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Chapter 307 - 307 Right Now

307 Right Now

Once Mike heard the warning tone in Su Ming’s words, he first cast a glance at him.

Seeing that the expression on his face was unusually serious and serious, and even the eyes looking at him were a little cold, she felt a little embarrassed.

Mike couldn’t help but become serious, and then he nodded.

“Great Prophet, I understand what you mean. If we need to start a war, then I, Mike, will definitely take responsibility.”

“But if there’s no need to start a war and only need to negotiate, I’ll do my best to protect your safety.”

Su Ming only relaxed a little when he heard Mike’s serious words.

Su Ming cast a glance at the Mike and said, “It’s good that you know this.”

Mike nodded again and could not help but look in Su Ming’s direction.

“In that case, when should we set off, Great Prophet? Is it now?”

When Su Ming heard that, he first looked at Mike, then nodded.

“Right now.”

Once he heard Su Ming’s confirmation, Mike’s expression immediately became even more excited.

“In that case, Great Prophet, I’ll call an elven warrior over to help me take over this position.”

Once Su Ming heard his words, he nodded his head slightly.

Mike immediately found an elven warrior and explained a series of things to him, as well as the things he needed to pay attention to. After that, Mike simply let him take over his position.

Then, he looked in Su Ming’s direction with an excited expression.

“Then, Lord Prophet, shall we set off immediately?”

Su Ming cast him a glance, then nodded slightly and said, “Let’s go now.”

When he heard Su Ming’s words, Mike nodded his head.

After that, the two of them packed up for a while and set out on the road to the Vast Flame Kingdom.

The Vast Flame Kingdom was definitely not close to the Elf Valley, and there was a teleportation gate in the town that could lead to a place near the Vast Flame Kingdom.

This was a portal Su Ming had discovered after a few trips to and fro.

That’s right, Su Ming did not build it himself, but the game’s official developers.

Under such circumstances, Su Ming would naturally not waste so much time traveling and wasting his time.

Very soon, Su Ming and Mike arrived at the portal.

After a moment of dizziness, the two of them appeared at the entrance of a forest.

Once Su Ming got his bearings, he pointed to a direction not too far away.

“It should be over there.”

Mike heard this and immediately spread out his wings.

After flying in the air and observing for a while, Mike quickly flew back down.

“Yes, Great Prophet. I saw the mark left by the Elven Warriors there.”

Su Ming nodded, and the two of them quickly rushed in the direction of the mark.

What was worth mentioning was that Su Ming had left in a hurry this time, so he did not bring his pet and Da Bai.

Therefore, this time, he simply flew in Mike’s hand and experienced the feeling of riding a glider.

After that, the two of them quickly arrived at the place where the mark was left.

The two of them searched around and soon found the elf team stationed there.

When the members of the small team of spirits saw Su Ming, they were both surprised and worried.

The surprise was naturally because he could see Su Ming, the Great Prophet, while he was feeling uneasy about his own fate.

Right then, to many of the members in the Elf Valley, Su Ming was like a stabilizing force.

As long as he was there, no matter what kind of dangerous situation it was, it could be solved easily.

As for the worry…

Naturally, they had also sensed an extremely dangerous aura in this operation.

They were also worried that not only would they not be able to solve the problem, they might even drag Su Ming into it.

To them, this was something that they could not accept.

After all, to them, it did not matter whether they had met with misfortune or not. As long as Su Ming was still around, there was still hope for the Elf Valley to turn the tables.

It had to be said that the fact that these elven Warriors had thought of this was enough to prove how much pressure the behemoth of the Vast Flame Kingdom had put on them.

Once Su Ming saw their actions, he could naturally roughly understand what they were thinking.

However, Su Ming did not linger on this topic. Instead, after thinking about it for a while, he said, “First, tell me what you’ve found in the vicinity.”

“Also, tell me the intensity of the other party’s search. To what extent is it?”

Once they heard Su Ming’s words, the Elf Warriors before them immediately fell into deep thought.

The group exchanged glances for a while before the team leader walked up to Su Ming.

“Great Prophet, this is what has been going on recently.”

After that, the leader-like man explained the general situation of the nearby area to the other party’s carpet search.

Once Su Ming finished listening to the team leader’s story, his expression did not change much. Instead, he looked at the team leader and asked, “So, according to what you said, they will find this place in less than a day, right?”

When the team leader heard Su Ming’s question, his expression froze for a moment, but he still nodded.

“Their search is too intense. It’s as if they’re determined to find us no matter what, so we have no place to hide.”

When he heard the team leader’s words, Su Ming’s expression did not change much. Instead, he patted the team leader in front of him.

“You don’t have to think too much. I’m not questioning your ability.”

“I’m already very surprised that you can persist for so many days in this kind of search and not be discovered. Moreover, you can steadily send back information.”

When he heard Su Ming’s words, the team leader’s expression relaxed a little.

“Then, Great Prophet, what should we do now?”

When Su Ming heard his question, he first cast him a glance, then said something that no one had expected.

“Let’s wait here.”

The moment Su Ming said that, all the Elf Warriors, including the captain, were stunned.

As if he was afraid that he had heard wrong, the Elf Captain scratched his head in confusion. He could not help but ask Su Ming for confirmation.

“Great Prophet, I…did I hear you right?”

Su Ming cast him a glance and shook his head in amusement.

“Is there anything I misheard?”

Hearing this, the Elf Captain was even more confused.

“But if we do that, the other party will discover our existence.”

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