Chapter 1893 - 1893 Qiao Nian Entered the Second Round?

1893 Qiao Nian Entered the Second Round?

Ji Xiao stubbed out his cigarette in frustration and walked over. “The 41st place scored 79 points. It seems that the top 40 might not be able to enter the second round of assessment.”

Ji Ziyin nodded and continued elegantly, “The research institute doesn’t recognize rankings. They only look at scores. You can only enter the second round if your score passes the mark. If your scores aren’t high enough, you’ll be eliminated even if your ranking is high! The competition this year is quite fierce…”

In the past, she would definitely have entered the second round in 40th place. This year, she would not be able to enter the top 40. It depended on the results of the 31st to 40th places.

However, Ji Ziyin was optimistic. After all, the 41st to 50th places were much better than the 51st to 60th places. The scores also began to increase greatly.

It seemed that the earlier the results, the closer they were to each other.

The 40th place was also a watershed.

Ji Xiao’s eyebrows moved slightly. He wanted to tell her that Qiao Nian’s name was not out yet.

However, he glanced at He Lin beside him and silently swallowed his words.

Like Ji Ziyin, he did not want He Lin to notice Qiao Nian too much.

This was because Qiao Nian had shown her talent in black gunpowder at the banquet. It would not do them any good if she was fancied by the Ji family and was roped in.

After all, Qiao Nian had long become enemies with them.

Such a person who could not be used by them and had a certain talent naturally had to be as far away from them as possible…

Ji Hongfeng was still telling Ji Ziyin about the difficult questions on this examination paper when the rolling screen refreshed, and the list of 31st to 40th places came out.

Ji Ziyin thought that Qiao Nian’s name would definitely be on it

She estimated that even if Qiao Nian stepped on dog shit, she would only be at this ranking. She did not expect that her name was still not among the 31st to 40th places.

However, the 31st place already had 88 points.

In other words, the possibility of the top 30 entering the second round was very high.

This time, Ji Ziyin’s expression darkened completely. She lowered her eyes and chuckled as if she was just sighing, but her tone was not very good. “I didn’t expect her to enter the top 30. The Nan family really won’t choose any random person. I underestimated her…”

At this moment, He Lin’s expression completely relaxed, and no longer gloom or disappointment could be seen on his face. He did not hide his smile as he said, “That’s right. I didn’t expect Miss Qiao to enter the second round. It’s really surprising.”

Ji Ziyin glanced at him sideways and immediately retracted her gaze. She also smiled. Although she still maintained her politeness on the surface, her smile did not reach her eyes.

“The 31st place already has 88 points. The top 30 will definitely reach 90 points. Sister Qiao, you’re good. You’ve entered the second round!” Qin Si saw the latest results. He was happier than anyone else when he saw that Qiao Nian’s name was not on the list.

Joy colored his eyebrows. He was in high spirits as he helped Qiao Nian calculate. “31st place scored 88 points. The 30th place might not reach 90 points, but the 29th place will definitely break into the 90 points. You’ll reach the passing mark if you get 90 points! Those who pass will be qualified to participate in the second round of the assessment! Sister Qiao, you’re going to advance for sure!”

Qiao Nian was leaning against the car arrogantly with her arms crossed as she looked at the results. No longer playing with her phone, her head was raised slightly, revealing her snow-white and exquisite jawline.

She only raised her eyebrows with a noncommittal expression at Qin Si. She was arrogant. “I never thought that I wouldn’t make it to the second round.”

I never thought I wouldn’t make it to the second round…

In other words, she had never thought that she would score less than 90 points.

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