Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 21 – FAREWELL

The hand Reiko swung stopped a hair’s breadth away from hurting the leader of the private army. But bubbles had foamed from the leader of the private army, he had fainted.

「I’ve finished」

 Turning around to Jin, Reiko brushed off the dust on her skirt.

「Reiko, you didn’t even kill one right?」

「Yes, because I don’t want to make Father a murderer」

 Since Reiko is an 《Automata》, Jin would have to take responsbility for that kind of conduct. The previous 《Magi Craft Meister》 Adrianna Balbora Ceci had also said it, so Reiko could only go easy.

「That’s good however… we’ve done it now」

 Jin muttered, then adding to that,

「Really, you’re an amazing person」

 That voice sounded.


 Turning around, there stood Earl Kuzuma accompanied by Sevanz.

「I heard Earl Guarana had sent out his private army so I was worried and came running over to see, but it was already over」

 On the ground was the private army, 11 people altogether.

「Really. So you are Reiko? The strength of this miss would probably be above the knights of this kingdom」

 The Earl glanced at Reiko for a moment,

「However, this is bad」


 Beana had a confused expression,

「Refusing Earl Guarana’s summon, and on top of that assaulted his vassals」

「Wha… but that’s!」

 The Earl stopped Beana from objecting,

「Yes, I know. What I said just now would be how you will probably be treated」

 In other words, using Earl Guarana’s influence, he could fabricate this quarrel.

「Beana had no part in taking down Earl Guarana’s private army though」

 Jin stopped speaking formally.

「Yes, well, there is that, but there is no witness」

「There is. Isn’t Earl Kuzuma an excellent witness?」

 Jin stated, turning towards Beana,

「Beana, it’s been fun getting to know you. Nana and Raldo are already fine, you’ve also gotten the hang of making magic tools. And above all else, there is Earl Kuzuma who understands you」

「E-Eh? Wait, Jin, what are you saying?」

 Beana was bewildered and didn’t understand.

「You’ll be fine without me now won’t you?」

 Saying that, he took out a 《Magic Crystal》 from inside his pocket. It was coloured an emerald green, a wind attribute.

「I’ll give you this as a farewell gift. Please use it well」

 Saying that, he forcibly pushed it into Beana’s hand. Then Jin faced the Earl,

「Earl, I’ll disappear from this country. In regards to Beana, I’ll be counting on you… Beana, farewell」

 Saying that, Beana did not stop to listen and began to run.

「W-Wait, Jin! I haven’t told you how grateful I am yet…!」

 Those words reached Jin who ran away. Reiko followed after, but because of her overwhelming speed, Reiko decided to run while holding Jin on the way.

「Please excuse me, Father」

「Eh, wai-, Reiko」

「This way is faster」

 Jin wasn’t able to make the last decision.

*   *   *



 A little after Jin disappeared, Beana and Earl Kuzuma were silent. The first to speak was the Earl.

「Beana, he… Jin, who in the world is he?」

 The questioned Beana also,

「No idea… he lives on an isolated island, a slightly special 《Magic Craftsman》…」

「Hmm, I see」

 At that moment, the men who Reiko made faint started groaning. It was about time they came to.

「Beana, hide on my carriage」

「Eh, o-okay」

 Earl Kuzuma went towards Earl Guarana’s private army,

「What are you men doing!」

 He shouted in a loud voice.

「Showing such shameful behaviour in this sort of place. Return to your employer at once!」

 The Earl yelled. The private army that came to took those still fainted onto their carriage and silently left.

「Beana, it’s safe now」

 Earl Kuzuma said that and Beana came out of the carriage.

「Hmm, however, with how things are, it’s not a good idea to live here now」

「Eh, ha?」

 The Earl smiled and laughed,

「Although it’s unfortunate, you should vacate this house and workshop and come to my mansion」


 Beana still didn’t understand. The Earl grasping that,

「In other words, if you stay here, Earl Guarana will come again just like today. That’s why I said you should come to my mansion」

「U-Umm, me go to yours?」

「Indeed. But don’t worry. I won’t try to do anything in particular to you. Just, your house and workshop to my mansion, you should move in」


 Unable to follow the quick development, the Earl to said Beana,

「Now, with that decided, you should quickly pack your luggage. Sevanz, return to the mansion for a moment, go prepare a carriage to carry the luggage and come back」

「I have received your order」

 Sevanz answered and galloped away on a horse, the Earl,

「What is it? Beana, quickly get your luggage. Or shall I help you?」

 Because the Earl said that, Beana jumped up and panicked,

「N-N-Not at all! I’ll immediately go prepare!」

 She said and rushed into the house.

*   *   *

「In the end, that happened」

 While relaxing in the house on Hourai Island, Jin muttered.

「Yes, but the timing was just about right wasn’t it?」

 Reiko said while serving tea.

「I guess so, we stopped helping Beana without an explanation, but there was no choice. However, thinking about it, we didn’t see inside the castle walls of Blue Land」

「That’s true」

「I don’t really know much about this world yet…」

「What shall we do from now on?」

「Hmm, let’s see. For the season, I want to go somewhere warm」

「If that’s the case, there’s a 《Warp Gate》 that goes out to a beach in the south」

「The southern sea, sounds good. Is there anything interesting there?」

「There are many islands, there is development of marine transportation」

「Marine Transportation! Then there must be ships!」


「Alright, we’ll go there next. I really want to see the ships of this world」


 Like that, in another land, Jin and Reiko’s adventure starts.

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