this? This side mission is really in line with my wishes.” Qin Yuan was happy in his heart.

At this moment! Qin Yuan’s eyes swept across the soldiers present and saw a set of data quickly entering his mind.

Qin Yuan quickly received information from some disobedient soldiers.

“If I can’t train all of you, then I, Qin Yuan, will lose!” Qin Yuan snorted coldly in his heart.

At this moment!

Qin Yuan walked past all the soldiers one by one and checked their weights!

“I can’t believe some people are still trying to play tricks on me. Everyone, carry 20kg of weight and run five kilometers cross-country. If you can’t finish, no one can eat!” Qin Yuan roared.

Qin Yuan took out newspapers, pillows, and some bricks from some of the soldiers’ backpacks!

These were the tricks that they had used in their previous training.

Their bags were bulging, but they had stuffed some pillows and newspapers inside!

The faces of the soldiers who were exposed were burning red with embarrassment!

They didn’t expect that the trick that had worked so well before would be discovered by this new company commander.

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