I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages

Chapter 366 - Chapter 366: Acidic body fluid (3) _2

Chapter 366: Acidic body fluid (3) _2

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The reason why Roger failed to find it during the ” angry sea blood vortex ” period was that .

It was because the Starship had been pulled over by Turing with a high-level energy source called ” immemorial ” the moment it was born.

However, there was a slight deviation in the pulling process.

The position of the Starship was also stranded below the Jade Phoenix nest.

For this reason.


Turing had no choice but to use a large number of large excavators to search and locate them.

It was only recently that he had solved the problem of the route and developed the Starship itself.

Because it involved the abnormal situation of derovas.

The sea snake Queen personally observed it in secret.

She was certain that derovas’s men were currently near the first bridge of the Starship.

And Roger’s current position.

It was on the third bridge of the Starship with the sequence ‘010’.

“This is probably the true cause of this underground war!” the Jade Phoenix nest is a precious treasure for hongye to burn its scales, but for Turing, it’s definitely not to the point where he would need to mobilize a large force.

“The reason why Turing attacked the ruins of the Jade Phoenix nest was probably to distract Hong ye … In fact, this war itself was just a probing game between them …

Hong ye wanted to protect the Jade Phoenix nest!

Turing was going to develop 010!

The two sides are already afraid of each other, so they might as well fight on the surface. Anyway, they won’t die …”

Thinking of this .

Many of Roger’s doubts were suddenly resolved.

There was no direct conflict of interest between red leaf and Turing.

It was only because the things they cared about were too close to them that they had to fight in order to show the attitude of a defender.

He had found out the true cause of the war.

Roger also figured out the main content of the two lines related to the ” Queen’s Commission –

On the red leaves ‘side.

The entry point must be the Jade Phoenix nest.

Why did this guy use the great mountain-protecting formation to roast his tail every day?

Did he have any thoughts about the Jade Phoenix?

What would he do after he achieved his goal?

On Turing’s side.

The key was the covanas and the Starship.

Roger had found out from the divination earlier.

Turing was the ” Saint of the foreign race ” that led the covanas back to their homeland, according to the prophecy of the covanas! That is, if the prophecy and divination were correct. It was easy to guess what Turing was thinking.

“He wants to leave kuinan on this Starship?”

but the damage to the interior of this Starship is no less than the one in the ruins of derovas ..

Beside the ship.

Roger gradually gathered his thoughts and thanked Cecilia with the divine badge.

This piece of information was of utmost importance to him.

He had figured out the source of the Starship.

Roger would have a chance to show off his skills!

Considering that Turing’s troops were still exploring near the first bridge, he had a huge advantage!

As long as he could get into ‘010’s’ main command room ‘before Turing.

Roger would be able to gain absolute control of this Starship.

If it was any other Starship.

He didn’t have a clue.

However, if it was the ship that should have appeared in the blood vortex in the angry sea …

Roger happened to know a shortcut to the main command room!

With this thought .

He decided to go straight to the root!

However, before they entered the Starship.

Roger planned to change his appearance.

Although the Queen’s intelligence was unlikely to go wrong, if they ran into someone on the Starship, a fake identity meant that there would at least be room for mediation.

“Oh, what avatar should I use?” Roger pondered for a moment.

Not long after.

He had thought of a good candidate.

In the first bridge.

An intense battle that had lasted for a long time had finally come to an end.

“Invader! You will all be destroyed!”

The mechanical voice came to a sad end. A 10-meter tall giant machine collapsed.


Sparks flew in all directions.

A large number of parts were scattered all over the ground.

And with the destruction of this machine …

The door to the second bridge was finally opened.

The people on the drovas side finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The sentries were cleaning up the battlefield meticulously.

A group of people in neat uniforms walked past them and went directly to the gate of the second bridge.

They looked at the shadows in the dark with serious expressions.

One of them let out a low sigh.

‘010’ has been sunken for too long. The guards on the ship have been corrupted into monsters, and they have become an obstacle to our progress.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

“It wouldn’t be strange if someone had entered the command room before us.” The man looked like he was in his thirties, but there were many wrinkles on his forehead.

His uniform was well-ironed, and his back was straight. Only his two eyes, one big and one small, affected his dignity.

However, the others looked at him with respect and admiration.

Because he was the founder of derovas[ Saint Turing ].

my Lord, I think the nightmare Dragon won’t dare to leave the ruins of the Jade

Phoenix nest . . .

A man with an old face bowed and said,

as for the others, who else knows about the Starship that just left the ocean abyss? ‘

Turing shook his head in silence.

His eyes were extremely sharp, as if they could see through the thick darkness and see things that ordinary people couldn’t.

Everyone was silent.

After a while.

Turing kept the misty fire in his eyes and said slowly,

“Although it’s just a premonition,’immemorial’ still feels uneasy.”

we have to speed up. While the main force attacks the second bridge, I would like to send an advance force to the gate to gather intelligence..

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