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Chapter 308 - 308 The General Situation

308 The General Situation

All the members of the elf team, including him, did not seem to understand the logic behind Su Ming’s words.

“No, we’re about to be discovered, and once we’re discovered, I’m afraid we’ll have to start a conflict with the other party.”

“Under such circumstances, shouldn’t we leave this place immediately to avoid being discovered?”

“Why did he have to stay here and wait for them to come and find him? Wasn’t this walking right into a trap?”

However, even though his thoughts were in a jumble and he even felt that there were some problems with Su Ming’s command this time…

However, none of the Elven Warriors present raised any objections.

This was because the Su Ming of the past had also given them quite a number of orders that made them extremely confused and could not see through his intentions.

However, they had naturally raised all sorts of questions about Su Ming’s actions.

However, in the end, the results would always tell them that the orders Su Ming gave at that time were the best.

Therefore, even though they were struggling in their hearts, they did not say a word in the end.

Instead, after they looked at each other for a while, the team leader nodded in Su Ming’s direction.

“Then, Great Prophet, let’s clean up the nearby area first.”

“Also, how should we deal with them when they come?”

Su Ming cast a glance in the team leader’s direction. After a moment of silence, he said, “Observe the nearby routes first. Make sure you find an escape route.

“When they find us, I will negotiate with them. If anything goes wrong, you must leave this place immediately.

“Don’t hesitate, and don’t think of a way to save me. I naturally have a way to leave this place. Do you understand?”

When they heard Su Ming’s words, the captain and the other elven Warriors became visibly hesitant.

However, Su Ming swept his gaze across them at that moment and repeated his words.

“Do you understand?”

This time, Su Ming’s tone was much more serious and stern. There was even a hint of warning in his voice.

When the people in the field heard Su Ming’s words, their expressions instantly changed.

After exchanging a few glances with each other, in the end, the team leader took the lead and nodded at Su Ming.

“We understand, Great Prophet. However, if you need any help, you must inform us as soon as possible.”

“No matter what you need to do or what kind of negotiation you have with the other party, in our opinion, none of that is more important than your safety!”

Once Su Ming heard their words, he first swept his gaze across the Elf Warriors in the field.

When he saw the serious look on her face, Su Ming finally nodded.

“Alright, I got it.”

After everyone had confirmed this matter, they gathered together and chatted for a long time.

Su Ming mainly wanted to ask them about the details of the situation during this period of time and how Vast Flame Kingdom reacted.

In the letter, although they did mention these things, they were not the only ones.

However, due to space constraints, they definitely couldn’t write all of these things in the article.

And those details might hide some very important information.

This information might very well affect Su Ming’s judgment of this matter and the direction in which it would eventually lead to.

That was why Su Ming wanted to take advantage of the time before the other party found him to understand what was going on.

This process lasted for about one to two hours.

During this process, besides asking Su Ming about the situation as if he was chatting with him, the elf Warriors also set up a barbeque rack and roasted some meat on it.

During this process, Su Ming also gained a general understanding of the situation.

As the other party’s search was rather strict, the elven Warriors actually had a hard time understanding the situation too clearly.

That was why Su Ming did not manage to obtain much useful information even after they had chatted for so long.

However, from the other party’s style of mobilizing troops, it could be seen that the commander this time was a very cautious person.

Su Ming naturally had to think about how he should deal with this sort of person.

After everyone had almost finished eating, some people began to take turns to keep watch, while others went directly to rest.

As for Su Ming, once he finished eating, he decided to take a walk in the forest.

According to the elf team, the other party was about half a day’s journey from their base.

That was why it was basically impossible for Su Ming to run into any danger when he was taking a stroll.

Even so, Mike still seemed to be a little worried and insisted on following Su Ming.

Su Ming tried to reprimand him, but he could not change his mind. In the end, he had no choice but to let Mike follow him.

Once he strolled to a Hill, Su Ming cast his gaze in the direction of Vast Flame Kingdom from a distance.

He had to admit that the walls of the capital of the Vast Flame Kingdom looked extremely magnificent from afar.

Compared to the great flame Kingdom, the wall he had built at the entrance of the Elf Valley paled in comparison.

As he looked at the items before him, Su Ming became even more determined to quickly develop his own town.

At the current stage, the development of the town on the other side was almost complete and it was in the construction stage.

Once the construction of the town over there was completed, Su Ming would have to start planning and put the construction of the city wall on his agenda.

This was an extremely important matter, regardless of whether it was to Su Ming or to the Elf Valley.

“Great Prophet, what are you thinking?”

A voice came from beside him. Su Ming turned around instinctively and saw Mike looking at him with a curious expression.

Under the moonlight, Mike’s face looked particularly pale, and it was a little creepy.

It was a good thing that Su Ming was already used to him being like this. Once he cast him a glance, he did not have much of a reaction and simply averted his gaze.

“I’m thinking how long we need to develop before we can reach the scale of the Vast Flame Kingdom.”

When Mike heard this, he followed Su Ming’s line of sight and looked in the direction of Vast Flame Kingdom.

Mike could clearly see the magnificent city wall even from a distance.

After a moment of silence, Mike suddenly said, “As long as we follow your lead, I believe that it won’t take long for the Elf Valley to reach this level.”

When Su Ming heard this, he fell silent for a while, then chuckled softly and looked at Mike, who was beside him.

He had wanted to tease Mike about when he became so good at flattering.

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