I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 A Blessing in Disguise!

“Old Chief!”

“Hello, Old Chief!”

After informing Old Qin, they also knew that Old Chief Qin was coming over. Kang Lei and Bi Guotao had been waiting at the hospital’s airport for a long time.

“Yes! How’s the situation?”

The dignified voice of the old man echoed.

Despite being in his sixties, the aura of battlefield experience and authority emanated from him.

“Qin Yuan risked his life to save his comrades!”

“Now he is severely injured, with multiple broken bones in his body!”

“He’s stable for now!”

“However, he might not be able to continue being a soldier in the future.”

Kang Lei patiently explained Qin Yuan’s situation.

“Bring me there!”

The old man looked sad.

The moment he received the notice, his heart tightened. In such a situation, it was already very fortunate that he could survive.

With that, the old man was led to the intensive care unit.

He looked at the people from the logistics company who were already sleeping on the ground at the door. The old man didn’t say anything. He walked around them and walked into the intensive care unit.

Zheng Xiaohu immediately woke up when he heard the sound. He saw an old man with white hair. The old man’s eyes were firm, and his body emitted a strong and dignified aura. Although he was already old, he still revealed a faint killing intent!

The regiment commander and political commissar followed closely behind the old man.


Zheng Xiaohu called out.

“Okay, don’t talk!”

“This is your company commander’s grandfather!”

“He was once the God of War of our military region.”

Kang Lei explained when he saw Zheng Xiaohu’s puzzled expression.

“So, the Company Commander has such a background!”

Zheng Xiaohu didn’t say anything. He thought that it made sense. Otherwise, how could the company commander be so strong? It turned out that his grandfather was very strong.

The old man quietly looked at Qin Yuan on the hospital bed. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. It was impossible to say that her heart did not ache.

He had watched Qin Yuan grow up. Qin Yuan had also inherited his beliefs and joined the army.

“Old Chief!”

“Don’t worry…Qin Yuan will wake up.”

Kang Lei looked at the old man’s sad expression and comforted him.

“Yes! I’m fine!”

“That’s right, that’s what soldiers should do!”

“This kid didn’t disappoint me!”

The old man forced himself to say it, but his tears kept falling. His wrinkled and old hands trembled as he stroked Qin Yuan’s cheek.

Kang Lei and the others didn’t say anything. They just quietly walked out of the ICU, leaving some private space for Elder Qin.

“You brat! I really don’t know if letting you join the army was right or wrong!”

The old man also had his own selfishness. Although Qin Yuan was a soldier, he was also his grandson.

Seeing Qin Yuan so seriously injured, the old man’s heart ached. The old man stayed in Qin Yuan’s ward for almost two hours before he got up and walked out.

“Old Chief…’ When Kang Lei saw the old man walk out, he immediately went up to him.

“Yes! Let him have a good rest!”

“You guys can go back first! I’ll just stand guard here!” The old man said directly.

“Old Chief, you should go and rest first!”

“Leave this to us. We will inform you as soon as Qin Yuan wakes up!”

“I’m fine! You guys go back first!”

Kang Lei couldn’t say anything else. In Qin Yuan’s situation, even if the old general went back, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. After all, there were some matters in the army waiting for him.

He turned around and gave a few instructions to Zheng Xiaohu.

“Second Platoon Leader, find a soldier to guard here with you!”

“Let the others go back and rest first!”

“We don’t need so many people here.”

“Let them go back and have a good rest!”

Kang Lei looked at the exhausted soldiers lying on the ground and felt a little heartache.

“Yes, sir!”

In the end, Zheng Xiaohu and Geng Hu stayed behind.

The rest of the soldiers were unwilling to go back. In the end, when Zheng Xiaohu asked them to come over tomorrow morning to change shifts, they reluctantly went back to rest.

Inside the ward!

Qin Yuan still did not wake up, but his consciousness had already woken up. “Hmm? Am I dead?”

Qin Yuan was puzzled. “Host, you are now in a serious coma!”

“Your body is severely damaged.”

“The huge impact of the waves has almost shattered all the bones in the host’s body.”

“Without the system, the host would have died long ago!”

Qin Yuan was speechless. “Will it kill you to pretend huh!”

“What the system said is true!”

“The system activated the protection mechanism at the last moment!”

“I used half of the host’s skill points to exchange for the Vitality Liquid!”

“That’s how the host’s life was saved. A normal person would have died long ago!”

Qin Yuan thought about it and it seemed to be the case.

“Looks like the system is still the best!” Qin Yuan also praised.

He recalled the moment the wave hit him. He felt as if he had been hit by a huge rock that weighed a few thousand pounds.

He instantly felt it. His body could not withstand the huge impact at all. The moment he was rescued, he lost consciousness.


“System, what did you just say?”


“You used up half of my skill points?”

“That’s 200,000 Skill Points!”

“I paid a great price to keep that.”


The System was speechless.

“Host, I saved your life…”

“Your life…”

Not to mention the mere 200,000 yuan.

Even a million yuan would not be enough to buy a life! Qin Yuan did not argue with it and quickly checked his body. He would not know if he did not look, but when he saw himself, he was shocked.

Other than the two ribs in front of his heart, his little guy, and the bones in his head, the rest of his body was shattered.

Fortunately, there was a white warm current nourishing and repairing it. It should be the vitality liquid that the system mentioned. Seeing that his bones were slowly recovering, Qin Yuan asked again.

“System, how long will it take for me to wake up at this recovery speed?”

“The host needs two hours to wake up.’ “Then, when can I recover?”

Qin Yuan was also a little worried. He was too seriously injured this time. Looking at his injuries, there was still a month before the military exercise. If he could not recover, these two months would have been wasted.

“According to the recovery rate of the vitality liquid, the host will need at least half a month to recover.”

“Moreover, the bones and muscles repaired by the Vitality liquid will be different from ordinary people. The bones will be many times harder than others, and the muscles will be firmer! ”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that even if a bullet hits the bone, it won’t hurt at all.”

“You can do this?”

“Then the 200,000 you cheated me of is worth it!”

System: @#¥ ¥!#%…..

Qin Yuan also felt the benefits of the Vitality liquid.

Although the pain was very intense when his bones were being repaired, he did not make a sound. The main problem was also that he could not make a sound. He also knew that this was a blessing in disguise.

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