I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Unbelievable!

“Hurry up!”

“‘Send the company commander and the others to the military hospital!”

Zheng Xiaohu roared with all his might. His voice was already hoarse. The logistics team composed themselves and quickly carried Qin Yuan onto a stretcher and rushed to the sea training ground.

“What’s wrong?”

The 6th Company Commander and Geng Hu had just rescued their team members from the sea.

He saw Zheng Xiaohu and the others.

“The company commander jumped into the sea to save us.”

“At the last moment, the commander was still hit by the waves on the cliff.”

“I don’t know how many bones have been shattered.”

“He’s already unconscious.”

Zheng Xiaohu’s eyes were red and his voice was trembling.

“What?” The 6th Company Commander’s body trembled.

Looking at Qin Yuan on the stretcher, his eyes were filled with worry.

Qin Yuan was bleeding from his seven orifices, and his chest was obviously caved in. Blood kept seeping out, and the stone slab on his shoulder was deeply embedded in his right shoulder, making him look especially terrifying.

Jiang Feng looked fine, but Qin Yuan’s injuries were too serious.

The 6th company commander immediately checked Qin Yuan’s injuries. He saw that Qin Yuan’s breathing was gradually slowing down, and the frequency of his heartbeat was also weakening.

“Hurry up! Immediately inform the regiment headquarters to send a helicopter over.”

“Otherwise, it will be too late.”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers of the 6th Company immediately ran out.

“Company Commander!!!”

Not far away, Geng Hu also pushed through the crowd and rushed over.

The few of them had just put down the rescue boat when they saw the chaos. He did not expect his company commander to be so seriously injured.

At this moment, the soldiers of the logistics company surrounded Qin Yuan. Their eyes were red as they looked at the heavily injured Qin Yuan.

Everyone started to worry. They did not expect the company commander to be so injured despite being so strong. Looking at Qin Yuan, who was about to lose his vitality at any moment, everyone felt a wave of sadness in their hearts.

About 10 minutes later, the regiment’s helicopter hovered over the sea training ground.

When everyone saw that the helicopter had arrived, they immediately carried Qin Yuan and Jiang Feng onto the helicopter and rushed to the military hospital.

Soon, they arrived at the military hospital.

The doctors and nurses of the military hospital had already been waiting at the airport after receiving the notice.

“Hurry up! Doctor! Come and save him!”

Geng Hu shouted at the doctors and medical staff the moment he got off the plane.

Seven to eight doctors and nurses immediately rushed over with stretchers. Soon, Qin Yuan and the others were pushed into the operating theater.

“Doctor! Doctor! You must save our company commander!”

“We must save him!”

Just as the door of the operating theater was about to close, Geng Hu grabbed the doctor’s collar with red eyes.

He lost control of his emotions.

“Geng Hu! Calm down!”

Zheng Xiaohu looked at Geng Hu, who had lost control of his emotions, and immediately berated him.

“Comrade! Don’t worry!”

“We will definitely do our best.”

The doctor consoled him and closed the door of the operating theater.

Time passed by.

However, Zheng Xiaohu and the others outside the operating theater felt that it was exceptionally long. Outside the operating theater, two middle-aged figures walked toward them.

“How’s the situation?”

After receiving the news, the Iron Fist Regiment Commander Kang Lei and Political Commissar Bi Guotao also rushed over.

“Regiment Commander, Political Commissar!” Zheng Xiaohu immediately stood up when he saw the two of them.

“How is Qin Yuan’s situation now?”

Kang Lei hurriedly asked.

“I’m not sure yet! But the commander’s injuries are too serious.”

Zheng Xiaohu’s eyes were filled with worry.

The impact of the waves was so terrifying that ordinary people would have been smashed into pieces.


The door of the operating theater gradually opened, and the attending doctor walked out. “Doctor! Doctor!”

“How are our company commander and the others?”

“That’s right! Doctor! Are our company commander and the others alright?”

“Doctor…Say something!” When the few people from the logistics company saw the doctor walk out, they swarmed forward to ask about the situation.

“Don’t worry! The platoon leader is fine.”

“Three of his ribs are broken, and there are many wounds on his hands and other places.”

“I’ll be fine after resting for a month.”

“But! Then the company commander and sergeant will …”

The doctor immediately explained the situation to everyone. “What happened to our company commander?”

“Doctor! You must save him!”

Hearing the doctor’s news, everyone’s hearts tightened.

They looked at the attending doctor with red eyes, and an ominous feeling spread in everyone’s hearts.

“Director He! How’s Qin Yuan’s condition?”

Kang Lei also hurriedly asked about the situation.

“Comrade regiment commander!”

“The commander’s bones were almost shattered. The shattered bones were all stuck in his muscles. ”

“All the capillaries have ruptured. There’s severe internal bleeding.”

“Other than the two ribs on the heart that are still intact, there is no other place that is intact.”

“If it was an ordinary person, they would have died long ago!”

“It’s a miracle that he’s still breathing!” The attending doctor kept inhaling cold air, his face full of shock. It was the first time he had seen someone who was so heavily injured and still able to hold on until now.

With such serious injuries, any one of them would have died immediately. Even now, Qin Yuan was still breathing. It was unbelievable!

“Doctor! No matter what, we have to save him!”

“In order to save his comrades during training, he got slammed into the rock wall by a huge wave!”

Bi Guotao also described the situation with red eyes.


“The impact of the waves.”

“The impact force of those waves could be tens of tons or even more.” The attending physician was shocked. How did he manage to survive under such circumstances without being smashed into pieces?

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely do our best to save him!”

“As long as there is still a glimmer of hope, we will never give up.”

The attending doctor said to everyone firmly.


With that, he walked in and closed the door of the operating theater.

Outside the operating theater, the few people from the logistics company were already in tears. Their eyes were red as they hoped that the doctor would bring good news. “Old Kang! What should we do?”

“Should we inform Old Chief Qin?” Looking at Qin Yuan’s situation, Bi Guotao asked Kang Lei worriedly. “There’s no hurry! Let’s see how it goes.”

“Old Chief Qin is already old! I’m afraid that he won’t be able to take it if I inform him now.” Kang Lei’s expression was serious, and a few wrinkles appeared on his forehead. “Good!”


The door to the operating theater was pushed open, and a nurse rushed out.

“Hurry up! Is the patient’s family here?”

“The patient is suffering from severe bleeding. The hospital’s blood reserves are running low.”

“We need to transfuse a large amount of blood.”


“Take mine! Hurry!”

“My…Take mine!”

When the people from the logistics company heard the nurse’s news, they immediately rushed over.

“Don’t be anxious!”

“O blood type, follow me.”

“Yes, sir!”

The few of them immediately followed the nurse to the blood transfusion room.

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