Last Shelter Online

267 Magic Resist

An opponent that looked promising had appeared before Hiro. A beta tester? That was the only way to get a legendary set in a very short time.

Hiro checked the profile of the female player in front of him.

[Level 105. Diana. The War Goddess.]

Even from the level and title that the woman was currently using, Hiro could tell that she was far better than the line of players who served as the guard wall for the human team’s power generator.

“I didn’t expect that our second meeting would be in a place like this. In the battle arena, as an enemy? Truly, the future is unpredictable.”

Hiro raised an eyebrow. The woman just gave him a sweet smile, as if she was speaking in amazement. Besides, one thing that made Hiro have a pile of questions in his head was, when was their first meeting?

“When did I meet you before?”

The sweet smile on the woman’s face instantly disappeared, and the corners of her lips seemed to be throbbing slowly. Her tone then changed to a very disappointed one. “You don’t remember?”

“Hahhhh… it turns out you’re the same as most men I’ve ever met and known. Forgetting everything, including the importance of meeting someone for the first time so easily.”

Hiro really sucked at understanding women.

Diana suddenly pulled out her other weapon. She hid the wand, and now in her hand appeared a round shield and a spear that was the same color as her armor. It was in gold and looked expensive. Even so, Hiro was a little relieved when he found out that the two weapons were not legendary weapons.

“Are you going to attack me, or do we need more time to talk?” Hiro was still trying to buy time. Based on his calculations, the floating market would appear again in five minutes, and he hoped Liberty would come back to save him with her unique idea.

“You broke my heart, NightFall. Don’t you know what a woman can do when they’re heartbroken?”


Hiro’s eyes widened in surprise when suddenly a whip landed right in front of his feet until sparks shot out from above the ground. The whip came from the spear that Diana carried. It could turn into a whip, and Hiro really didn’t expect it.

“How can I break your heart?”

One more question and the woman got even angrier. Not giving Hiro any chance, she turned the whip into a spear again and threw it at him quickly.




Another attack that Hiro couldn’t dodge. The weapon suddenly disappeared as it shot through the air.

Hiro’s left shoulder was already gushing blood as the spear’s blade plunged into it. It was so deep that it pierced through behind his back.

Hiro pulled out the spear and succeeded, but the pain he felt was unbearable. He realized that he should not underestimate an angry woman.

“She’s dangerous.”

Hiro had no other choice but to focus on fighting against the woman.

Diana walked gracefully towards Hiro. Now the distance between them was only one meter, and the spear that Hiro had just released returned to the woman’s hand just like that.

She was quite tall. From her stature and graceful demeanor, Hiro was sure that she might have registered as a Miss Universe candidate or something before focusing on playing games as a beta tester.

Wait– a beta tester?

If that was the case, did that mean the woman was a beta tester who survived the attacks of the hackers? Like what happened to Liberty?

Hiro was about to ask the woman something, but the spear suddenly turned back into a whip and wrapped around his body before he realized it.

In the next second, Hiro’s body seemed to be pulled so tightly towards the woman that their faces were now almost touching.

“Hmmmm… such a pretty boy. I wonder why I fell in love with you at first sight. And later on, I can’t stop thinking about you like a madman. But you never accept my friend’s request, don’t you?”

The woman spoke with different kinds of emotions that melded into one. Hiro shut his lips tightly. He didn’t know what to say at a time like this. He had never met a girl who was so frank with him when she liked him.

However, luck was on Hiro’s side again. Suddenly, a notification appeared in unison. It announced that someone managed to find a special orb for the team buff and activate it using the power generator like before.


[RedDevilz29 has added a special orb to the power generator for Demon Team]

[Generating the power for demon team will begin shortly]

“What?!” The Human team exclaimed the same words in unison. They couldn’t believe it because the demon team managed to get one more orb now.

Hiro made good use of the opportunity by releasing the demon claws from his left hand and tearing the whip apart with one try.


Hiro turned back to take some distance. His unexpected action took Diana by surprise. The expression on the woman’s face was between admiration and anger.

[Magic resistant, no magician can stop us for 5 minutes]

[kill them all]

Only the demon team could know the type of buff they got from the power generator.

Hiro smiled. At least he had an armor strong enough to deal with the troublesome and unexpected attacks from the magicians.

Diana, who got very upset again, immediately threw the whip once again at Hiro.

However, Hiro already knew the trick for that unique weapon now. Even though it was not a legendary weapon, it still seemed to be included in the special weapon category because it had a unique skill that could change shape and disappear within a few seconds when attacking.

[Demon’s eyes]

There was nothing that couldn’t be seen with the demon’s eyes.


Hiro managed to catch the whip that was aimed at him. When it was caught like that, the whip that had changed to invisible mode appeared again, showing its presence.

Diana, who was holding the tip of the whip, tried to pull it with all her strength, but it was in vain. Hiro was stronger, and he was ready to take down the woman.

“Let it go or I will make it worse!” Diana hissed, getting angrier at being trapped like that.

Hiro didn’t let it go.

“Are you challenging me?”


Hiro could feel an electric shock startling him, and he reflexively held his breath. However, because of the buff he got from the power generator, the damage from the electricity flowing through the whip was zero.

“I warned you already about that.” Diana smiled again with satisfaction when she saw Hiro’s body covered in thin blue electricity.

However, that smile vanished in an instant as Hiro suddenly smirked while looking at her.

“Well, it was very ticklish. Was this your strongest attack?”

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