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「You are Beana right?」

 A man who seemed to be the leader of the private army.

「Y-Yes, I am」

 Beana answered with a pale face.

「I see. I’ll have you come with us」

「Wait. You’re taking her without a reason?」

 Saying that Jin took a step forward, however the leader of the private army faced his subordinates and jerked his chin.

 Two of the subordinates who saw that pushed Jin aside and seized both of Beana’s arms.

「W-What are you doing!」

 She said trying to shake them off, but it wasn’t difficult to handle Beana’s meager strength. Jin,

「Let her go!」

 Said that, trying to stop the soldiers but,


 Shaking him off like an insect, he swung his hand and hit Jin’s face.



 At that moment, a gust of wind blew.

 The name of that wind was called Reiko.



 Beana and the two soldiers that seized Beana’s arms flew into the air. The height was actually 5 metres.

 Being hurled up so high, the soldiers couldn’t help letting go of Beana. Though they knew it was useless, they frantically swung theirs hands, pointlessly struggling to somehow fix their posture.

 Then, Reiko took a single jump, catching the freed Beana in a princess carry and safely landing on the ground. Behind them, the two soldiers who couldn’t fly hit the ground and fainted. Since they landed on their back, their necks didn’t seem to be broken.

「T-Thank you」

 Beana said her thanks in a trembling voice, however Reiko calmly said,

「I didn’t do it to help you. It was because I couldn’t forgive the man who hit father. Helping you was just incidental」

 Because of that statement, Beana’s face slightly stiffened.

「Aaah, we’ve done it now」

 Jin looked up at the sky instinctively.

「B-Bastard, who are you!」

 The leader of the private army shouted.

「Aaah, could you go guys go back?」

 Hearing Jin say that, the leader to his subordinates,

「Besides Beana, it doesn’t matter if we cut down the others!」

 Issued that command.

(Ah, it’s over)

 Jin heaved a sigh inwardly.

 On the other hand, Beana who had taken refuge a little bit away watched with a pale face unable to say anything.

 And then eight soldiers went to attack Reiko, facing her without fear.

「What’s with this brat?」

 The soldiers felt the Reiko who was slowly walking to them was an eerie person, so they stopped running and waited.

 Reiko took another step, instantly closing the distance and appearing before a soldier.


 The soldier was on the ground before he knew what had happened.

 The soldiers, as if a curse was dispelled,

「This damn brat!」

「Take this!」

 While shouting those words, they slashed at Reiko.

 However, Reiko seemed to not try to avoid it. The next moment, the soldiers were trembling in fear.

「Such a dull sword, there’s no way it could hurt this body that Father gave to me」

 The sword the soldier swung down had certainly hit Reiko’s head. However, he could not even cut off one strand of Reiko’s hair.


 Another soldier struck Reiko’s torso. But, that sword too was unable to even cut through her clothes and stopped.

「What about this!」

 Another soldier stuck out his sword this time. He was aiming precisely at Reiko’s chest. But even that was unable to even cut a single millimetre.

 For clothes made out of the threads of a 《Grand Spider》, a holy sword, a cursed sword, if it wasn’t a sword imbued with high grade magic power, it would be impossible to damage it.

 Furthermore, Reiko was further strengthened by her own magic power.

「Do you not understand that it is useless?」

 Reiko casually grasped their swords, crushing it in her hands. The swords that were turned into smalls lump were discarded at Reiko’s feet.

 Reiko’s skin made of the 《Sham Dragon’s》 wing membrane was flexible and tough. Covered with magic power, it was harder than steel.


 The soldiers were about to run, however,

「You who take the initiative to torment the weak, then the first to run away when facing the strong. You are the worst」

 Reiko who quietly murmured that, kicked the ground.


 Reiko instantly got in front of the fleeing soldiers, one of the soldiers in front took a single blow to the stomach and fainted. Then Reiko grabbed that person’s leg with one hand and swung him.



 Swinging the adult man with one hand, Reiko beat down the rest of the soldiers

「No… way…」

 The last one who muttered that was blown away. The leader of the private army seeing that,

「Bastard, you damn monster」

 Saying that he prepared the sword in his right hand. The leader of the private army seemed to be able to use magic, he had a red 《Magic Stone》embedded in the hilt of his sword.


 Saying that, from the tip of his sword he stuck out, a 2 metre flaming ball flew out.

「This kind of thing」

 However, Reiko put out the flaming ball with one swing of her right hand.

「So what! How about this then, 『Flames, burn everything to dust, 《Flame Storm》』!」

 The leader of the private army used his greatest magic with full power. At the same time, the red 《Magic Stone》 attached to the hilt of his sword had shattered.

『《Flame Storm》』 did not come just from the front, but attacked Reiko from all directions. Returning to her senses, Beana rushed over to Jin.

「Jin! Reiko-chan! This is too much even if she’s an 《Artifact》 class 《Automata》!」

 However, Jin was already serious,

「It’s fine. There’s no way that level of magic could do anything to my Reiko, right?」

 As he had said, after the storm of raging flames subsided, the calm figure of Reiko standing could be seen.

「Is that the strongest magic you can use?」

 The materials that made up Reiko’s body had magic resistance and physical resistance, the world’s highest class materials. Even without a barrier, it was impossible to damage it as long as it wasn’t legendary class magic.


 Up till now, many of his opponents have been burned to dust by his magic, however seeing his current opponent, of course the heart of the leader of the private army would break. Now he was just recklessly swinging his sword around. Reiko fires magic aiming at the sword.


 That was magic Jin had taught her, a super high frequency electric current. The electric current generates high heat in metals.


 The leader of the private army let go of his sword that had instantly turned red hot. Now he was unarmed.


 Approaching him step by step, Reiko only frightened him. Unable to escape like a frog stared at by a snake, he could only tremble and turned pale.

「Apologise in hell for pointing your sword at Father」

 Saying that, Reiko swung her right hand.

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