I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Poaching

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The commander of the 6th company also felt that Qin Yuan did not want to say too much, so he did not continue speaking.

After that, they walked to the dining table.

Half an hour later.

On the training ground, a huge figure was carrying a heavy backpack and speeding across the field.

Jiang Feng followed closely behind him.

The people in the 3rd platoon of the 6th company followed behind them.

Everyone’s clothes were already drenched in sweat, and they could only run on the field with difficulty while panting.

“What’s wrong with this big stupid guy?”

“Is there anyone like him who starts running at an increased speed at the beginning of field training?”

“Yup! We’ve been running for so long.”

“F*ck! I’m so tired!”

“We’ve been running behind this silly boy all the way until now!”

“If this continues, I’ll be exhausted after 15 laps, let alone 20.”

The soldiers of the 3rd platoon of the 6th company were discussing in low voices.

However, Geng Hu could not care less.

Not only him, but the entire logistics company was the same.

As long as you slowed down, you would know the feeling of a bullet hitting your feet.

If he dared to slow down even a little bit, the bullet would hit him mercilessly.

At that moment when they were close to death, no one dared to pause.

After every field training, everyone in the logistics company could break through their physical limits.

Right now, everyone in the logistics company only had one sentence in their minds.

“Slow? Then you’ll get shot!”

In a short while, Geng Hu and Jiang Feng gradually left the rest of the 6th company 3rd platoon behind.

“This kid, does he know how to run cross-country?”

Jiang Feng followed closely behind Geng Hu and was also surprised.

He had not expected that Geng Hu would run at an accelerated speed while carrying a heavy load.

However, he did not believe that Geng Hu would be able to last until the end.

It was obviously reckless to run at such a high speed.

Geng Hu’s behavior of continuously accelerating and running throughout the whole distance just shows that he is a person who is brave but lacks wisdom.

Jiang Feng immediately sped up and rushed in front of Geng Hu in an instant.

In his heart, even if he had to follow Geng Hu and stupidly accelerated, he didn’t want to lose to him.

He could not lose to Geng Hu.

“There’s still 8 laps to go! There should only be 20 minutes left.”

“If you can’t run all the way, you’ll have to deal with the company commander’s personality.”

“I’m sure it’s not just to clean the pigsty.”

“He might even continue to beat me up…”

“No, I have to go faster.” Geng Hu sighed in his heart.

At the mention of Qin Yuan, Geng Hu’s mind was filled with the fear of being dominated by Qin Yuan.

Geng Hu could only bite the bullet and take a deep breath. He picked up his speed and dashed forward.

He was already afraid of Qin Yuan. Every time they sparred during training, to put it nicely, he was just a sparring partner.

But in actual fact, Qin Yuan had been beating him up all the time.

Every time, he thought that he would be one step closer to Qin Yuan.

However, each time, he would only be beaten up more miserably than the last time.

It’s not that Geng Hu’s strength has stopped improving, but it’s just that Qin Yuan was really too abnormal.

He was getting stronger and stronger.

“F*ck! I don’t care, I’ll be crippled if I keep running like this!”

“Exactly! You see, the platoon leader is already at the same pace with him.”

“That’s right! However, we have to slow down. If we continue like this, our legs will cramp.”

On the training ground, the soldiers watched Jiang Feng and Geng Hu’s figures and slowed down.

The two of them, Jiang Feng and Geng Hu, refused to back down and neither of them was willing to submit to the other.

They surpassed each other, and their speed did not decrease at all.

Just as they were about to reach the last few seconds of the hour.

Jiang Feng was the first to reach the finish line.

Geng Hu followed closely behind and crossed the finish line at the last second.

“The platoon leader still won!”

“Yup! How could the platoon leader lose?”

“That’s right, how could this silly boy outrun the platoon leader if he runs like this?”

“The platoon leader is awesome!”

“The platoon leader is awesome!”

The soldiers of the 3rd platoon of the 6th company behind them couldn’t help but cheer for their platoon leader. They watched the two of them finish running and started discussing among themselves.


A dull sound rang out.

Geng Hu, who had crossed the finish line, fell heavily to the ground. The weight on his back, together with him, smashed into the ground.

The 130 kg of weight plus his own 100 kg weight.

He was thrown back heavily, and the ground caved in.

“F*ck! How many kilograms is this kid carrying?”

“It’s that heavy?”

“That’s right! The ground has caved in.”

“Look at the capacity of that bag. It should be at least 40 kg.”

“Yup! Running at full speed with such a heavy load?”

“What the hell is this kid? That abnormal?”

“Yup! If he could run at 40kg and finish at almost the same time as the platoon leader, that would be crazy.”

“How did this kid end up in the logistics company with such strength!”

“I’m not sure, but why do I feel that although the platoon leader won, he didn’t win at all!”

The soldiers of the 3rd platoon of the 6th company gasped in surprise.

They didn’t know what to say as they looked at his backpack that had sunk into the ground.

The most surprised person was none other than Jiang Feng because what he heard was not the sound of the stone hitting the ground.

The dull sound was more like the sound of iron.

Out of curiosity, Jiang Feng walked toward Geng Hu. He looked down and saw a large piece of black iron in Geng Hu’s bag.

Looking at the size of the iron piece, it must be at least 70 or 80 kilograms.

“F*ck! How can this kid be so abnormal?”

“Running at full speed with this kind of weight?”

Jiang Feng’s heart was in a state of shock. If that was the case, Geng Hu’s physical fitness was not worse than his.

It was even many times stronger than him.

If he were to carry such a load, he would not be able to finish the entire race so quickly.

It was possible that he would be lying on the ground after 10 laps.

And he didn’t know that the big piece of iron was a whole 130 kilograms.

At this moment, the commander of the 6th company and Qin Yuan walked out after eating.

He also saw the scene on the field.

“Company commander Qin? You’ve really picked up a treasure!”

The commander of the 6th company said in surprise.

He had also found out from Qin Yuan that Geng Hu was the soldier who had gone to the headquarters last time.

He had not expected Geng Hu to have such strength.

Such a soldier would really be buried in the logistics company.

At the same time, he was also a little regretful.

No one wanted Geng Hu back then!

At that time, everyone was trying to avoid him, including himself.

The 6th company’s commander suddenly felt a burst of regret.

Qin Yuan looked at the remorseful face of the 6th company’s commander and smiled faintly, “Him! He’s just a big idiot, he’s not smart at all.”

“I can only bring him back to the logistics company to raise pigs and grow vegetables.”

“He’s quite strong. He’s good at carrying pigs.”

“Commander Qin, you’re mocking me.”

“We were blind back then!”

“Commander Qin, why don’t you let him join our 6th company?”

The commander of the 6th company laughed bitterly to himself. Geng Hu was someone that the few of them didn’t want initially.

However, Geng Hu’s strength had indeed shocked him.

If Geng Hu were in their 6th company, their 6th company’s strength would definitely rise to a whole new level.

Even though it was a little embarrassing to say that, the team’s ranking would be higher in the military exercise.

However, he could only be thick-skinned for the company ranking and ask Qin Yuan for him.

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