I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Previous Record-maker!

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“What? 14 minutes and 38 seconds.”

“Doesn’t that mean that he has broken the team’s record of 20kg for 5km cross-country training?”

“Something’s wrong! That’s 40 kg ah!”

Zhou Qing couldn’t help but feel deeply shocked.

“The company commander is too awesome!”

“Yup! The company commander is too abnormal!”

“F*ck! Is the company commander that awesome? He only took 14 minutes and 38 seconds for the 40kg cross-country training. I’m really impressed.”

“I didn’t expect the company commander to be so awesome. Since when is our logistics company able to break these military physical fitness records?”

“Who would believe this! That’s too abnormal!”

At this moment! The surrounding soldiers were all stunned and couldn’t help but discuss among themselves.

They were once again deeply shocked by the new company commander, Qin Yuan.

“All soldiers of the logistics company! Do you all still think that our logistics company is the weakest?”

“Do you guys still think that our logistics company can’t break these military records?” Deputy company commander Liu Ye took this opportunity to shout.

At this moment! The soldiers were silent for a long time.

“Therefore! We all have to learn from our company commander. As long as you guys are willing to train hard, the next record might be broken by you guys!”

“Everyone, do you understand?” Liu Ye encouraged the soldiers of the logistics company.


At this moment! The deafening sound reverberated on the mountaintop.

The soldiers of the logistics company who were present expressed their thoughts in a deafening voice.

“Good! All of you! Turn around.”

“Go back and bring our fallen brothers back to the camp.” Liu Ye loudly ordered.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for strengthening a soldier’s sense of honor. You have been rewarded with 1000 skill points.”

The system’s voice rang in Qin Yuan’s mind again.


“This Liu Ye is not bad! His encouragement allows me to get skill points.” Qin Yuan muttered in his heart.

All the soldiers of the logistics company who had reached the finish line ran up and down quickly.

At this moment!

In the Ironfist regiment’s office!

Captain Kang Lei was busy dealing with the daily military affairs of the Iron Fist.

“Hahaha! Old Kang, have you heard?”

The political commissar, Bi Guotao, walked in with a big smile.

“Old Bi, how many years has it been? You’re still shouting like this.” Kang Lei laughed.

“What made you so happy?”

“You don’t know this, but Qin Yuan is really something! The moment he joined the logistics company, they were trained to the point where they were howling like a group of wolf cubs.”

“And Qin Yuan even broke the record of our Iron Fist regiment’s cross-country training since its establishment.” Bi Guotao replied with a smile.

“A five-kilometer cross-country training?”

“Wait a minute! He’s not going to take the logistics company with him and do such high-intensity training, is he? I know those guys. Running 3 kilometers with light gear can almost kill them. If they have to run 5 kilometers with full gear, they’ll all collapse!”

“Yup! Do you know how much time it took for this kid to finish running?”

“14 minutes and 38 seconds! He’s even faster than you, the previous record keeper, by a minute.”

“You’re the one who set the record for our Iron Fist regiment back then. Qin Yuan broke it!” Bi Guotao laughed.

“The future generations are to be feared! He’s a good soldier.”

“Old chief Qin’s family is indeed different.” Kang Lei was extremely shocked.

“Hahaha! Don’t be so shocked yet, you might be frightened later.” Bi Guotao said, trying to keep the suspense.

“You old man, you’re still trying to play suspense with me. Tell me quickly, or don’t drink my specially supplied top-quality Tie Guan Yin.”

“Hahaha! Why are you so anxious!”

“Not only did Qin Yuan break the record you set, he even carried a 40kg load.”

“What? 40 kg.” Kang Lei was surprised.

If it had been an average 15kg weight, Kang Lei would have been a little shocked, but a 40kg weight was a huge shock to him.

As the record-maker of the previous record, he was the only one who could break the record.

He knew how difficult it was to finish a 5-kilometer cross-country training in 14 minutes and 38 seconds with a 15kg weight, but he didn’t dare to think about 40kg.

“He’s a good seedling for the Special Forces! He might have even surpassed the strength of the Special Forces.”

“Hahaha! It seems like I’ve picked up a treasure.”

After all, he knew how difficult the selection of Special Forces was.

Every year, very few regiments in every Military Region would be selected by the Special Forces.

If this year’s Iron Fist regiment was selected for the Special Forces!

Even if there was only one, it would be a very big deal.

“I just heard the report from logistics instructor Zhou Qing. I have a feeling that Qin Yuan is still hiding his strength.” Bi Guotao continued.

“It seems like we made the right choice.”

“With Qin Yuan taking over the logistics company, perhaps this year’s military exercise will be interesting.” Kang Lei suddenly said.

“Although it’s not bad, I really don’t know if the logistics company can withstand Qin Yuan’s training method.”

“Don’t worry! Since you’re letting him take charge, let him do it his way.”

“I’d like to see how this logistics company will turn out under Qin Yuan’s leadership.”

Just as Kang Lei finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.


“Come in!”

“Reporting to Regiment commander and Political commissar! This is the document that the 1st Battalion just sent over, please review it!” Said the guard, Xiao Wu.

Kang Lei took the document and started reading.

“Interesting! There are quite a few troublesome soldiers this year.”

“What’s wrong?” Bi Guotao asked hurriedly.

“There’s a new recruit from 2nd company who beat up their platoon leader during training.”

“After that, it went to their company commander. After he was punished, he was still unconvinced and then smashed the company commander’s office.”

“The platoon leader is still in the hospital,” Kang Lei said helplessly.

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