I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Having the Strength to Compete on the Training Ground (1)

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“Since that’s the case, brothers of 3rd platoon, attack! We can’t let our brothers get beaten up for nothing!”

The 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company glared at Geng Hu and ordered his men.

“Yes! Platoon leader!”

The soldiers of the 3rd platoon of the 6th company immediately surrounded Geng Hu after receiving the order from their platoon leader.

Zheng Xiaohu saw that the situation was not right and immediately walked to the platoon leader.

“Platoon leader Jiang! Don’t be rash! Everyone, calm down!”

After the conflict with the 9th company, Zheng Xiaohu calmed down a lot.

He didn’t want to cause Qin Yuan any more trouble.

If he were to fight with the 6th company here, he would only bring more trouble to his company commander and the others.

“What’s wrong? You were the ones who started it, and now you’re backing off?”

The 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company also sounded a little displeased.

“Platoon leader Jiang, calm down. Everyone, calm down. We’re all comrades!”

“If there’s anything, let’s talk it out! Moreover, this is our logistics company’s camp.”

“It’ll be hard to explain to everyone if something happened.” Zheng Xiaohu quickly said.

The 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company fixed his gaze on Geng Hu, not taking Zheng Xiaohu’s words seriously at all.

Although they were both platoon leaders, he was the platoon leader of the 6th company.

It was not something their logistics company could compare to.

“So what! If you dare to make the first move, then don’t be afraid!”

“We. the people of 6th company, can’t be beaten up for nothing…” The 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company said coldly.

Geng Hu clenched his fists tightly again. He walked around Zheng Xiaohu and walked forward.

“Platoon leader, why are you wasting your breath on them? I alone am enough to deal with them!”

“These people, only fists can teach them how to respect others.”

“Geng Hu… You better be quiet!”

“Don’t tell me you still want to cause trouble for the company commander?”

Zheng Xiaohu wasn’t the least bit afraid of the soldiers of the 6th company.

To them, dealing with the entire 6th company was not a problem at all.

Upon hearing Geng Hu’s words, the 3rd platoon leader of the 6th company also laughed playfully.

“Yo! Looks like you’re still not convinced! Then there’s no need to say more.”

“I really like that line of yours, use your fists to solve problems!”

“3rd platoon, beat him up!”

The 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company was already seething with anger in his heart.

After a short while, almost 40 people from the 3rd platoon of the 6th company surrounded them.

The soldiers of the 2nd platoon of the logistics company saw that the situation was not right and also rushed over.

Even though there were only a dozen or so people in the 2nd platoon of the logistics company.

However, as long as the 6th company dared to make a move, they would no longer have any scruples.

“All of you, stop! Jiang Feng, what are you trying to do?”

Just as they were about to start fighting.

A loud shout broke the tense atmosphere, and everyone stopped in their tracks.

They looked out of the door and saw the 6th company commander, Qin Yuan, and the others walking in.

The commander of the 6th company stared at the soldiers of the 6th company with a serious expression, waiting for them to give him an explanation.

Jiang Feng saw that his company commander seemed to be angry, so he explained, “Commander! They made the first move, and dopey has already been knocked out by him!”

The 6th company’s commander’s face gradually changed and he immediately rebuked, “Even so, you can’t do anything. This is a military camp. Do you think this is a Bandit’s den?”

“You guys think that the training isn’t enough, right?”

“No! Company commander…” Jiang Feng wanted to say something but stopped.

“Don’t embarrass me here!”

The commander of the 6th company said angrily as he looked at the soldier of the 6th company who was lying on the ground not far away.

A look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

He knew that soldier. He was ranked high in the military tests held within the company.

He didn’t expect to be knocked unconscious by a soldier from the logistics company.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Yuan also walked over with a serious expression.

Zheng Xiaohu also quickly explained,

“Commander! When we were having dinner just now, our comrades in 6th company said a few words about us.”

“Geng Hu happened to hear it. Then, they started fighting.”

In an instant, Qin Yuan understood what had happened.

He knew that Geng Hu and the others had been ridiculed by the soldiers of the 6th company again.

With Geng Hu’s character, it was impossible for him not to make a move.

“Hmph! Jiang Feng… Take all of you in the 3rd platoon and run 20 laps around the training ground.”

“If you can’t finish, you don’t have to sleep tonight.”

The commander of the 6th company berated the soldiers of the 3rd platoon.

They were here for training, and he didn’t want to get into a conflict with the soldiers of the logistics company during this time.

Furthermore, he had just come into contact with Qin Yuan and realized that Qin Yuan was not a simple person.

Having been in the Army for so many years, he could tell that the atmosphere of the logistics company seemed to be different from before.



When the 3rd platoon commander of the 6th company heard his angry rebuking, he could only helplessly run towards the training ground with his soldiers.

Before he left, he glared at Geng Hu with a gloomy face.

Just as Jiang Feng led the soldiers of the 3rd platoon of the 6th company out…

Qin Yuan also shouted at Geng Hu, “Geng Hu! Go out and run with the comrades of 6th company.”

“Add 10 kg to the original load!”

“If you can’t finish it in an hour, then clean the pigsty again!”

“Company commander… I…”

Geng Hu still wanted to explain but was stopped by Qin Yuan’s words.

“Add another 10 kg! If you have any strength left, use it in your training.”


After saying that, Geng Hu did not dare to speak to Qin Yuan anymore.

Now, his weight was 110kg for each weighted training.

Now, with the addition of 20kg, he still had to finish 20 laps in half an hour.

That lap was 800 meters, so 20 laps would be 16 kilometers.

Geng Hu could only brace himself and run to the training ground.

“Commander Qin, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s my fault for not disciplining my company’s soldiers well!”

The commander of the 6th company was a little embarrassed. After all, the 6th company was here for training.

They had been troubling the logistics company to take care of their logistics work.

He didn’t expect that his company’s soldiers would actually have a conflict with the logistics company’s soldiers.

Qin Yuan retracted his serious expression and replied politely, “It’s fine. All soldiers have a temper.”

“Since they still have the energy, let them use it on the training ground!”

“Company commander Qin…”

“I’ve noticed that the soldiers in the logistics unit seem different from before, not just in terms of their military appearance, but in other ways too!”

The 6th company’s commander glanced at the soldiers of the logistics company and was surprised.

He looked at the dark-skinned soldiers of the logistics company and their determined eyes.

From their bodies, they exuded the fierce aura of soldiers.

From what he knew, this was not an aura that a soldier from the logistics company should have.

“What’s different?”

“Commander of the 6th company, they’re still the same as before.”

“When they start training, they still complain every day. They don’t have the determination of a soldier at all.” Qin Yuan said indifferently.

At this moment, the soldiers of the logistics company also had helpless expressions when they heard Qin Yuan’s words.

With Qin Yuan’s abnormal training method…

Not complaining? Was that even possible?

Which company had such abnormal training among the other companies in the Iron Fist Regiment?

“Commander Qin! You don’t have to be so modest.”

“I can see that each and every one of them is no weaker than the soldiers of our 6th company!”

The commander of the 6th company suppressed the surprise in his heart. He believed that what he said would definitely not be wrong.

The soldiers of the logistics company now were no longer the lazy soldiers of the past.

No matter what, he had been in the Army for ten years.

He couldn’t help but have a strong interest in Qin Yuan.

In just two short months, he had trained a group of useless soldiers to such a level.

“Let’s go, commander of the 6th company!”

“We’ve been busy all day, let’s eat first!”

Qin Yuan changed the topic.

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