I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Sudden Situation!

Zheng Xiaohu frowned. Seeing that the soldiers of the 6th Company had already swam dozens of meters away, he became nervous.

“Pay attention to the swimming technique of the soldiers of the 6th Company.”

“Even if you want to lie down, you have to lie down and reach the end.”

“We can’t lose this competition!”

“Yes, sir! Platoon leader!”

“Yes, sir! Second Platoon Leader!”

After saying that, the logistics company’s soldiers stared at the swimming techniques of the soldiers of the 6th company.

After the soldiers of the 6th Company entered the water, they immediately dived into the water and reappeared about a minute later.

Zheng Xiaohu also reacted. It turned out that the soldiers of the 6th Company were trying their best to avoid the impact of the waves on the sea.

“Quick, follow them!”

Zheng Xiaohu turned around and jumped into the sea. After jumping into the water, Zheng Xiaohu immediately dived underwater.

Although the density of the seawater was higher than that of the river, and it was more uncomfortable to hold your breath in the seawater, Zheng Xiaohu still managed to hold on for a full three minutes before he swam out of the water to take a breath.

Then, he repeated his actions and continued to chase after the soldiers of the 6th Company.

The soldiers of the 6th Company were led by Jiang Feng. They had already swam for about a kilometer, and the soldiers of the Logistics Company were constantly chasing after them.

This short distance of two kilometers had almost exhausted their physical strength.

Today’s waves were too strong. Every time they swam 10 meters, they would be pushed back by the waves. After an hour, the 20 soldiers finally reached the island and returned to the coast.

Originally, they thought that returning would be relatively simple, as they could ride the propulsion of the waves. However, they were all mistaken.

The current level of waves today far exceeded their expectations, and within a short time, a hurricane suddenly swept across the sea surface.

The powerful impact of the waves could easily sweep anyone to the distant cliffs, posing a deadly threat.

At this moment, all the soldiers had to carefully swim back, watching as dark clouds gathered over the sea and the winds grew stronger.

The people on the shore also became worried. The sudden change in the sea was unexpected, and within moments, one soldier from the 6th company was exhausted and swept away by the waves.

“Li Bing!”

A soldier from the 6th Company shouted when he saw the situation in front of him. He quickly swam towards the soldier who had been rolled up, wanting to pull him back.

Otherwise, he would be swept to the cliff wall in no time. If the surging waves hit the rock wall, it would be over.

A soldier from the logistics company beside him also noticed this situation and quickly swam toward the soldier from the 6th company.

For a moment, everyone who was participating in the competition discovered the sudden situation there.

The soldier was being swept towards the rock wall by the waves. If he were to follow the waves, he would definitely hit the rock wall in no time.

If that was the case, he would definitely die.

Zheng Xiaohu and Jiang Feng, who were swimming in front, immediately swam toward the soldier.

At this moment, on the surface of the sea.

The soldier from the 6th Company who had been swept away was already exhausted and would faint at any moment. In that case, he could only follow the waves and be swept toward the cliff.

A soldier from the 6th Company and a soldier from the Logistics Company swam to the side of the soldier and grabbed him tightly. However, they were also mercilessly carried away by the waves.

At this moment! Qin Yuan and the others quickly discovered the situation on the shore.

“Not good!”

“Save them… Hurry!”

“6th Company Commander, bring them to the rescue from the sea.

“I’ll bring a few people to the cliff and think of a way to save them before the waves hit.”


Geng Hu and the others instantly brought their life jackets over.

They immediately followed the 6th company commander to the shore and pushed the rescue boat into the sea. Meanwhile, Qin Yuan led a few soldiers from the logistics company and ran in the direction of the cliff.

The sudden wave was too big. He felt that Geng Hu and the others would not be able to catch up. He could only run towards the rock wall and try his best to save them before they were swept by the wave.

In the sea, Zheng Xiaohu and Jiang Feng also swam to the side of the three soldiers. They held the three of them tightly with both hands.

However, the waves were too strong, and they them were instantly swept toward the rock wall by the waves.

At this moment, Li Bing, the soldier from the 6th Company who was swept away, said in a weak voice, “Platoon Leader Jiang, let go.”

“I don’t have any strength left.”

“Hurry up and let go of me. Otherwise, everyone will die.”

Jiang Feng instantly roared, “What are you talking about? Everyone, follow me and swim to the shore.”

“It’s useless. The waves are too big.”

“Hurry up and let go of me.”

“You can still swim back.”

“I’m already exhausted. If this continues, I’ll only implicate everyone!”

The soldier struggled with his last bit of strength. He instantly broke free from their hands and was soon drowned by the waves. When Zheng Xiaohu saw this situation, he instantly turned around and pounced on the soldier again.

Jiang Feng immediately ordered the other soldiers of the 6th Company and the Logistics Company to wait for reinforcements while he followed closely behind Zheng Xiaohu. Zheng Xiaohu quickly held back the soldier from the 6th Company while Jiang Feng swam to the two of them.

At this moment, Zheng Xiaohu and Jiang Feng were about to run out of stamina.

“You brat! What are you doing?” Jiang Feng shouted angrily.

“Platoon leader… You guys…’ The soldier’s tears washed down his face along with the seawater.

“Don’t talk! I won’t abandon you, I won’t give up!” Zheng Xiaohu said immediately. Jiang Feng looked at Zheng Xiaohu and was very touched. After all, Zheng Xiaohu was from the logistics company. He did not know this soldier from the 6th company at all. “Thank you! If I don’t die this time…”

“We are brothers through life and death!” Jiang Feng said to Zheng Xiaohu. “Haven’t we always been brothers?”

“We are all Chinese soldiers, Chinese brothers!”


Jiang Feng looked at Zheng Xiaohu with deep eyes, not hesitating for a moment. Zheng all Xiaohu was right – they were brothers, soldiers of the Chinese military. In no time, the three of them were swept to the edge of the cliffs by the waves, and the threat of death was getting closer and closer. “Looks like we’re going to die together today!”

“Haha! Platoon Leader Zheng, we’ll still be brothers in our next life!”

“When the time comes, we can have a drink together.” Jiang Feng laughed. Zheng Xiaohu also looked at the distance between them and the rock wall. With this distance, the three of them would be mercilessly slapped against the rock wall when the next wave came. With the impact of this wave, the three of them would not be able to escape this time.

“Alright! We’ll still be brothers in our next life!” Zheng Xiaohu laughed. He did not have the slightest fear of facing death. He had long thought that there would be a day of sacrifice when he joined the army, but he did not expect it to come so quickly.


A black shadow flew over the heads of the three of them and fell into the water.

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