I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Did this New Company Commander Really Just Graduate from Military School?

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“Now, is there anyone else who has any questions?” Qin Yuan’s stern eyes surveyed the entire company.

At this moment, no one in the company dared to speak. The faces of those soldiers who had been exposed by Qin Yuan were also burning with pain.

“Since there’s no problem! Everyone, I’ll give you two minutes for each row to form a circle and add 5 kg to your backpacks!” Qin Yuan immediately ordered.

“If anyone else dares to try anything funny under my nose, I’ll add 20 kg to the weight!”

He saw that each row had formed a circle and were quickly adding five kilograms of bricks into their backpacks.

“25 kg… A 10-kilometer route march, this is going to kill us!”

“Yup! This company commander is much more ruthless than the previous company commanders. I’ve never seen a logistics company carrying a heavy load on a long-distance raid before.”

“Don’t say anymore. It’ll be even worse if the company commander hears you.”

“Looks like we’re going to have a hard time this time. I didn’t even train like this before I was assigned to the logistics company.”

At this moment, the soldiers who were gathered together were discussing softly.

“Old Zhou, are you sure nothing will happen with commander Qin’s training?”

Liu Ye was also surprised to hear Qin Yuan mention the 20kg 10km cross-country training!

Although he had experienced a lot of cross-country training as a veteran, a 20-kilogram 10-kilometer cross-country training was already difficult for him, let alone these soldiers who were not very strong.

“Company commander Qin should have his own plans. Since he’s playing the bad guy, let’s not stop him!

“Besides, don’t tell me you want to be laughed at by the other companies this year?”

“Hmph! If it wasn’t for the fact that they take away all the good soldiers every year…”

“Do we have to let them laugh at us for so many years? What’s there to be proud of?” Liu Ye said angrily.

Every year, the logistics company was ranked at the bottom of the military exercise and had been ridiculed for many years. It was impossible for Liu Ye not to be angry.

However, there were all kinds of soldiers in the logistics company. It was fine if they were physically weak, but they were also very good at stealing chickens and playing tricks! They didn’t dare to train too hard; if something really happened, they wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility.

“That’s good! We’ll let commander Qin try, he knows what to do.” Zhou Qing said.

“Old Liu, I heard that you’re good at cross-country training. Why don’t you compete with commander Qin?”

“Then let’s compete! Although commander Qin’s stamina is good, cross-country training is a competition of endurance.” Liu Ye was very confident, after all, he has never been defeated in the past when he was in the 4th company’s long-range raid.

At this moment! All the soldiers of the company were already standing in rows with their backpacks loaded with weights.

“Now, listen to my command! Everyone, head for the mountain in the distance!”

“Start running! If you can’t finish, we’ll continue with the extra training in the morning!”

Under Qin Yuan’s command, the soldiers began to run toward the mountain in the distance.

Liu Ye walked to Qin Yuan with a load on his back and said, ”

“Commander Qin, let’s have a competition? Whoever loses will treat us to a meal.”


The corners of Qin Yuan’s mouth curved up. He carried the weights on his back and ran forward quickly.

Liu Ye also followed closely behind.

After a while, the two of them gradually overtook the team.

Qin Yuan’s speed became faster and faster, and Liu Ye frowned.

“Has this new company commander never run an off-road race before? If he’s already so fast at the start, how is he going to run later?”

Liu Ye muttered in his heart, but he still maintained the same speed as Qin Yuan.

This speed was still acceptable to him.

He believed that with his many years of cross-country experience, Qin Yuan, who had just graduated from military school, could not compare to him.

“F*ck! The company commander and the Deputy company commander have started to speed up? It can’t be that the company commander has never run an off-road before!”

“The company commander and the Deputy company commander are going against each other!”

“That’s right! The Deputy company commander is famous for his cross-country training, and he’s also one of the best in our Iron Fist regiment.”

“Cross-country training is a competition of endurance! If he starts running now, he definitely won’t be able to outrun the Deputy company commander later!”

“Yes! How could he run with such a heavy load? He is too inexperienced! The Deputy company commander will definitely win.”

The soldiers at the back could not help but sigh when they saw the scene.

At this moment! The two players who were already in front of the team were still running forward at an increased speed.

“Commander Qin, we’ve already sped up for almost four kilometers. Should we slow down and wait for the team?” Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan and said.

At this moment, Liu Ye was also a little overwhelmed and was panting slightly.

He didn’t expect Qin Yuan to speed up for the entire four kilometers.

At this speed, not many people in the team could withstand it.

“I’m fine! Old Zhou is behind us, he will lead the team well.”

Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan. He could not feel Qin Yuan’s physical strength being consumed at all.

“Deputy company commander Liu, I’m starting to speed up. You have to be careful.”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he immediately picked up his speed and ran forward.

“What? He’s picking up speed now? Then what’s the 4 km run just now? Normal speed?”

“What kind of freak is Qin Yuan? Is he really just a military school graduate?” Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan, who was running at a faster speed, with a shocked expression.

At this moment! After running for two kilometers, some of the soldiers were starting to lose their strength.

“AY! I’m not running! I really can’t run anymore. How can you train like this?”

“Exactly! Anyway, the company commander and the Deputy company commander have already disappeared!”

“I’m so tired! I can’t take it anymore, instructor. Let’s take a break.”

At this time, some of the soldiers were already lying on the ground, gasping for air as they asked their instructor Zhou Qing.

“If you don’t want to leave the logistics company as deserters, you can try to provoke the company commander!” Zhou Qing said coldly.

“Keep running. If you fall, you have to fall at the finish line.”

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