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268 Little Help

While trying to recall the appearance of the woman standing in front of him, Hiro started to remember something. As the expression on the woman’s face changed from angry, annoyed, to a little scared because the electric attack didn’t kill Hiro like the piggy man before, Hiro remembered where he had seen the girl.

“Come here.” Hiro pulled the whip with his right hand. It caused Diana to be pulled closer, hitting his body.

Hiro held onto the woman’s waist as she nearly fell over after hitting him hard.

“I remember now. You’re the girl who got lost in the woods, huh?” Hiro said while looking at the woman’s round eyes fixedly.

“You hid on a big tree branch and couldn’t get down. I even remembered what you said to me before I caught you from the top of that tree.”

Hearing what Hiro said made Diana gulp nervously. She didn’t move and just stared at him earnestly. Hiro had no idea that the woman’s heart was beating faster than before. She really meant it when she said she liked Hiro and tried to find him.

“You were afraid of the night monsters that roamed on that spot, and you were also afraid of jumping down even when morning had come. So, you just sat in the tree and prayed for someone to find you. And that person was me.”

Diana nodded in amazement. She didn’t expect that Hiro would remember that detail even though at the beginning the man said he didn’t recognize her.

Hiro made the woman stand up straight and looked back at her.

“You are completely different from before. How could I have realized that you two are the same person?”

The frightened woman used to only wear a dress from an expensive brand that could be purchased through the Marketplace. There was no need to ask about their social status, because it was certain that the Beta Testers were indeed from rich people.

“What do you mean? Did you just insult me? I didn’t change my visual one bit,” muttered Diana. She got annoyed again and pouted her lips cutely.

“Do you always judge people that way?” Hiro asked. He couldn’t believe the reaction he got from the compliment he had just given to the woman.

Diana was silent.

“I mean your courage. Look at you now, killing a huge man with one hit. Meanwhile, back then, you didn’t even dare to jump down from a height of two meters.”

Diana suddenly blushed. She just realized that Hiro was complimenting her.

“Well, are you going to stop me now?” Hiro asked, returning his focus to the game he was playing.

Diana stared at him for a few seconds, then shrugged her shoulders lazily. “From the start, I was just playing this game for fun. I’m not interested in winning. You can destroy the power generator, NightFall,” she said, making the human team who gathered at the place protested and disagreed.


“Has that woman gone mad?”

“Kill them both!”

After the time had passed since the huge man had been killed, the human team lineup surrounding the place had grown rapidly. Even all the leaders of the Immortal Knights were already standing there. Dominic was leading them as usual. Only their assassins were not seen on the team. It didn’t seem to be seen in the demon team either.

“This time, you won’t be able to escape, NightFall,” King_Val growled, getting tired of chasing Hiro and running from here and there around the arena.

Hiro really had to come up with an idea to be able to escape from that place. He doubted he could destroy the generator without getting someone killed.

Moreover, the only weapon that could be used to kill hundreds of people at once was the Gatling gun. With that weapon, he wasn’t sure he could control his power. So, the chance he couldn’t kill other people was high.

“Do you want to destroy the power generator now or later?” Diana suddenly asked in a very small whisper. Hiro could read the movements of her lips easily due to their full shape.

“Not now,” Hiro replied. He was confident with the decision he made. He didn’t need to rush, especially when he was stuck in a situation like this.

“Well then, I’ll give you a little help.”

Hiro didn’t know what the woman meant until she turned her back to him and looked at the line of her team who were surprised at her action. It was clear that the woman planned on betraying her own team.

Hiro backed away. He knew that the woman would do something unexpected once again as she started pulling the whip and turning it back into a form of spear.

She then spun the spear through the air like a long blade before slamming it firmly onto the ground.


“Lightning sphere,” she muttered, then a line of cracks suddenly spread out from the spear’s tip. Within seconds, a giant dark blue sphere appeared, blocking the human team in front of Diana. It made them look like they had turned into mannequins because they didn’t move an inch.

It even looked like no one was breathing.

“Now run!” she said to Hiro.

Hiro immediately dashed away from that place. In the next second, a very frightening roar of lightning suddenly emerged from behind him.

Kraakkk Booom!

Inside the sphere, it seemed as if a terrible storm had emerged, making everyone in that area hit by the attack.

However, the damage given was not too big because it was influenced by the number of people trapped in it. The more people in the sphere were, the damage done was divided into that number of people. So the attack was very less effective for mass murder. However, the disabler that stopped the time in that area was very useful for assist.


Hiro had reunited with the demon team when he was suddenly flooded with items again that could be purchased through the floating market. That meant thirty minutes had passed since the game started, and he still couldn’t destroy the power generator.

“Damn it!”

Hiro still didn’t know any other way to destroy the power generator other than using his opponent’s power.

Most of the items he received were firecrackers or fireworks, which he didn’t need at the moment.

“Nightfall, are you all right?” RedDevilz29 had returned in front of Hiro. It surprised him a bit.

However, before Hiro could say anything, the man suddenly vomited blood from his mouth and collapsed right in front of his feet.

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