I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I’m Taking This Soldier

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“This soldier has no regard for military discipline!”

“What did the 1st Battalion say?” Bi Guotao continued.

“Right now, no one in all 3 companies of that battalion dares to hire him! Isn’t this kicking the ball to me?”

“Although this kind of soldier is a thorn in the side! However, there are also good seedlings that are hard to tame!”

“Yup! He’s too wild.”

“Why don’t you give it to the logistics company?” Bi Guotao continued.

“We can’t just throw all the soldiers to the logistics company!” Kang Lei said helplessly.

“Then, except for the first Battalion, call the company commanders of the other two battalions over. Let’s see who dares to take this soldier.” Bi Guotao said.

“I guess this is the only way!”

“Xiao Wu! Come in for a moment!” After saying that, Kang Lei shouted towards the door.

“Reporting! Regiment commander, what’s the matter?”

“Except for the first Battalion, go and call the company commanders of the other two battalions over!”

“Oh right! Tell the 1st Battalion to send that soldier over,” Kang Lei ordered.


The security guard, Xiao Wu, received the order and retreated.

At this moment!

Qin Yuan was having the entire logistics company stand at attention.

“Commander Qin! I just received a notice from the team headquarters. The team leader wants you to go to the team headquarters this afternoon!”

Zhou Qing, who had just finished a call, walked up to Qin Yuan and said.

“Did he say what is it regarding?”

“He didn’t say anything. He just wants you and the other company commanders to make a trip over.”


“Then, commander Qin, I’ll go with you later!”


“Deputy company commander Liu, instructor Zhou and I will go to the headquarters. You will lead the team for training.”

“Everyone, stand at attention for another hour. Let them have a good rest in the afternoon!” Qin Yuan said.

The two days of intense physical fitness training had indeed made the soldiers of the logistics company suffer.

Their body and mind were already exhausted to a certain extent. Qin Yuan also knew that he had to give them an appropriate amount of rest.


After speaking, Qin Yuan got into Zhou Qing’s car and headed to the team headquarters.

At this moment!

Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing had just arrived at the headquarters.

Just as he walked to the entrance of the regiment commander’s office, he heard all sorts of shirking from the inside.

“Regiment commander! Our 9th company really can’t handle this soldier!”

“Yup! Regiment commander! Who would want a soldier who smashed the company commander’s office?”

“Please don’t make things difficult for us! Why don’t you give it to the logistics company?”

At this moment! The company commanders of the other two battalions had arrived at the regimental commander’s office and were having a heated debate.

Iron Fist’s leader, Kang Lei, also felt a headache as he looked at the people in front of him.

At this moment! Qin Yuan looked at a soldier who was standing in the corner.

He was not just big, but his body was also burly!

He stood in the corner of the office with a bruise at the corner of his eye, his eyes still full of disdain!

Qin Yuan looked at the burly soldier in front of him and a set of data immediately appeared in his mind.

[ Name: Geng Hu ]

[ Physique: 20 ]

[ The explosive power of both arms is extremely strong. The system estimates that a full-force punch can reach about 100 kilograms of force. ]

[ Weak endurance but extremely explosive power. ]

“This kid has the best physique I’ve ever seen since I arrived here.”

“That’s right. It seems like we’re here because of him today!” Qin Yuan thought to himself.

“This soldier! Our logistics company is wants him!”

The sudden voice shocked everyone and they couldn’t help but look outside!

At this moment!

The crowd saw a young commander and the instructor of the logistics company, Zhou Qing, walk in.

They recognized Zhou Qing, but they had never seen this young commander before.

“Qin Yuan, you guys are here!” Commander Kang Lei chuckled as he looked at Qin Yuan.

“Reporting! Regiment commander, we’re late!”

“You’re not late. They just arrived not long ago. After all, your station is quite far away.”

“Come! Let me introduce him to you all. This is the commander of the logistics company, Qin Yuan!” Kang Lei introduced.

“So you’re commander Qin! How are you, commander Qin?”

“Commander Qin, how are you?”

“Hello, commander Qin! You’re really young!”

The company commanders of the various companies also greeted Qin Yuan one by one.

Therefore, commander Kang Lei introduced everyone to Qin Yuan one by one.

“This is the Sharpshooter of the 2nd Battalion, the commander of the fourth company, Ma Zhendong.”

“This is Huang Lei, the commander of Huang Jiguang’s company from the 2nd Battalion.”

“This is Feng Guanghua, the company commander of the 6th company of the 2nd Battalion.”

“This is the 3rd Battalion’s 7th Steel company’s commander, Xu Qianyou.”

“This is the commander of the 3rd Battalion’s reconnaissance company, Miao Kewu!”

“This is the commander of the 3rd Battalion, 9th company, Nie Rongkun.”

At this moment!

Qin Yuan looked at the company commanders of the various companies!

Qin Yuan’s logistics company was under the regiment and was under their direct jurisdiction.

That was why he didn’t know many of them.

“Good day, company commanders! I just arrived and heard your discussion when I was outside.”

“Since you guys don’t want this soldier, then our logistics company will take him.”

Qin Yuan looked at the soldiers in front of him and said to the company commanders.

“Commander Qin is right! We really don’t dare to keep this soldier. Company commander Qin, you’re still young and talented!”

“A soldier like him is the most suitable to go to your logistics company to rear pigs.”

“Besides, the logistics company only plants vegetables and raises pigs, so there’s not much trouble to be had,” The commander of the ninth company said.

“Nie Rongkun, what is that supposed to mean!”

Behind Qin Yuan, Zhou Qing’s anger was instantly ignited when he heard the words of the 9th company’s commander. He clenched his fists and wanted to rush forward.

“Old Zhou!” Qin Yuan raised his arm and blocked Zhou Qing’s path.

Zhou Qing, who was about to make a move, was instantly stopped.

Qin Yuan also knew that the commander of the 9th company was laughing at their logistics company for being only fit to raise pigs.

How could Qin Yuan not hear these words?

“That’s not what I meant, instructor Zhou!”


Looking at the commander of the 9th company in front of him, Zhou Qing was filled with anger.

Qin Yuan looked at the furious Zhou Qing, then looked at the commander of the 9th company and said, “Although our logistics company is under the regimental headquarters! But in the future, if you want to join the logistics company, that will depend on whether I, Qin Yuan, want you or not!”

“If I, Qin Yuan, refused, no one can get in! Commander of the 9th company, do you understand?”

Qin Yuan looked at the commander of the 9th company and said with a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes.

At this moment! The atmosphere in the office instantly turned cold.

Captain Kang Lei looked at the atmosphere in front of him and quickly said, ”

“AI! Alright, what are you guys doing? do you guys want to fight in my Regiment commander’s office?”

“Since Qin Yuan wants this soldier, you can all go back!”

“Yes, Regiment commander!”

“Yes! Regiment commander!”

“Then we’ll go back first.”

After that, they walked out of the office one after another.

Before he left, the commander of the 9th company kept staring at Qin Yuan with disdain.

“Hmph… What’s a student officer who just graduated from a military school acting all high and mighty for? He’s just putting on a show!”

“If we weren’t in the Regiment commander’s office, I would definitely beat him up.”

The 9th company’s commander said resentfully as he walked out the door.

“Alright! Let’s go! Why are you competing with the logistics company?” The commander of the 7th company continued.

And their words were all heard by Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan’s beginner radar warning skill’s current effective detection range was all things and sounds within a radius of 200 meters.

“Just you wait! In the future, if I don’t beat you up until you cry, then I’m not Qin Yuan.”

“The logistics company will be a name that even you will tremble in fear.”

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