Chapter 1892 - 1892 Qiao Nian's Name Has Never Been Mentioned

1892 Qiao Nian’s Name Has Never Been Mentioned

Qiao Nian had just replied to a few messages and was leaning against the side of the car with her legs propped up. She casually raised her eyelids and looked over. After thinking for about half a second, she remembered what Bo Jingxing had asked her and narrowed her eyes. She was a little sleepy. “It was alright. I didn’t feel anything special.”

Compared to Qin Si, Bo Jingxing, and the others, she was too calm as the person involved.

Qiao Nian did not look up when the name list for the 81st to 83rd places came out.

She was also looking at her cell phone and replying to messages when the 71st to 80th places came out.

The girl did not seem worried that she would be in these rankings.

Bo Jingxing was speechless. “…Then Miss Qiao, how do you think you did this time? What ranking do you think you will get?”

Qiao Nian finally finished replying to the last message. She put her phone back into her pocket and glanced at him, not restraining her arrogance. She estimated seriously and looked up at him. “Likely first place.”

Likely… first place?

Forget about being first, she even thought the odds were high.

Bo Jingxing was speechless.

How could someone who could calmly say that she would get first place in the examination of the Independent Continent’s First Research Institute be ordinary?

After the 71st to 80th places came out, the list of those ranked 61st to 70th quickly appeared on the rolling screen.

Bo Jingxing realized that Qiao Nian’s name was still not among them. He calmed down and waited quietly for the list of the top 40 to come out.

He had previously estimated that Qiao Nian’s results would be in the top 40. This year’s questions were difficult. He hoped that the 40th place would get 90 points.

* * *

Ten minutes later.

The list of 51st to 60th places was also out.

As soon as the results were out, some were happy, while others were sad.

When some people saw their names appear on the list, they scratched their heads in pain, beat their chests, and sighed…

Some people who had not seen their names yet were also extremely nervous. They stared fixedly at the ranking on the rolling screen, afraid that they would see their names in the rankings too early.

“The 51st place this year actually scored less than 60 points. According to this score, it can’t be that the top 40 scored less than 90 points, right?”

“When I received the paper, I felt that this year’s questions were especially difficult… It seems like everyone thinks the same… Sigh!”

“If the top 40 scores are less than 90 points, more than half of the people will be eliminated in the first round this year.”

“Why are we so unlucky…”

The crowd gathered outside the First Research Institute was looking at the results.

The results of the 51st to 60th places were out. The 51st place only scored 59 points. Many people could not sit still anymore.

There was a flurry of discussion.

Ji Ziyin also saw the scores, but she did not see Qiao Nian’s name. Her expression changed a little now. She turned her head and asked Ji Hongfeng, “You did the paper. Are this year’s questions very difficult?”

Ji Hongfeng’s usual confidence and arrogance disappeared. His expression darkened as he looked at her and replied in a low voice, “The questions this year are quite difficult. They’re even harder than the previous years’ questions. I’m not confident about the last few questions in paper B.”

“Even you’re not confident?” Ji Ziyin understood Ji Hongfeng’s level. If he was not confident, she reckoned that most of the people who participated in the assessment were not confident that they could do it.

She looked at the scrolling screen again.

This time, the 41st to 50th places were revealed. Ji Ziyin looked down but still did not see Qiao Nian’s name.

She couldn’t help but mutter, “Could she have entered the top 40?”

He Lin did not expect Qiao Nian to still not be on the list of the 41st to 50th places. While surprised, he was also a little nervous.

He wanted to see Qiao Nian’s score!

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