I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Platoon Leader, How Much Weight Do You Guys Carry Usually?

“We were lucky, 6th Company Commander!”

Qin Yuan replied politely.

“Company Commander Qin, how did you train them?”

“In two months, their physical fitness has actually reached this level.”

While the 6th company commander was shocked, he was also very curious about Qin Yuan’s training method. He knew what the logistics company was like before. He knew that Geng Hu was abnormal, but he did not expect the other soldiers to be the same. “I just intensified their training.”

“There’s nothing else.”

Qin Yuan did not say too much. After all, his training method was to train special forces. There were very few regular troops that could do such high-intensity training.

“Haha! Not only are you cultured, but you’re also very good at training soldiers.”

“I’ll ask you for advice after the competition.”

“Alright!” Qin Yuan did not refuse.

“Although we lost this round, we still have other military skills.”

“I don’t believe that you can turn them all into all-rounded elite soldiers in just two months.” The 6th company commander was not discouraged. Although they lost in this training exercise, they believed that their 6th company was the strongest in swimming. They were determined to regain their dignity in the next round.

“Alright, you can choose the next competition.’ 11 Since the logistics platoon had already won one round, Qin Yuan let the 6th company choose the next challenge.

To Qin Yuan, no matter what competition the 6th Company chose, the logistics company would only have one outcome, and that was to “win”. He was still very confident in the military strength of his logistics company. “Everyone, dump the weights!”

Qin Yuan immediately ordered.

The soldiers of the logistics company poured out the weights in their backpacks one after another, and the soldiers of the 6th company also poured out the weights in their backpacks.

As everyone finished unloading the weights, the soldiers of the 6th company suddenly noticed that the weights carried by the soldiers of the logistics company were of varying amounts, and even the smallest pile was heavier than what they had carried.

The soldiers of the 6th Company, who had been guessing that the logistics company’s soldiers were not carrying any heavy weights, were also shocked by the scene in front of them. From the looks of it, the logistics company’s minimum load was at least 60 kilograms, which was a little more than their 6th company’s load.

Although the commander of the 6th Company had set a weight of 50 kilograms, the soldiers of the logistics company still increased the weight.

They felt that 50 kilograms were too light. Since it was training, they could not lower their standards.

When the commander of the 6th Company saw this scene, his expression darkened.

He never thought that the weight was too light for them. Looking at the soldiers in the logistics department, he felt that they had never carried such a heavy load before. No wonder someone asked if they could carry 50 kilograms.

At first, he thought that the logistics company had never carried 50 kilograms of weight before. It seemed that they had never carried such light weight before. He had been careless.


“How much weight do you usually train with?”

A soldier from the 6th Company asked a soldier from the logistics company beside him in surprise.

“Uh … This…”

“This… It seemed to be 70 kilograms, no… I think it’s 60…”

The soldier from the logistics company stammered, not knowing what to say. He couldn’t possibly tell them that the lowest weight they could carry was 95 kilograms. “Platoon leader! How many kilograms do we usually carry?”

The soldier immediately asked Zhao Xiaowu.

Zhao Xiaowu glanced at him.

“How much do you think we can carry huh! At most 65 kilograms!”

“Yes! 65 kilograms! We usually train at 65kg.” Suddenly, the soldier from the logistics company said firmly.

“So much?”

“F * ck…”

“#@ ¥!#% @…..”

The soldiers from the 6th Company were all stunned. Asking their platoon leader about the training load? And even asking how many kilograms it should be?

It’s obvious that it’s more than 65 kilograms, come on…

The soldiers of the 6th Company were also helpless.

They did not expect the soldiers of the logistics company to surpass them in physical fitness in just two months.

The platoon leader of the 6th Company saw Qin Yuan and proposed another challenge. Qin Yuan graciously allowed them to choose. He didn’t make a fuss.

“Company Commander Qin, let’s compete in swimming!”

“Since we’re already at the sea training ground, let’s compete in their swimming skills.”

Swimming was the forte of the 6th company.

Although they belonged to the army, their 6th company was the vanguard of the Iron Fist Regiment’s swimming skills.

Many of the soldiers in the 6th Company had been in the city’s swimming team before joining the army. Some of them had grown up by the sea.

As for the 6th Company Commander, he had been in the sea since he was young. It was common for him to catch fish and prawns in the sea.

Qin Yuan was silent for a while. Sea swimming was considered their relatively weak link. He had originally planned to increase the time the soldiers spent in the sea, but during this period of time, they were basically training their physical fitness.

“Alright! We’ll do as you say, 6th Company Commander.”

“Company Commander Qin, I won’t hide it from you. Swimming is the strongest military skill of our 6th Company.”

“Let’s do this. We’ll each pick 10 soldiers from our teams and let them compete. How about that?” The 6th company commander said bluntly, not hiding anything from Qin Yuan. “Alright!” Qin Yuan nodded. “Good! Jiang Feng, pick 10 soldiers from the company to compete with your comrades from the logistics company.” The 6th company commander immediately shouted to the 6th company.

“Yes, sir!”

Qin Yuan also walked towards the logistics company.

“The 4th, 5th and 6th person in the first, second, and third rows.”

“Step forward!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Second Platoon Leader, bring them to compete with the brothers of the 6th Company.

Qin Yuan immediately instructed. “Yes, sir!”

Very quickly.

The two companies quickly found good soldiers to compete with.

Qin Yuan did not specially choose soldiers.

Because he knew that no matter what, there would always be unexpected situations. On the battlefield, you would not be allowed to choose any location or area to fight.

It was impossible for others to let you off just because you were not strong enough. The 6th company commander then began to explain the rules of the competition to the soldiers participating in the competition. “Do you see that island in front of us?”

“It’s about two kilometers away from here.”

“You need to swim across from here and swim back.”

“The three people who return the fastest will decide the outcome of the competition.”

“Among the three, the company with the most people wins.”

“Does everyone understand?”

“Understood!” The soldiers replied.

“Good! Let the competition begin!”


11 The 6th company commander blew his whistle.

The soldiers of the two companies, who were participating, jumped into the sea one after another.

The waves mercilessly hit every soldier. The soldiers of the logistics company had just swum out 10 meters when they were pushed back by the waves.

The 10 people stood on the shore, staring at each other.

“Second Platoon Leader, what should we do?”

“I just swam out and was hit back by the waves.”

“That’s right! We rarely train in the sea.”

The soldiers of the logistics company asked Zheng Xiaohu anxiously. Zheng Xiaohu was also a little helpless. Although the sea training ground was managed by their logistics company, he rarely came here to train.

The wind was very strong today, and the waves were very turbulent. The soldiers of the 6th Company also struggled to rush into the sea.

Even if they often soaked in the sea before, they would not go into the sea in such a big storm like today.

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