I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 They Seemed to Be Doing It on Purpose

“6th Company Commander said 50 kilograms, so you guys should all carry 50 kilograms!”

Faced with the soldier’s inquiry, Qin Yuan followed the 6th company commander’s suggestion.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Then, Company Commander Qin, shall we begin?”

When the 6th Company Commander saw that the soldiers of the logistics company were puzzled by the 50 kg weight, he instantly felt that the 6th Company would definitely win this time.

In their 6th Company, only those with strong physiques would often run with a weight of 50 kilograms.

The rest of them, with rifles or machine guns, weighed around thirty to thirty-five kilograms.

Of course, it wasn’t that they hadn’t run 50 kilograms before, but it was very rare. Moreover, they would be exhausted after running once!

Seeing that Qin Yuan did not object, the 6th company commander immediately gave orders to everyone.

“Then let’s begin! In 2 minutes, each company will begin to load.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Two minutes later, the soldiers of the two companies had loaded their weights. This time, the soldiers of the logistics company had also changed to the same rocks as the soldiers of the 6th company because the iron blocks were not 50 kilograms.

“Everyone get ready. The end point is the sea training ground.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After receiving the order to set off, the two teams immediately ran to the sea training ground in an orderly manner.

“6th Company, what is our slogan?”

“6th Company, 6th Company, march forward courageously.”

“Train hard and fight bravely!”

The soldiers of the 6th Company quickly shouted the company slogan and the loud sound spread over the entire camp.

They wanted to show the soldiers of the logistics company what a real soldier was.

As for the soldiers of the logistics company, they looked a little dispirited. It was not that they did not have a slogan, but they remembered what the company commander Qin Yuan had said. They had to keep a low profile.

The soldiers of the logistics company moved faster and faster, and the entire team instantly surpassed the 6th company.

Qin Yuan, Zhou Qing, and the others also carried weights on their backs and followed behind the team.

Since it was an all-company competition, everyone took part. In a short while, the logistics company had left the 6th company behind. This bit of weight was like nothing to the logistics company.

The soldiers of the 6th Company were not anxious when they saw the logistics company speeding up. In their opinion, the logistics company looked as if they had never run cross-country training before. Who would speed up at the beginning of a cross-country training?

“Hmph, they can only run for a short distance at most.”

“I won’t be able to run after I run out of stamina.”

“Yeah! They will learn how cross-country training is really done soon.”

A few taunts came from the 6th Company.

“It seems that although the logistics company is much better than before, they still have too little experience in cross-country training.”

“If we speed up now, how will we have the strength to sprint later!”

Seeing this, the 6th company commander did not think much of it. He was even more confident in winning this competition. “6th company, pick up your speed.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Although he was not worried that the logistics company would beat them, it was only five kilometers away. It was not very far. It would be troublesome if Qin Yuan and the others forced their way through.

Qin Yuan had just caught up with everyone when the logistics company soldier asked. “Sir, this is too light. Why do we have to slow down?”

“That’s right! It’ll only take a few minutes to finish these five kilometers.”

Qin Yuan smiled and glanced at everyone.

“Have you forgotten what I told you?”

“No matter what, don’t expose your full strength?”

“Yes, sir! Understood, Company Commander!”

“Everyone, slow down!”


The 6th company commander suddenly saw that the logistics company in front of him had slowed down and thought that the logistics company was starting to run out of strength.

This was the best time for their 6th Company to accelerate.

“6th Company, everyone begin to accelerate! They have already slowed down.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers of the 6th Company quickened their pace, preparing to overtake the logistics company in one fell swoop.

However, after a few minutes of running at full speed… “Company commander? What’s going on!”

“Why did the logistics team speed up when we sped up?”

“We slowed down and they did the same.”

“He’s been keeping a distance from us!”

“That’s right! Captain, they don’t look tired at all.”

“And he deliberately kept the same distance from us.”

“This seems to be intentional.”

The soldiers of the 6th Company quickly realized the situation.

No matter how fast they ran, they could not catch up to the logistics company. The logistics company seemed to be deliberately not speeding up or slowing down, maintaining the distance between them and the 6th company.

“Increase your speed and run in front of them.”

“Yes, sir!”

The 6th company commander frowned. He had also noticed this situation. If this continued, they might really lose.

After a while, they were only about a kilometer away from the sea training ground. Some of the 6th Company’s teams were already beginning to lose their stamina and their speed had slowed down.

“F*ck, what are these people doing?”

“If we speed up, they will speed up as well.”

“We slowed down and they slowed down too.”

“This wasn’t intentional. I won’t believe it even if you beat me to death!”

“Could their weights be fake?”

“Yes? Otherwise, how could we not catch up to them?”

A wave of doubts came from the 6th company’s team.

Everyone felt that it was very strange. They had chased the logistics company soldiers for two kilometers, but they still hadn’t caught up. They wouldn’t believe that the logistics company soldiers were carrying the same weight as them.

“What are you guys still talking about?”

“If you lose, you’ll be punished.”

“Hurry up.” The 6th company commander said angrily.

He had never thought that their 6th Company would lose. It was fine if they lost and helped manage the logistics company for half a month. The most important thing was that if they lost, he could forget about raising his head in the Iron Fist Regiment in the future.

Just as they were about to increase their speed, the soldiers of the logistics company also increased their speed. After a while, the soldiers of the logistics company took the lead and ran to the sea training ground. They stood there neatly and waited for the people of the 6th company.

One minute later.

The soldiers of the 6th Company also ran to the sea training ground in a scattered manner. The team was no longer as orderly as it was at the beginning.

Some soldiers collapsed to the ground as soon as they arrived. The 6th company commander looked at his 6th company helplessly.

Looking at the soldiers of the logistics company again, the soldier was instantly shocked. The soldiers of the logistics company, besides having their clothes soaked in sweat, seemed to be unaffected by physical exhaustion. They didn’t look like they had just finished a training exercise.

“Company Commander Qin, it seems like our 6th company lost this round!” The 6th company commander looked embarrassed. He no longer had the smile he had when they were gambling. He really didn’t expect the soldiers of the logistics company to have trained to such a level in just two months.

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