Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 14 – REQUEST

The next day Jin went to Beana’s house alone. Reiko was giving out various instructions on Hourai Island for the morning chore and arranged to join in the afternoon.

 First the two of them produced 50 lighters. Then they decided to spend the remaining time refining the plan for the water heater.

「How about the water is collected in the bucket, then the inside is heated up?」

 Beana proposed to Jin,

「Un, that sounds good」

 Agreed. So they immediately began making a prototype.

 Making a bucket container with copper, they combined it with a heater 《Magic Device》. It was more or less finished once it was inserted into a wooden bucket.

「It’s done」

「Alright, let’s put in water」

 Beana’s house has a water well to use for 《Magic Craft》. Drawing the water from there, they filled the container.


 Reciting the keyword, the 《Magic Device》 activated. In about 5 minutes, The temperature of 10 litres of water enough for a hot bath.

「We did it! It’s a success」

「Aah, it went well. What will happen if we left it going?」

 Leaving it to continue operating, the water begins to boil after about 10 minutes.

「It can also boil water huh」

 Beana was pleased. However Jin,

「Un, when thinking for safety and the consumption of the 《Magic Stone》, it should stop at the temperature of a hot bath」

「I see… I wonder what we should do. Certainly, there are other ways to boil water」

「It would be fine if it used a 《Magic Crystal》, however for it to boil, the 《Magic Stone》 would be exhausted right?」

 Beana thought for a while,

「Un, I’ve decided. This 『Water Warmer』, let’s prevent it from boiling」

「We’ll develop the 『Water Heater』 separately」


 And so, with the『Water Warmer』 prototype, the two headed to the stall. Reiko was already waiting there.

「Oh, Reiko, you came early today」

「Yes, Fath… Onii-sama. The purchase of neccessary products are done」

 The same as yesterday and the day before, Beana made the popcorn and Jin was the salesperson.

「Give me one of those things called a lighter」

「Thank you for your patronage」

 The sale of the lighter was doing well today too. Meanwhile, Jin placed the『Water Warmer』prototype he brought on the table.

「Ara? What is that?」

 Seeing an unfamiliar magic tool, the popcorn customers were pulled in.

「This is called a water warmer. You put water in and operate it… 《Heat》」

 Facing the fascinated onlookers,

「The water inside becomes hot water」

 Since steam emerged after 5 minutes passed, the customers who saw that were amazed.

「Hey hey, this, can this boil water?」

「That’s dangerous, so it’s only up to a temperature where you can put your hand in」

「F-uun. Although it seems like it still has various uses like washing」

「With this I can warm up water at night and save on firewood」

「Oh yeah! I kinda want it. Hey, how much is it?」

 Jin was at a loss for this. He hadn’t arranged a price with Beana. So in a rush he accounted the costs in his head.

「Let’s see, one for 200 torr」

「If it’s that much I’ll probably buy it. However I don’t have enough money today」

「Ah, this is a made to order product so if you order today, we can hand it over tomorrow」

「Ara I see. Then I’ll order one」

「Thank you for your patronage」

 They quickly received one order. Was what he thought,

「Ohh, I’ll order too」

「I want one too」

 Surprisingly, three were sold. It seemed to be more popular than what he thought.

 Eventually the popcorn and lighter are sold out. There were five orders for water warmers.

「I’m so happy. This is thanks to you Jin. I can’t express how grateful I am」

 Beana said with her face on the verge of tears.

「Haha, I’m glad i could help. Anyway, won’t we run out of copper if we continue? Also the wood for making the bucket」

「Ah, you’re right… what should we do? There’s no stores to buy copper from in the area」

 Beana was worried. When Jin saw that,

「It’ll be fine. There should be enough left to use tomorrow」

「R-Really? Although it’s my workshop, why does Jin know more about it than me?」

「Inventory management is important. You can’t be out of materials in the middle of making something」

「R-Right, I’ll do my best. But it’s good that Jin is here. I want to praise the old me who requested your help」

 Beana laughed while saying that. On the other hand, Reiko remained silent. A figure of a person appeared in front of the three.

「Excuse me, are you the 《Magic Craftsman》 Beana?」

 It was a man dressed in extravagant, but not gaudy, clothes. With short cut blonde hair and about 35 years old.

「Y-Yes. I’m Beana」

 The man lightly bowed upon that answer,

「I am the butler that serves Earl Guarana, Claude」


 The man who called himself Claude was slender and tall, with a well featured face. Such a man bowing to her, Beana was a little embarrased.

「Recently, the food called popcorn has been popular in the area, so yesterday a person from our house purchased it, but after eating it our young master said he wanted more」


「If you can, I would like for you to teach me how to make it. Of course I will reward you」


 Beana looked towards Jin. Originally, it was Jin that told her about popcorn. Having noticed the meaning of her glance, Jin nodded in agreement.

「Y-Yes, that’s alright with me」

 Claude upon hearing Beana’s answer,

「Really!? Thank you very much! If that’s the case, I would like us to go to the mansion immediately…」

 To Claude who was saying that,

「Uhh, umm, can Jin also come with me?」

 Hearing that,

「I was told to bring Ms Beana alone so…」

 He said. So Beana,

「Is that so… please wait a little bit so I can put away my things」

 Claude complied,

「I understand. Where is your home? If you’d like, I can escort you with a carriage」

 He offered but,

「N-No, it’s close by so I’ll come back immediately, if you could just wait for a moment」

 Saying that she began to jog. Jin and Reiko followed.

 Heading towards the house, Beana faced Jin,

「Jin, is it really fine? To teach him」

「It’s fine it’s fine. Besides, the other party seems to be a noble so go and receive the reward」


 Beana’s face was somewhat anxious on going to the mansion of a noble for the first time, she was worried if she will make a mistake, so she spoke her mind.

「It’s fine. Since the other party were the ones to ask me to come. Furthermore it’ll be night soon, I can’t leave my younger brother and sister can I?」

 It was already the evening. They were slowly getting better, however the siblings were still bedridden, so leaving them to go would be bad.

「That’s why I’ll take care of them until Beana comes back」

 Was what Jin said,

「Really? Then there’s no helping it, I’ll go then」

 Beana resigned herself, deciding to head towards Earl Guarana’s mansion.

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