Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 15 – HOUSE-SITTING

「Well then, Jin, I leave them to you」

「Aah, go ahead. Reiko, I’ll be counting on you」

「Yes, Father」

 Beana went out carrying corn and the popcorn producing device. Jin ordered Reiko to bring the luggage to Claude’s place.

「Now then, I should head over to Nana and Raldo」

 Before heading out, Beana told the two of them that while she was away, Jin would take care of them.

「Ah, Jin-niichan」

 Both of their complexion had improved compared to the first time they met. It was a sign they were recovering from scurvy.

「Beana is on an errand and will be a little late so we’ll have dinner a little bit later. Eat this until then」

 Saying that he held out a plate of Pelshka fruit.

「Waa, I love this!」

「It’s delicious!」

 Nana and Raldo delightedly ate. Meanwhile Jin prepared dinner. That said, it was only baking bread and heating up oat gruel and soup.

「Father, I have just returned」

 Reiko had returned.

「Thanks for the work」

「She properly went by carriage」

「I see」

 In the mean time, since the oat gruel and soup were warmed, he divided the portions into the dishes and carried it over to where Nana and Raldo were. Because he took care of small children when he was at the orphanage, he was used to this.

「Here, dinner’s ready」

「Thank you, Onii-chan」

 He waited for the two to finish eating then he cleaned up the dishes and went back to the kitchen. Reiko had heated up Jin’s portion.

「Father, I have cooled it down to a good temperature」

 Actually, Jin didn’t like hot food. Even if he only ate hot things, he wasn’t used to it.

「Oh, thank you」

 It was already pitch black outside. She should be coming back soon if she’s just teaching how to make popcorn, Jin thought.

「Beana sure is late」

「Father, tonight, are we staying here?」

「Un, since Beana entrusted me with this I can’t just leave those kids and go home」

 When Jin said that, Reiko,

「Then I’ll go back home for a moment, I’ll bring back Father’s bedding」

「Aah, you’ll do that for me?」

「Yes, I will go now」

 Reiko quickly disappeared into the darkness.

「… it couldn’t be, something couldn’t have happened could it?」

*   *   *

「Ooh!  Delicious!」

「That is great, young master」

 Beana had been making popcorn in Earl Guarana’s mansion. The corn she brought was cheap, but she used the finest salt and oil so the taste had become entirely different.

「Fuu, I’m satisfied」

 Saying that the selfish boy left the dining room. Leaving behind some leftover popcorn, Beana, and the butler Claude.

「So after I clean up can I go home?」

 Beana asked, then Claude says,

「Yes. However, I’d like to purchase that production device if possible」

「Eh, but without this I’ll be in trouble tomorrow…」

 Beana gently refused. Naturally because it was Jin’s property, but as a commoner Beana was nervous.

 If it’s a noble, they could forcibly take it, since it does actually happen.

「Of course I’ll pay you a suitable compensation. Including my thanks for coming, how about 10 gold coins?」

 10 gold coins, meaning 100,000 torr. Approximately equivalent to 1 million yen.

「10 coins!?」

「Yes. How about it?」

 Right now the profit including expenses for the day is a little less than 4000 torr. It was 25 times, about one month’s worth. If she was to make it anymore difficult, the worst situation might occur.

「I understand. I’ll take it」

 Beana accepted.

 And so, to apologize after returning home, she would have to hand over all 10 gold coins to Jin, was what she inwardly resolutely decided.

 Then Claude continued speaking.

「So about this, I’ve heard you are quite an excellent 《Magic Craftsman》. How about it, would you like be an exclusive 《Magic Craftsman》 for this house?」


 In other words, to become a patron. By being employed by a noble, you don’t have to worry about production costs, and can make as many things you like. Beana remembered her teacher, Gradia Hampton. He had three nobles backing him, he had a life without a problem like a countryside noble.

 Furthermore Claude says,

「If you do become exclusive to us, we will offer to repay the entire debt you are carrying」

「Eh, how did you know…」

 Beana was surprised that Claude spoke about her debt.

「Excuse me for having taken it upon myself to investigate」

 Calude answered nonchalantly.


 Beana looked down, pondering.

 The debt she holds now was about 1.2 million torr. Studying under Gradia Hampton and the expense of taking her parents to the doctor. Currently the prospect to repay it did not seem to be looking up.


 Beana raised her head, recalling the last few days.

 After meeting Jin, she had a new view on magic tools. She knew the joy of shaping her own thoughts. The joy of making a magic tools not for nobles, but for the commoners.

「I’m sorry, but I will have to refuse」

 Those were the words that came out of Beana’s mouth. She would not yield on this.

「I see, that’s too bad. Please come tell me if you change your mind」

 Claude said, holding out a pouch containing 10 gold coins.

「This bag holds the crest of our house. If at one point you will have business at our house, please show it to the gatekeeper」

「Th- Thank you very much」

 Beana nervously received it.

「Now then, I’ll escort you back… is what I’d like to say, but the gates are already close, so please feel free to stay the night. I’ll escort you back as soon as the gates open tomorrow」

「Y-Yes, thank you」

 Claude led Beana to the guest room. Beana did not see that his lips had slightly twisted.

*   *   *

 Jin laid out the blanket that Reiko brought and made the bed. At that time.

「Father, someone is approaching here」

「Hn?  Has Beana returned?」

 Jin asked carelessly,

「No. It isn’t her magic power. There are four people. Coming by carriage」

 From Jin’s upgrade, Reiko’s magic power detection ability had improved. Since Reiko said it, it must be right.

 The sound of the carriage stopping in front of the house could be heard, right after that the sound of knocking on the door came.

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