I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Critical Situation!

Two hours later.

The door of the operating theater was pushed open again. The attending doctor took off his mask and walked out.

“Director He, how is Qin Yuan’s condition?”

Kang Lei hurriedly asked.

“How is he! Doctor!”

“Is our company commander alright?”

The people from the logistics company looked nervously at the attending doctor.

“His condition is stable now.”

“During the treatment, his heart stopped beating several times.”

“But miraculously, he regained signs of life.”

“This is also the first time I’ve seen someone with such tenacious vitality.”

“We’ve already cleaned up all the shattered bones.”

“Let’s see if he can survive this night.”

The attending doctor sighed in shock.

Qin Yuan’s vitality was too tenacious. The attending doctor had never seen such a person in his many years of medical practice.

“It’s good that you’re still alive!”

“Thank you for your hard work, Director He!”

“I believe that he will definitely be able to make it through.”

“The wind and waves are all lying down.”

Kang Lei’s tense expression also relaxed.

At least Qin Yuan was still alive.

However, his expression, which had just calmed down, frowned slightly again.

“Director He! Can he still be a soldier in the future?”


The attending doctor was shocked.

“How can he still be a soldier in his current condition!”

“It’ll be fine if he recovers.”

“If he doesn’t recover well, he’ll have to spend the rest of his life in bed.”

The attending doctor’s expression was serious as he described Qin Yuan’s condition firmly. As a doctor, he would not hide Qin Yuan’s condition.

It was a miracle that Qin Yuan could survive in such a situation.

Qin Yuan’s physical fitness was different from ordinary people. A normal person would have died long ago if they encountered such a situation.

“It’s good that you’re alive, it’s good that you’re alive.”

Kang Lei sighed twice, his face still filled with regret.

“Qin Yuan is such a great soldier. If not for this unfortunate incident, considering his background and abilities, his future would have been very promising!”

“Sigh! The heavens are really jealous of talents!”

Bi Guotao’s face was dark and gloomy.

It was the first time he had encountered such a good soldier in so many years.

However, something like this happened.

At this moment, Zheng Xiaohu and the others rushed over from the blood transfusion room. After the blood transfusion, they lay down in the lounge for a while and immediately ran over.


“How is our company commander?”

The few of them hurriedly asked about Qin Yuan’s situation.

“He’s in a coma! It depends on his situation tonight.”

The attending doctor patiently told them about Qin Yuan’s condition.

“You guys go back and rest first!”

“The political commissar and I can stay here!”

Kang Lei looked at the exhausted people and comforted them.

“Sir! We’re not tired!”

“We’ll guard outside!”

“We’ll go back when the commander wakes up.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“We’ll wait outside!”

The eyes of the few people in the logistics company were red. They had just finished drawing blood, and their faces were slightly pale.

Kang Lei saw that he couldn’t dissuade them, so he let them be.

“Old Bi! You stay here and guard.”

“I’ll make a call!”

“Alright!’ After saying that, Kang Lei picked up his phone and walked out of the door.

At this moment! In the courtyard of the Southeast Military Region.

An old man with a head full of white hair was reading today’s international military news on the table.

“Grandpa Qin! Come down quickly!”

“You promised me that you would bring me to Brother Qin Yuan today.”

“You can’t go back on your word!”

A young girl around the age of seventeen or eighteen called out from outside the door. The old man also took off his presbyopic glasses and looked at the girl who walked in from the door with a loving expression. “Xiaoxiao, why are you here?”

It was Miao Xiaoxiao, the granddaughter of his old comrade, Miao Zhenjiang.

She had grown up with Qin Yuan and could be considered childhood sweethearts with Qin Yuan.

“Grandpa Qin! How many times have you promised me?”

“Not once!”

“I don’t care. You have to bring me to see Brother Qin Yuan today!”

The young girl pouted her little mouth and snuggled up to the old man in a coquettish manner. She was very cute. “What’s wrong?”

“How long has it been since we last met? Is the little girl starting to miss love?”

The old man grinned as he looked at the girl.

The more he looked at this granddaughter, the more he loved her!


“Grandpa Qin, you’re disrespectful!” The girl’s cheeks instantly flushed red.

Being provoked by the old man’s words, the young girl’s heart pounded.

Ring, ring, ring…

The old-fashioned phone on the table rang.


“Old Qin, Qin Yuan is seriously injured!”

“The situation is critical!”

Kang Lei said shakily on the other end of the phone.


The old man’s face suddenly darkened. Hearing the news, the old man’s expression instantly became serious.

The young girl was also frightened by the old man’s sudden appearance.

“Grandpa Qin! What happened?”

The girl hurriedly asked. “Xiaoxiao! You go back first.”

“Or you can stay here and ask your Grandma Qin to make you something to eat.”

“There’s something going on in the army. Grandpa has to go over!”

The old man put down his phone and immediately said to Miao Xiaoxiao. He did not dare to tell Miao Xiaoxiao about Qin Yuan. If this girl knew that something had happened to Qin Yuan, she would cry to death. “Grandpa Qin! I’ll go too.”

“You promised to bring me to the army to see Brother Qin Yuan!”

Miao Xiaoxiao did not know about Qin Yuan’s injury and thought that the old man was patronizing her again. “Xiaoxiao! This is military!”

“Stay at home first. I’ll definitely bring you there next time.”

The old man looked at Miao Xiaoxiao kindly. “Alright then! Grandpa Qin!”

“Next time, don’t go back on your word!”

Miao Xiaoxiao didn’t try to be pretentious. From the old man’s eyes and expression, she knew that something big must have happened.

The old man didn’t say anything else. He picked up the military coat on the hanger and put it on before walking out. “Little Zhou! Buy me a train ticket to the military hospital now.”

The old man walked to the door and immediately ordered.

“Old Chief…”

“It’ll take five hours to get there by train!”

Xiao Zhou, the guard, was also stunned when he heard that.

Old Chief Qin was an old leader who had survived the Vietnam War. He had experienced the country’s most difficult times. Now that the country’s economy had developed, the old man had been thrifty. The spirit of thrift had always been engraved in his bones.

“Then send me to the military hospital as fast as you can!”

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, Xiao Zhou immediately informed the security platoon of the military compound.

After a while, Xiao Zhou led the old man to the helicopter. After boarding the plane, they rushed to the military hospital. Half an hour later, the helicopter landed steadily at the airport of the military hospital.

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